Monday, May 18, 2015

The weekend that we went to Nashville to watch a Pre-K graduation

A weekend full of travel... I get queasy thinking about it.

But I survived & so enjoyed seeing our Nashville gang.

We made the trip down Saturday morning.  Leaving VERY early.  The boys had a baseball game at 9:30am & we wanted so badly to see them so we loaded up & took out early.

I actually drove - mainly because Ricky's car's all make me nauseated & if we are in my car, I can't have my drivers side seat moved or it kills my back... so I'm always the one doing the driving to Nashville. I don't mind.  It really does help with the car sickness.  And all I need is to crank on some tunes & I can sing my way there every time....

Ricky really enjoys when I sing & drive for 3 hours....

seriously... this is how he drove with me... he's under the blanket
with ear buds in.
My singing ain't that bad - right?
... maybe?...

The drive down was so bizarre.  It was sunny, then rainy, then sunny, then storming so hard you couldn't even see.  I was just glad I got new wind shield wipers put on my car earlier in the week.  They got their use.

The good thing about all the rain?  No dead bugs on my windshield... it's usually a sea of dead bugs at the end of the trip.

All the way down there, Julie kept texting us telling us the game was still on - which we couldn't understand because the last hour of the drive was in total rain....

We got to Nashville, met them at the ball park & literally as we pulled in, they canceled the game... NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dang it. Poop. Drats. ***Kicking the muddy dirt****

Oh well - I still got to see the boys in their little uniforms.  & of course, Luke didn't leave the ball field clean - even though he didn't play one iota of a game.  He still found dirt to get in with white pants.  Boy will be boys.

We ended up watching another game that was still playing with the 7 yr old boys - MERCY - these kids are good for 7 years old!  & then we headed off to get breakfast.

Since Ricky & I had basically been up half a day already, I opted for lunch & got this salad....

A vegetarian's dream salad!!!!

I say it every time... I can eat at Pied Piper EVERY TIME we're there... its the best food in the world.  If you go to Nashville - FIND IT!  Eat there!  DO IT!

After a big meal, we ended up just hanging out at the house & letting the boys tackle Ricky.  They love their Pappy.  Let's just say I could basically stay at home & I don't think they'd even notice....

Grands ricky


Julie needed to get the baby to sleep & I needed to get my 10,000 steps in so we put Will in a stroller & headed out for a good long walk.  I just love Nashville & the homes & the area... I didn't like the humidity... but that seems to be everywhere we go.


After hitting my 10,000 steps & the baby had a good nap, we earned a treat & headed to SIP - the best little coffee shop that makes their own ice cream.  Julie gave us a little secret on what to get & we tried their homemade DARK CHOCOLATE ice cream topped with Espresso coffee... OH MY WORD!  Refills please?

Every see an ice cream place this cool?
... & when did Isaac start looking like a teenager?!?!?!?!?!

Julie & Steve saw their old neighbors in there so they were talking with them for a bit & of course, Ricky had the boys attention.... so this is me...

Rejected... once again...

It was time to get home & rush in & grab a few things & head off to the main event of the day - Luke graduating from Pre-K.

There really is nothing cuter then a group of kids singing songs...

& Luke did so good!  He's off to kindergarten now... mind blown.

It was time to celebrate by letting the boys play on the playground for awhile with their friends.  It left us time to knock a kid off a swing (not really) & swing ourselves. I love swing sets... but leave it to me to get motion sickness after swinging too long.

We headed home & wound down.  I think everyone was out in record time.

Sunday had us heading up early & when we got home, I was beat... I just never sleep well when I'm away from home.

Sunday had us getting caught up on stuff around the house & giving the dogs extra attention for missing a day with them. #spoiled

It was a great weekend seeing our family... being able to see Luke graduate.  Isaac actually graduates from kindergarten himself on Thursday.  They need to make ALL graduations on the weekends.  Grandparents want to be there to be all cheesy & give hugs & kisses. Its our job.

I told him no matter how big he gets, he'll always be our baby

For your cute overload of the day....

How was your weekend?
Any graduations?
Any cool places you know of to eat in Nashville?


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! I've never been to Nashville but I hear it's a fun city. And I'm the same way with car sickness, it's always best when I drive :)

  2. Oh my gosh the picture with Ricky under the blanket while you're driving is priceless!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Me too, carsick unless I drive!! Oh Grammy, such fun times!! So glad you got to be with your cuties and that! Happy Monday to you sweet lady!

  4. Glad you had a fun weekend, despite the game being rained out! I'm heading to Nashville in a couple of weeks and this just made me super excited!! Wish it was only a 3 hour drive though ;)

  5. That's exact how John rides in the car when I'm driving and singing, haha! Too funny!!

  6. What a fun weekend! I'll have to find Pied Piper next time I go to Nashville. Dark chocolate ice cream topped with espresso? That sounds like heaven right there!!

  7. aw! family time is always the best kinds of weekends. what sweet little ones!


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