Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Universe attacked me!

I'm sitting in my office right now watching the sun rise..

Thank you Lord for a new day...

Last night was AWFUL...

it was like the universe has played a cruel joke on me.  Anything that my hand touches, it shall turn to rubbish.  & yes, that sentence, using the word 'rubbish' must be said with an English accent.  Don't ask me why.  Rubbish just isnt a word that we Americans use on a daily basis.

Got home from work & did a spin workout - thank goodness the universe didnt chose to attack me then, or I'd probably break or sprain something.  Though I will say, my rear end from the seat may argue that that is indeed when the "Universe attack" began.

I went to take a shower & BRRR... it was COLD!  Something is going on with our shower & the hot water isnt coming through the shower head.  If you let the water run out of the spout, its warm.... turn it to the shower head & its like little polar bears must live in there or something.  So I rush through the cold shower.
... only to find out an hour later, I either forgot to put conditioner in my hair, or I forgot to wash it out. 

My hair was like stuck together .... yes, images of "Something about Mary" popped in my head.  Luckily - my hair does NOT look like this today.

Then my back decides to hurt worse then it ever has before.  This low back pain is starting to really get on my nerves.

I then go to work on pictures & finished up the latest session, but remembered I needed to burn some discs for a wedding drop off I'm doing today.  That's when I see - all the pictures from the wedding?  After I edited them, they saved like 100x the size of the original file.  At least it was higher - much better then lower, where the quality would be affected.  But geez... it took me 7 discs to burn 400 pictures. 

I'm trying to figure out how that happened & trying to see how to fix it, when my biggest nightmare occured.  I DELETED ALL MY PICTURES!!! Every picture I have taken over the past 3 years!  EVERY.... PICTURE!!!!

I think my heart actually stopped... then beat... then had another heart attack... then started beating again.

No joke - the oxygen & blood left my head for a few seconds...

I did get them back... dont ever empty a Recycle Bin unless you see what's in it... whew!

I finally said, I'm going to bed before I blow up something.

I go to the bathroom after brushing my teeth... only to have the back of my toilet seat FALL OFF!  How does that even happen?  I have no idea...

but that perfectly described how the night went... I just looked at it on the floor & just shook my head & knew if I didnt get in bed in the next few minutes, the ceiling was probably going to cave in or something...

So today... I cant tell you how thankful I am for a new sunrise...

today's gotta be better... right?


Anyone know why files double in memory size?

Was your evening last night a good one?  Please tell me someone had a good evening!

Did you like "Something about Mary"? ... I actually dont care for it myself...

Happy Thursday friends!


  1. We had a similar evening! As we were finishing up the very last part of a project in the basement everything started to brake - the concrete mixer belt went out, the sprayer attachment on the hose broke, and everything was just going wrong. We worked hard and got everything done, but it was a long night! I'm thankful for a new start of a new day :)

  2. Hate days or evenings like that! Ugh!

    I had a great night ... we were at DD's, celebrating DH's birthday.

    Haven't a clue why files double in size. And haven't seen "Something About Mary".

  3. If I had deleted ALL of my photos, I think my heart would have stopped, too. In fact, when our desktop computer crashed in August I think mine did just that because I had not backed up my pictures in over a year. I know what kind of idiot does that? Well, you're talking to one. The good news is we broke down and did a very expensive data retrieval. I swore on a stack of Bibles up to the ceiling to NEVER do that again, as in not back off my stuff. We now have an external hard drive set up to do automatic backups.

    Well, I hope your day is far better than the day before. It's interesting how one person's misery can make another person smile...sorta that is. Actually it's not that I enjoyed knowing someone else was having a rough time of things, but this many occurrences in one day? Really? This sounds like something that only happens in the movies, right?

    It was fabulous meeting you and I am now following you on GFC! ;) ~Cathy

  4. Our evening was pretty good except the starter went out on the van. It's at the garage today. Hubby called the tow truck and he towed it to the garage about 6-7 blocks away and when asked how much he owed him, he said don't worry about it. It's taken care of. Wow! that makes me so happy.

    I've never seen "Something about Mary" but that picture is pretty funny.

    I have no idea on the pictures.

    Hope today is going better.

  5. Hope your water heater isn't on the blink! Ours went out last weekend. Called Home Depot and they wanted $400 for a new one and $600 to install it!! So, we called around and found one for $218 at a plumbing supply company. Chris installed it himself in less than an hour! It works like a charm and no more cold showers for us! Nope...I'd never make a good Pioneer woman! Hope your day's going more smoothly!

  6. Oh my goodness, you poor thing! I deleted TONS of pictures one time and we had to get a program to recover them (they weren't in the recycle bin!) and we ended up getting them all back! It was sca-ry! I'm sorry you had to go through that! And I'm glad you didn't blow anything up! ;) I hope you are having a wonderful day today!!

  7. I think MY heart stopped when I read that you lost your pictures. I SO glad you got them back. Bless your heart. Sometimes it's best to just call it a day. (totally laughing at the toilet seat, though). :)

  8. Rebecca Jo, what a delightful blog you have here. Thank you for sharing the realness of your day in this post. Blessings.

  9. Oh.My.Word.

    The pictures alone would have had me screaming and crying like a blubbering fool.

    Add it to all of the other things that happened in your day? I would probably be locked up somewhere :)

    Glad you survived your day...

    Sorry I am no help on the technical questions; that is crazy!

  10. Wow--What a day!! At least they were all first-world problems, right? ;)

  11. Girl...that's what they make external hard drives for!!! Back those babies up every time you work on them!!!


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