Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Favorites on Friday

ONE // Scentsy Peony Petals

Oh my word.  If you have a Scentsy warmer & you want the smell of Spring in your house to get the winter blahs out of your head, then get this.  I just ordered some scents for a warmer I forgot I had to bring to my office.  I opened this up & its an instant favorite. I ordered another one for my home but now I think I need to order a case.  Plus, its Hot Pink wax... an extra bonus of happiness.

TWO // Writing Fonts

Calligraphy can really add some elegance and whimsy to your invitation envelopes. But if they don’t fit into your budget or you are feeling crafty, then check out these DIY calligraphy tutorials to try it yourself. Each has their own tricks and techniques to fake a calligraphy look. DIY Calligraphy Using Gel Pens How To …

I really love doing a journal every day with my Bible Study, but my handwriting just isn't all that great... especially when you see all the cute faith journaling things out there.  So I'm on a mission to find some ways to make it more fancy.  If you need me today, I'll be on Pinterest looking up things (like I'm not on Pinterest all day every day) ... anyone have any tips, hints, sites or ideas about this, send them my way.

THREE // May Designs

With my word of the year being CONFIDENT - how do I NOT get this? #maydesigns

I have so many May Designs journals, I don't even know what to do with them all.  I have a stack in my drawer ready to go whenever I need one.  It's so addicting to go on their site & just create fun designs.  But when I saw the one pictured above - I HAD to get it... & now I think I want to order like 5 more to get me through the year.  With my 2015 word of the year being "Confident" ... well, can you blame me?  Tell me you all have my back when Ricky asks me why I have 5 of the same journals....

FOUR // Princess Mug

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

I think I pretty much need this mug... in every color.  Especially in yellow #IamBelle

FIVE // Taylor Swift Mash Up

My blog buddy Meg sent me this video after we got talking about some of our favorite songs off of the new Taylor Swift CD.  I just love the song "Style" ... so when she sent this to me - I instantly fell in love with it.  I just love when people do creative Mash-ups anyways... enjoy this today...

Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. I love that mash up! Maybe more than I love the actual songs. I need a new journal so I'm gonna check out May Designs. I love that one! Happy Friday!

  2. I've listened to that mash up like 50 times in the past week - it's so good! Happy Friday!!

  3. I wish I had nicer handwriting too-- I will have to check out that link! I can only imagine how good that scentsy smells! I loooove floral scents!

  4. I wish I had nicer handwriting, too! I just don't put that much effort into it, though.

  5. I've got your back ;-) I have always wanted to learn calligraphy - actually last weekend there was a calligraphy class taught by timothy botts in my area but I couldn't make it :( I'm hoping he offeres another one sometime soon! Happy Friday!!

  6. Oh, the mash up is pure perfection... I'm also in love with that mug! I need one!

  7. Love the I know the have my back too?
    Really loved the mash up, I didn't want it to end!!
    Have a great weekend...


  8. I have THE WORST handwriting ever :( Like embarassingly bad!!!!! I only wish I could do creative writing!!!

  9. I like #3, what a great saying! Enjoy your weekend.

  10. I'm so in love with that mash-up. It's so so good. I have a scentsy warmer, & if my friend who is a consultant knew this she would kill me, but I use the wax from Walmart rather than paying for the Scentsy ones.

  11. That Mash-up is THE. BOMB. (I didn't even know what a Mash-up was...your blog is so educational!)
    Yep, you definitely need that mug in any & every color! :)

  12. 2 weeks until i am HOME at disney!!! i had to share since i knew you'd appreciate it!!


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