Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

The last Friday Fragments before the official start of the HOLIDAYS!
I honestly feel like it was New Years Eve just a few weeks ago.
But then why does this past week feel like its taken a YEAR to go by?
The laws of time betray me
We're getting a Christmas tree this weekend
...even if it means we go to 50 stores to find the perfect one...
I'm a Thanksgiving weekend kinda gal on Christmas decorating
Looking forward to all our Disney things
I have been a teary mess the past 2 days...
On the radio, most of the local stations are doing a radio-thon for our local Children's Hopsital.
They keep telling stories from parents & kids that have serious illnesses
... or have passed away...
I have done an ugly cry at least 4 times
I must be really weepy lately
First the radio station... & then I teared up twice last night
Once - at a preview of Les Miserables (I tear up everytime)
& another time during the news
They were showing how important books are to kids
& there is a program that gives kids their first book
The surprise & joy on their face while getting a Dr. Suess book just made me tear up
I think because I love books so much
& I remember all the books I got as a kid
My aunt & uncle would give me a book every time they saw me
I actually still have them
I understand the power in books
Getting my car in the garage couldnt have come at a better time!
Every morning this week, the temps have been below freezing
...lots of frost...
but not for me!
(That turned out sorta poetic, didnt it?)
 I actually am intersted in seeing the new movie about Abraham Lincoln
... not more then the latest Twilight.. of course...
but I am interested.

The Hubs was like, "Really? Why?"
I told him that I love documentaries & this is just like an old-time documentary :)

Then he said, "You know Abraham Lincoln didnt really kill Vampires, right?"
I told him, "You know that movie was out 3 months ago, right?"

I love confusing conversations where we're talking about 2 different things.


Last night was just depressing on TV
Vampire Diaries... breaking up... sad
Glee.... breaking ties to old relationships...sad

I'm afraid to watch Grey's Anatomy from my DVR
....if someone dies, I'm gonna throw a pillow at the TV...

I need cheerful Holiday episodes


 Is anyone really surprised that people are dying from those energy drinks?
Come on people

That's just not healthy to dose your body up with mega doses of caffine

 Funny of the day:
Bad Ad placement

(Yes - I laughed like a 8 yr old boy about this)

Hope you have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!!


  1. This year in particular has gone by like a blink...

  2. LOL! That pic at the end! Pricelesss!! Crying's healthy - even ugly cries! :)

  3. I was a history major for several semesters in college ... until I realized that about the only career prospect was teaching and I definitely do not have the patience to teach. So I too am interested in the Lincoln movie. We'll wait for it to come out on DVD.


  4. I heard the author of that book about Lincoln chasing vampires do an interview on NPR once - - - I thought HUH???

    The graphic of the kids on book is great.

  5. I agree - they year has flown by. Just crazy :)

  6. I'm SO not a history person but that movie looked really interesting!!!!

  7. Oh the ugly cry. Feels so good, but looks so bad! And that ad is hilarious. Good catch! :)

  8. I love movies like the new Abraham Lincoln one. I read historical fiction books too. Of course Twlight and Daniel Craig are a little bit higher on my list. ;-)

  9. Ha, ha, ha! You & Ricky crack me up! It took me a double check to see the bad ad placement. HILARIOUS!

  10. Books and Kids equals joy. We're reading Winnie the Pooh outloud now, and the kids would stop anything they're doing to hear more.

    We had a book fair this week, and we raised some money on the side for the to Z Literacy Movement. America to Zambia, I have a friend who sends kids' books to them (and goes over for two weeks to teach teachers each summer).

    Try out, read a book and a kid gets a book. It's too fun!

    I can't park my car in the garage, Brad's working on reinsulating it so our bedroom is warmer. I miss having frost free mornings...

    Hoping to see Lincoln over my week off.

  11. Wow. I'm a middle school teacher and didn't catch that one at first--must be slipping!haha

    Lincoln looks really good to me, too!

    I'm thinking about going behind my husband's back and buying a fake Christmas tree this afternoon. Hm.

    Thanks for linking up, Rebecca :) Have a great week!

  12. My students and I watch the weekly Flocabulary Week in Rap, and a couple of weeks ago, there was a story about Monster drinks and the danger of drinking them. I'm going to have my students read the latest about 5-Hour Energy Drinks. Maybe, just maybe, they will think twice the next time they pick one up!


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