Tuesday, May 05, 2015

One Sentence a Day .... April 2015 Edition

1 sentence

I saw a journal type thing that had a space where you write in what happened that day in just one sentence.  So its basically the quickest diary entry ever.  I loved that idea & decided to start it for April... going to do it every month.  It will be fun to look back at the end of the year & see my life in a different way.
Want to join along?  It's only 30 days till the next post.
So here we go... what April looked like in my life.


1. I didn't get fooled one time.

2. I about peed my pants when our electricity popped off during a storm.

3. I prayed for our firefighter friend as he battled the GE building fire.

4. I got to see family I haven't seen in way too long.

5. We celebrated our Risen Savior by witnessing over 40 baptisms!

6. I didn't give one care about the NCAA final tournament.

7. We escaped tornados & didn't have our house swept away with rains.

8. I was relieved to hear the Boston Marathon bomber was charged guilty on all accounts.

9. Our road was like a disaster area with downed trees everywhere from storms.

10. Loaded up on clearance Cadbury eggs.

11. Grass cutting season begun.

12. Celebrated a first birthday with the most precious little girl.

13. I am half way in my book, "Yeah, Maybe"

14. I was all about the Real Housewives Beverly Hills Reunion.

Sisters BE Crazy!!!

15. I tried using paints for the first time in my Journal Bible.

16. We remembered Michael on what would have been his 41st birthday.

17. I stayed up to 12:30am finishing pictures.

18. I put my furniture together & started the process of re-doing my office.

19. I got see the cutest middle school play of Beauty & The Beast with my nieces.

20. Talked to Julie to wish her a Happy Birthday.

21. I wanted to take my scale  & smash it against the wall.

22. Did a 20 minute photo session that turned into 2 hours.

23. Literally cried over a tv show when Derek Shepherd died on Grey's Anatomy.

24. Was glued to the screen to watch the Bruce Jenner interview.

25. Go to photograph a wedding where the rain gave us a break right when we needed it.

26. Knocked out another 10k & added a medal to my collection.

27. my quads & feet felt like they had been put the ringers after the past 2 days.

28. I had smooth hair with thanks to my hair stylist.

29. my head felt like it was an balloon filled with weird sorts of stuff.

30. I have a headache with all the traffic I'm running into morning AND afternoon.

How was your April?


  1. Neat idea...and a great way to recap your month. Mine would pretty much be the same for April. Worked on kitchen! Haha...can it be over yet!!!

    By the way, the grin on the little girl...makes me heart melt!

  2. What an amazing April! 40 Baptisms is so amazing, 40 people accepting the lord and savior makes me smile!!! Hoping May is just as fun and blessed for you!!


  3. I totally didn't care about March Madness either LOL!

  4. I totally didn't care about March Madness either LOL!

  5. ha!!! The pooped in the pants comment made me laugh ;)

  6. Such a fun idea!! You did a lot this past month!

  7. it was better than my march. and so far may is better than april!

  8. Fun idea~ may have to join in...:-)


  9. That's a neat idea ... I wonder if I'll do any better with that than I do with the Collect app I installed last week? ;-)

  10. This is such a good idea! The perfect way to remember the little things! :D


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