Monday, November 05, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Just to note... I'm coming back to work after some days off...

is there anything more depressing for a Monday?


* Ricky & I headed to an area of town we never visit to check out some local shops.  I found the cutest shop that I ended up getting a Christmas present for one of my friends.  I'm keeping that place in mind for future Christmas presents.

* We came out & they had just laid fresh concrete on the ground... Ricky said, "Quick, give me a pen." - I only had a paper clip - but he put our initials in it.  Funny thing - a police officer was right on the corner & saw him do it & didnt say a word. Whew!  Glad we didnt have to spend our Friday getting Ricky out of jail.

* Headed to a mall we hadnt visit in YEARS.  I have proof.  We went into the Disney Store & the manager there remembered us!  But the last time we saw her, she was pregnant... her son is now 9 years old. WHAT?  (Found another Christmas present for another friend!  I'm making progress)

* Found this bathroom in the mall with the cutest little sink for kids to wash their hands... I wanted to get on my knees & use it to feel like a child again myself.

* We tried a new place we've never ate at before... California Pizza Kitchen... yum!  No complaints from us!

(Ricky's pizza at the top... my veggie sandiwch with a Ceasar Salad on the bottom)

* Ricky was on the hunt for Starbucks... he's officially in love with it

* More Christmas shopping... we unloaded the car & felt like it was the middle of December.

* It was officially a great day... perfect weather, perfect day... I could handle more days like this


* I woke up with a pity party happening.  This was the morning of a race that I started out training for.  With my back hurting, I had to stop my training & didnt get to do the race.  I was so bummed.  My first race I had to miss that I was planning on.  A humbling thing...

* It ended up being a rainy cold morning... it did make my pity party much better.  If I had to miss a race, glad it was a rainy one

* Almost burned the house down... we wont speak anymore of this...

* Look at my magazine that came in!  LES MIZ!!!!! ... with HUGH JACKMAN!!! I was giddy!

* We ran to Wal-Mart to pick up dog food.  So can you explain to me how I ended up spending over $100.00?

* Broke out my new laptop Ricky got me... It has the new Windows 8 on it... it took me hours to figure out the new "app" thing - how to remove it - how to shut down open programs - its different...

* Ricky & I had a movie night & ended up watching "Despicable Me" - I know its 2 years old... but how cute is that movie? I had a heart tug with it...


* No New York Marathon!!!!!  I totally understand why they did it & agree with it, but I know what it takes to train for a half marathon - cant imagine the training in a FULL marathon & all the work & money people invest in a race & then it gets canceled.  I'm sure my pity party on Saturday had nothing compared to their pity party.... (I did read where over 4,000 runners ran it anyways - but delivered supplies to areas of town that needed help... runners rock!)

* Church... Ricky surprised the heck out of me!!!  The Youth Pastor asked if anyone wanted to do the communion message.  Ricky raised his hand.  My head turned so fast, with my jaw dropped.  I couldnt believe it... I dont think he believed he did it either.  He then told me, "Last time I spoke in front of anyone, it was middle school & I passed out"... great... but the Hubs did it!  & did it well! :)  I was so proud of him!  I cant even begin to explain!!!

* The day was perfect & I was able to slide in a Senior Portrait Session... this family was A-DOR-ABLE!! The young lady is the first in her class & the most beautiful thing ever.  She honestly COULDNT take a bad picture.  I cant wait to get started editing on them.

* Back to church for Senior High

* Got home just in time to watch the recorded "Once Upon a Time"... that show keeps getting better & better... to work... big sigh...

Back to routine


  1. You go, girl, Christmas shopping already! I haven't even begun, but I did tell the kids to start thinking about their lists. And I made some Christmas cards on Friday, so I'm making (slow) progress.

    Awesome for Ricky!

    I did a senior portrait session yesterday, too. I think they are my new favorite kind of shoot!

    Hope your back feels better soon. Have a good week back at work :)

  2. Looking at your pic for the Pizza Kitchen and I said, "HOLY COW!! Look at how big those parm flakes are!!" I love me some parm. cheese!!

    Way to go Ricky for speaking in church AND putting your initials in cement without getting caught! :)

  3. Glad you are better.Back problems!! They blow for real!Just a comment on the little sink. It may be used by people that are sitting in wheel chairs also?Just my thought?I am so happy that Rickey is opening up and being comfortable and confident.It is a huge step for him.You Rickey's testimony is proof that even though you suffer trials in your life,you can only become stronger and stronger in your faith that God is large & in charge and only wants what is best for His children.How encouraging for me Rickey! Your light is shining in a new way and a new day!! Woot Woot!!Love u both sooo much!!<3.

  4. I can't believe you've gotten some of your Christmas shopping done already! I have to get through Thanksgiving before I can even think about it. Good for you, though! There is no doubt that you'll be back to running like a champ in no time...chin up, remember! Very impressive that Ricky spoke in front of the congregation...that takes courage!

  5. So glad Ricky didn't pass out this time! We had a similar trip to WalMart...went for dog food & CH ended up spending close to $100.
    Gosh, it sounds like your weekend was exhausting! How neat to discover new places in your city.


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