Thursday, November 08, 2012

Stiff as a board...

My running has been cut down since I hurt my back...

& its driving me crazy!!!!

I have to do something... I feel like a lazy bump on a log lately

One thing I know I need to do is more cross training anyways.

My back may not be hurting now if I cross trained more.

So I've been looking into more yoga & pilates... its good for your back anyways so a win-win situation.

I got a new Pilates video from Amazon .... (Is Amazon the best invention in the world? I'd be lost without Amazon)

its good... 50 minutes of putting myself in positions I never thought I could get in.... & actually DIDNT get in.

That was sorta me yesterday

Finding out that my core?  yeah, not too strong. 
My flexibility?  About the stretchiness of a wood plank
My strength?  With a bum bicep tendon in one arm, I've the strength of a 2 yr old

I was depressed as all get out by the end of this... literally was sitting on my exercise mat thinking how out of shape I am in. 

& I've done 5 half marathons...

How am I so out of shape?

But I did something in the wise words of the late Aaliyah... I dust myself off & I'm going to try again

I'm going to focus on my strength & flexibility right now... maybe more then running.  I'd like to incorporate it all together.  After all, I've already registered for my 6th half marathon.

Who knows - this may be me in a few months... or a year... or two...

Source: via Katelyn on Pinterest

& by this.. I mean doing this with a smile! :)

This is my theme song today...


  1. Back when I was a runner, I would squeeze in a yoga class from time to time, and my teacher would try to make the point that I needed to do both.

    However running was free and yoga was not. I need a teacher, I don't do it right with the videos...I'm such a mess.

    But it is all about the whole body.

    You CAN and will do this.

  2. I wish you well with your efforts.


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