Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Current Reading
The Wizard Returns
I talk about this series, "Dorothy Must Die" all the time & am still so excited that new books & novellas keep coming out.  This twisted, mixed up version of Oz is just great.
Currently Enjoying
My Bible Journal
I love reading my devotional for the day in She Reads Truth & then going to my Bible & as someone once said, "Praying in Color" ... I keep getting a lot of questions about my Bible Journal. I need to do a blog post on the things I have & what I use to make it look semi-decent.  Believe me, mine looks like garbage compared to some people's designs in their Bible... but its just a time for me & God - & I know HE thinks its all beautiful :)
Currently Hating
My Shins
I'm still making it with this 10,000 step challenge.  Nailed it every day this month. 18 for 18 days!  ... but my shins are taking a beating.  They constantly are tingling & achy now.  It feels like a dog is rubbing across my legs. On my nerves!  But a friend told me to wear compression sleeves on my legs & they feel fine when I have these babies on - so I may have to wear them 24 hours till the end of May!!!  I actually just ordered another pair to keep around.
Currently Considering
Doing the 21 Day Fix
Well, I guess I'm REALLY considering it, especially because I just purchased it yesterday.  I want to start it June 1st.  Perfect timing being after the holidays - the 1st is a Monday - it just works well in my schedule.  I'm nervous about it... but excited about it.  A challenge.  I'm always up for a challenge.  But we're talking about messing with my food.  Don't mess with my food!.... but that attitude right there is exactly why I need this.  I'm sure you'll be seeing updates about it as we go along in June.
Currently Crafting
Crocheting a blanket
I have never crocheted a baby blanket before. Knit is my language.  But I wanted to see if it was easier on my shoulder doing this... it's about the same...  but I do enjoy that I can just stop anywhere in the project & it's safe.  If you knit, you know the fear of having things fall off a needle & stitches being dropped.  I really am loving how its turning out too.  It just feels good to have yarn back in my life.
Currently Listening to
AfterBuzz Bachlorette Recap
I love these After Buzz TV Recaps.  & just saw they have one for The Bachlorette.  This is going to be fun!
I always look so forward to hearing the tv recaps & what people have to say. I don't always agree .... Scandal team, I'm looking at you... but for the most part, they are just fun to listen to.  Real Housewives gang, I'm looking at you!
Currently Looking Forward to
What's currently happening with you?


  1. Sorry to hear about your shins. It stinks when things hurt because you're trying to be healthy. I got an email from ProCompression yesterday that they're having a $39 grab bag sale that gets you 3 pairs of socks. I love theirs, it's a great deal!

  2. Shin splints? I had those when I played basketball in high school. Not a fun time at all. Glad the sleeves are helping.

    I just might have to look for those OZ books this summer.

    I posted my "currents" on my blog.

  3. Hope your shins get better. I missed your currently posts glad to see one. My currents are up on my blog:
    Hope you enjoy your long weekend. I am going to try knitting here shortly so we will see how that turns out.
    I may have to check out that book it looks like a good read. I hope you have a great week.

  4. I love this idea "currently". Enjoy your long weekend!

  5. I always love your bible journaling pics! You are so creative :)

  6. We are inching closer to that long weekend and it makes me so happy!! That book you're reading looks fantastic! I will do what I always do and buy it for my husband for some random holiday and read it after he's done - two birds, right? :)

  7. I've looked into the 21 day fix too but the shakes are just so expensive. I've got to do something, though! I wonder if it works the same without the shakes?


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