Monday, May 04, 2015

The weekend that I was a winner... apologizes to my mother in law....

Derby weekend!  It's an event around here in Louisville - that's for sure.

& Mother Nature totally cooperated this year with the most perfect weather.

She actually started being kind on Friday, on our Oaks Day. 

I don't go to the races but you still feel the vibe in the air.  Plus, my new office is less then 2 miles from the track & I'm not even joking when I say I could smell Bourbon in the air.

Party on.

Instead of Oaks, I had photos on Friday. 

I got to meet up with one of the kiddos from my youth group & his sweet momma.  She didn't schedule any senior pictures for him because he didn't want to do any, but she wanted just a few pictures of him for his graduation party.  So I met up with them at his high school to grab a couple.  I actually was only with him for 15 minutes & got 20 shots & they are some of my favorites I've done.

His mom text me at the end & said he actually enjoyed it.  I told her that everyone always dreads it, but in the end, they walk away feeling like a super model.  As they should.

Saturday had me waking up & being late to the party to see the Princess had been born!  I am so glad it was a girl.  Now fingers crossed somewhere that Diana is in the name...

& speaking of super models, how did Kate leave the hospital looking amazing? I bet every new mom sort of hated her in that moment.

She really is a Princess, isn't she?

Saturday also started with Ricky a little miffed at me.

He was cutting down limbs that had bag worms in them... ewww... & when he would cut the trees down, the bags would pop & worms would go everywhere...


But he would take bricks & POUND on them killing them


So when he got to the biggest nest, he wanted me to stand there with the brick so I could get them before any escaped.

OK... let's stop here a second.  Maybe my husband doesn't know me well.  But I'm the girl who literally carries spiders in my hands to take them outside so they don't get hurt.  I'm the person who does whatever I can to let bugs go back to their bug families & live happily ever after.

I know - I've watched too much of A Bug's Life....

so how did he expect me to take a brick & smash worms??!?!? 

He knocked the tree limp down.... & I take off running into the house screaming, grabbing the dogs & yelling "BAG WORM KILLER"... it was all very dramatic....

Pretty much how I ran into my house

After Ricky gave me a lecture about how he was saving the trees, which I applaud, we got cleaned up & headed over to his sisters for a Derby party.  Now, I'd like to say I had some sort of knowledge of horses to know who was going to win, but I just got lucky pulling out a horse name of a cup... & it was the favorite.  I didn't even know who the favorite was at this point.

My mother in law was a bit upset with me to say the least... I picked her horse.  American Pharaoh was supposed to be the one she picked.  Whoops...she loves me though...

I'm not sure if she loved me the same after my horse won! YAHHOOO!!!!!!!

... I mean, I'm sorry... to my mother in law...

I ended up winning $40 ... which I said would at least get me a week's worth of drinks at Starbucks.  I'll take it.

It's always good to see family... & loved that our nephew, Michael's son, was there.  He is just the cutest little guy!!! His smile melts me.

My mother in law with Evan
... its such a comfort to everyone to have a piece of Michael still around...

Sunday had us taking that $40 winning & heading to see The Avengers!

I'll admit, I'm usually a little lost in these sorts of movies until some point where I get the gist of the story.  & with Robert Downy Jr, Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth... like it matters what the story is....

So another end to a busy weekend... the weather was perfect... got to see family... I was a winner... & superheroes were involved... it was a definite thumbs up weekend.

... & no, I didn't clean my house....

How was your weekend?
Did you see The Avengers? or any movie?
Did you have a Derby Winner?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was a lazy one, and I loved it. Although I did accomplish some stitching, so it wasn't like I was a total slug. Ha

  2. she looked gorgeous. i was way too excited for that baby to get here. i can't wait for the name (hoping for elle, hehe).

  3. Love the tennis shot you took - and yay for a princess - could they be any more perfect?! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. It sounds like you had a great weekend! Love the senior picture! He's a cutie.

    I didn't know she had the baby. Thanks for the update!

  5. lol, sounds like a good weekend minus the brick/killing/bugs/ew.

  6. Literally the most perfect weather for The Derby! And so happy about the royal baby girl - did you hear the name? Love that they included Diana :)

  7. I cannot stop laughing about your bag worm story! Although just imagining it makes me want to vomit. If spiders or ANY insect is in my house, it's death to them. But if they're outside, happily doing their thing, I totally avoid stepping on them.
    Yay for winning money! I had a bet going with my sister (loser buys ice cream), and I chose American Pharoah too!

  8. haha your bag worm story cracked me up! I'm the same way though... will not harm a fly!

  9. this statement.......with Robert Downy Jr, Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth... like it matters what the story is....SO true!!!

  10. I don't understand how Kate looked so perfect AGAIN just after giving birth. Bless her, she really can't ever look like a hot mess and this is no exception. Congrats on the Derby winnings!

  11. Girlfriend, you are so right... how does Kate leave the hospital looking like a million bucks?!!! If only I looked that good after 8 hours of restful sleep, haha!

  12. I want to know how Kate leaves the hospital so quickly. Did she even spend the night?? Is it just Americans that stay multiple nights?

    I've never heard of bag worms but they sound disgusting!

    Cory is so mad that we haven't seen Avengers yet. I don't remember seeing the first one but he swears we have. They all just start running together!

  13. That photo is so darn cute with the tennis balls and racket! I had computer issues on Saturday morning and totally forgot about the baby. So happy that it was a girl. I read several posts that were pretty mad about how good she looked. I'm sorry but the whole world was going to see her and I would have had all my people come and make me look pretty too! She isn't a nobody.......

  14. Bahahaha... "bag worm killer!" That's awesome! How gross!!!!!


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