Monday, May 11, 2015

The weekend that we celebrated mom's....

Oh Monday... here we are again. 

I'm so tired too.  Tired enough that I had to stop this morning & get me some caffeine crack McDonalds Iced Coffee....

But in true Monday form, they made it weird & it tastes disgusting. 

Good play Monday... good play.

I had to stay up last night & watch the series finale of Revenge.... thumbs up for that series finale.  I'll take it.

My whole weekend gets a thumbs up actually.

It didn't start off that way. 

Friday, I was so aggravated at work & then hit traffic on the way home, leaving me all shades of green & the worst case of car sickness.... not a good way to start a weekend.

But I had to run & get a hair 'oopsie' fixed - so starting the weekend with good hair makes everything better.  Even car sickness.

Saturday had me up & at 'em early. 

We originally had an appointment with Time Warner to get our Intelligent Home fixed... goodness Lord - give me strength.  We got this installed about a month ago & it STILL doesn't work right & we can't get ANYONE to help us with it.  We're ready to tell them to take it all out.  It's been a joke....

But I was out the door early for a photo session with 3 little girls.  Their mother scheduled it early & I'm glad she did.  It was so warm & humid & if we did it later, I think it would have been quite miserable.

Little girls... I can have some good conversations with little ones.  They are always full of questions... always so honest.  I love it.

Me photo
While I was waiting for my little girls to show up,
I had a little fun with my own pictures :)
... when in Rome...

I got home just in time to upload the pictures & then turn right back around & we were out the door. 

I had a eye doctor's appointment.  My eye has been having all sorts of issues lately with flashes of light & being able to see my heartbeat in my eyeball... gross.   So I knew I was going to need to be dilated so I was a smart girl.  I got my eye appointment at Sam's Club so I knew the hubs could come with me, but be entertained while I was getting examined by shopping.  Worked perfectly....

Except when they dilated my eyes, THEN they told me to go pick out a pair of frames.  Why do they do that?

I mean you can't see & then you go pick out something you're going to shell out a few hundred dollars on?  ... needless to say, I know where Ricky's button is on my phone where I called him & had him come help me pick out frames.  So if I get them back  & they look ridiculous - we can all blame him.

By the way, my eye problems?  She said everything looked great - she thinks its stress.... yeah, makes sense.

After being dilated, I was living in a hazy blurry world for a few hours.  That is miserable.  MISERABLE!!! I need my vision.  I was in Sam's Club & couldn't even pick out a book because I couldn't even see the cover of any of them... that's a messed up trip to Sam's Club.

I didn't think I would be able to edit any pictures when I got home, but my eyes actually got back to normal about 3 hours later so I spent the rest of the night finishing up my latest wedding & starting on the pics from the little girls.

Sunday was MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

I actually woke up at 7am... boo!  ... with Ricky already gone.  Bless his heart.  He went out early & helped a guy from his work move.  Just Ricky & this guy.  He told Ricky he wouldn't know what he would have done if he didn't help him.  I married a good guy.

More proof I married a good guy?  I had a Mother's Day card on the table addressed to me from the dogs....

This is what I saw

Mother's day

Isn't that the cutest thing ever?  Ricky colored in a patch for Harvey Dent... I laughed at that...

& then opened it up & saw this in the corner of the card.

Mom day

Yep... cue the tears.  Choked me up so much.

I miss my big girls.

While Ricky was gone, I ended up changing over my closet.  Best to do that when there is no one else in the house to hear my crys of anguish.

Let's just say that I need to go shopping ASAP.  ASAP!!!!!

It was quite the task to change my closet over with Harvey Dent there too.  With Ricky being gone, he needed my undivided attention & would find it by jumping on ALL my clothes I had on my bed... with wet feet mind you.  That dog.

Can't you see him thinking, "is it time to play with me yet?"

Then it was time to celebrate Mother's Day.  Ricky ended up going to see his momma... missed seeing my in laws... while I headed to my mother's.

It was such a beautiful day.  My parents place has a breeze on constant flow going through their property.  We sat outside & talked & gabbed.  Then my brother & dad went & picked up some Chinese for us to eat & it was just a good day of hanging out...

I love any chance I can get to sit & talk & laugh with my parents... & especially when I get to  bug & irritate  hang out with my nieces.

I love Madi's freckles... she was trying not to smile here :)

The girls were not smiling because Yaya doesn't smile in any pictures :)

I got to brush up on my French braiding skills with this one

Mother's day
Anything blue for my mom... including Smurfette from the twins :)

Before I knew it, it was time to get home & wind down for the night.

Got home & one of my step daughters called me when I got home to wish me a Happy Mother's Day, & then I called my mother in law to wish her a Happy Mother's Day... & it was the perfect way to end the night...

Whew... another busy one... marked off the calendar.  Lots of celebration.  Lots of things accomplished...

cleaning my house... not one of them

How was your weekend?
Did you celebrate Mother's Day?
Have you pulled out your Summer clothes yet?


  1. Last time I went to the eye doctor she dilated my eyes and then said I'd be ok to drive. UM??? Then I had to pick out my frames with crappy vision and no one to help me. Like you said, why do they do that?! But the best was when I went to leave and felt like Gizmo, "Bright Light!" I had to call my mom (and pray that I was actually calling my mom because I couldn't see my phone) and she came and rescued me! I have no idea why they thought I'd be ok to drive!
    P.S. That card. Ricky is the sweetest. Totally teared up.

  2. Busy weekend! :) That card from Ricky and the dogs---sooo sweet!

  3. What a busy but fun weekend!! I'm so happy to hear that you were able to see your family for mother's day and that card from Ricky/the pups - too cute! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. My eye doctor does the same thing. SMH

    Love Harvey Dent pictures...he is so adorable

  5. That card from the puppies....ALL of the puppies.... <3 It's been ages since my eye doctor has felt the need to dilate my eyes. I'm not complaining! Always hated that feeling. We had a really nice weekend, too.

  6. I hate having my eyes dilated...and I try to talk my way out of it every single time. Sometimes, it works, others...not so much. I just don't like not being able to see! that Mother's Day card you were given! You and your momma are quite the pair!

  7. Wouldn't it be better to pick out the glasses before? Get it together eye doctor! Looks like a great way to celebrate Mother's day!

  8. I always make DD come with me to help me pick out frames. Even if my eyes aren't dilated (and they definitely a,ways are), I'm so blind that j couldn't pick out a nice pair if I had to. Ha! DH is so afraid of choosing an ugly pair that he won't go with, but I know that DD will be honest and choose ones that look best on me.

    1. And I'm glad that there's nothing really wrong with your eyes.

  9. You DID marry a good man, what a sweet sweet guy :) Love that card!

  10. Ricky is so sweet! That little note inside...bless his heart! I've had those weird flashes of lights in my eye too. Just my left one and it's been happening for a year or so. Eye doctor didn't seem concerned with it though. Yay for a great weekend! But what was your hair oopsie???

  11. I don't get why they had you pick out glasses afterwards... I mean, HELLOOOOO?! lol


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