Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Wrapup


* The Hubs met me at the grocery store so we could take advantage of the Starbucks Buy one, Get one drink... oops... I ended up grocery shopping a little longer then I thought & we got to the counter at 5:17 ... missed the deal by 17 minutes! DANG IT!

* Caught up on Arrow... (LOVE this show)... but I barely could keep my eyes open - I was exhausted

* I'm officially old... I was in bed, falling asleep by 9:30

* The dogs were barking & I had to get up to get Bruno outside... I thought the night was half way over... it was only 10:30... yep, again, I'm officially old. 


* Woke up at this time... guess when you go to bed as early as I did, its OK.  But I still hate on a weekend to wake up to dark skies & a time with the hour anything before 7

* Why is there nothing on TV early except infomercials?  That's irritating...

* We made it "Bone Day" for the dogs.  We passed them out to all the dogs (I'm paranoid & we keep count of the bones & where they're at all times... Once they get down to about 75%, we take them away - no choking!!!).... Zoe takes it as a game & if any of the other dogs turn away for a second, she runs & gets theirs & takes it to the bed.  I guess its her "home base"

* Photo Session!!!  I've been really blessed with great weather this year... November & it was sunny & beautiful.  Shame that one of the kids just was feeling bad.  It was an adventure - let me tell you!  Chasity's sister came with us & helped carry equipment... I told her that a sick 2 yr old throwing a tantrum is the best birth control she'll ever have.  She totally agreed.

* Met up with Ricky... ran into a store & while checking out, I saw this movie cover...

Yep - knitting a guitar... & found out its a documentary... I had to get it... I cant wait to watch it now... look how fun this looks! :)

* Went out to eat ... it was awful... & expensive... I hate dinners like that.

* Getting ready to head home & I said, "let's go to Sears & look at their Christmas trees"... I'm so glad we did!  Found a PERFECT one!  The height we wanted, the lights look good, & its one of those rotating ones!!!  (Ricky's been wanting one of those forever) ... the cool thing?  It is originally $259.99... but it had a sign on it for $129.99 - I got to the check out & it rang up $259.99 - HOLD UP... they looked at the sign & that was an "Early Bird" deal.  Now, it was 7:00 - why is that sign still up?  But the manager there had even helped us decide which tree to get & she didnt tell us that price was wrong, so they went ahead & gave it to us for the $129.99!  SCORE!!!!!!

(Waiting for our Christmas Tree to come out from the stock room)

* Got home & just wanted to take my shower & go to bed.. & that's what I did... another bed time before 10:00... Yep...Old


* Up early again...

* I was up to teach in the Youth Group... loved my message... I'm sure I'll be sharing some of it - it was on being REDEEMED... my favorite topic!!!

* Headed out to Home Depot to get a new toilet seat.. (if you read last week's post, you know why) & a new light for the kitchen.  Shame that I'll be going out today to get a new light for the kitchen after work.  This light is glaring white.  I hate our kitchen light so much - I cant even describe the hatred I feel for it.

* Target!  More Christmas shopping done

* we FINALLY made it to Starbucks for the special.... but why, oh why, did I get a LARGE Salted Carmel Frappachino?  My body was buzzing the whole night

* Back to church to teach the Senior High... Everyone told me it was probably my best message.  I really felt God working in it... it was a nice message to end Thrive on.  Yep - this is the last Sunday night service we are having.  They're combining classes so it will all be on Sunday morning.  Which is nice to not have my Sunday so chopped up - but it was bittersweet all sitting together afterwards eating pizza for the last time.

* PICTURE TIME!  Get to work editing pictures... while watching SISTER WIVES!  Its BACK!!!  This show just blows my mind.  Ricky said he can only handle one wife - it stresses him out to even begin to think of 4! 

* After all the nights of going to bed early - that Starbucks did me in... I couldnt go to sleep until after midnight... aint that the way it goes?

Back to it... Monday ahead...of a short week!  YIPEE!!!


  1. It's okay to go to bed early when you rise early.

    As for Sister Wives, that show is captivating, but I cannot figure out what it is about him that makes those women want to marry him. Ew.

    (Didn't watch last night, we went to see Lincoln.)

  2. I've seen that documentary before. It was sweet.

    Glad you got a tree. I'm still on the hunt.

    We had a big old shop light in the kitchen for years. I finally had an electrician come wire for recessed lighting. I like that so much better.

  3. You got a great deal on a tree! :) Lucky girl!!

  4. Okay, here's what you need to do: Get a Starbucks gift card and reload it. Use that instead of paying cash or debit each time. You need to register the card online. Eventually, you (or Ricky) will be proud holder of a Starbucks Gold Card! WITH YOUR NAME ON IT! :)

  5. Oh my word, that it WAY early to be waking up on a weekend!!!! Take some sleeping pills girlfriend!!! LOLOL!

  6. PS: and I've never watched Sister Wives!! The whole thing is just bizarre to me!!

  7. That documentary looks interesting. I was up at 6:30 on Saturday too and today I could barely get out of the bed at 7:30 - was supposed to be up at 7. Why is it like that?

    Sister Wives -- I can't stand to watch that.

    Love the picture of your dog with 2 bones. So funny.

  8. I'm looking for a per-lit tree as well. I'm so glad that the store made good on its boo boo!


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