Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hodgepodge ... where no one laughs...

1.  Did you make someone laugh yesterday? Was it intentional?

Probably not... no one in my office laughs.  Ever.

& the poor hubs is usually too tired from work to ever laugh.  It requires muscles to laugh & his muscles are all worn out by the time he gets home.

I'm sure I made my dogs smile though if that counts for anything.

Basically everyone in my life

2. What's a simple question with a complicated answer?

How to loose weight....

I'm sorry - its more then just cutting calorie & working out.  Been there. Done that. Don't work.

3. Rhododendrons or have to choose. Are either currently blooming in your yard?

Does it say anything to you that I have no idea what either of those words are?

I have weeds blooming.  I'm good at those.

4. May 21st is National Waitstaff Day. Have you ever worked as a waiter/waitress? How would you rate the experience? What was the best/worst part of the job?

I've never been a waitress & know I'd be awful at it. I have issues with touching other people's plates, silverware & ESPECIALLY cups.  If I can see fingerprints, I'm gagging touching it.  & plates with eaten food?  I gag.

A gagging waitress is not a good waitress.

This would be me every time I came to your table

5. What fashion trend for women should be outlawed? How about one for men?

Booty shorts for women...

the sagging pants for men...

What is the deal with trying to show off all the bums? 

Keep it to yourself people!

6. Name a writer who inspires tell us why.

Max Lucado.... I love when he has any new books coming out.  Most Christian authors that write about insight from the Bible just sorts of loose me.  But everything I've ever read of Lucado's, I totally get.  I highlight half of the book every time I get a new one.  I have a whole bookshelf full of his stuff...  Keep 'em coming!

7. What well known quote or saying sums up your plans for today or this week?

Is there a quote for "putting off housework"?  ... because that's basically it every day of my life.

8.  Insert your own random thought here

WHOOO HOOOO... another great season for Dancing with the Stars!  I was so happy with the final 3, I didn't even care who won.  I actually gave all my votes to Riker because I figured everyone would be voting for Rumer with her star-studded parents & all the Hollywood friends she has... but I'm not mad she won - she deserved it.  Glad for Val that he finally got the win.  I'm just sad its all over!!!!

But glad that Extreme Weight Loss is back with Chris & Heidi... that's my favorite weight loss show around!  Bite it Biggest Loser!

Chris & Heidi
.... or more like Ken & Barbie....

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  1. I'm with you on losing weight. Ken and Barbie made me laugh! I do like their show though. And I need to get to exercising, thanks for the reminder ;)

  2. I wanted Riker to win too. I loved him! I wasn't unhappy with the results though. I think it's great that this show does somehow manage to actually have the very best in the finals. And who doesn't love Noah? Such an inspiration!

  3. I'm pretty pumped extreme weight loss is back - I love them!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I was all about Rumer and Val winning. But Riker would have been okay too! And yes, people pull your pants up and quit with the shorts that are showing your cheeks!!

    1. I loved them all. Would have been happy to see Riker sneak & be the underdog though. I love Allison too - would have been thrilled for her!

  5. I hear you on weight loss. I have done it in the past but after 3 kids, it is SO much harder than calorie counting and running and I don't know why!

    1. Yeah - it has so many small detailed things for EACH person. Don't tell me the same formula works for everyone. NOPE>

  6. I feel like that grumpy cat most days! Now that is a great question you asked. I said booty shorts too.

  7. I'm pretty good with weeds too. Enjoyed your post.

  8. My hubby is a Grumpy Cat kind of guy most evenings. IT DRIVES ME NUTS! I need smiles and happiness. I would never survive if they outlawed smiling and laughing.

    Max Lucado is a wonderful writer. I like Beth Moore, too. I kill highlighters in record time when reading anything by either of them.

  9. the booty shorts have been awful around campus this year. pretty much just denim panties these girls are wearing around!


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