Friday, August 07, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Recipes
 This POST on different ideas for coffee from Pioneer Woman


Favorite Beauty & the Beast

cute beauty and the beast journal #anthrofave

Isn't this journal GORGEOUS!
I gotta find this

 Favorite Money Saving Tip
Link right HERE

Saving Money at Amazon using CamelCamelCamel

I had no idea this even existed!
But thanks to my buddy Kristen, I am now ready to check out everything on my Amazon Wishlist.

Favorite Date idea

Favorite Good for your Body

Office Stretches

Office Yoga Stretches Pose Standing Pigeon Pose

I'm printing this out & putting on my file cabinet at work as a reminder

Favorite Kiddo Idea


Favorite Words

Footprints on the Moon

 Favorite Funnies

so messed up... but made me laugh

seriously though.

... when people at work, who are over me, ask me to explain things they should know
 ... when I overhear someone talking about anything Disney


... what Target whispers in my ear while I'm on a budget freeze

... how I describe the race to someone doing their first half marathon


My weekend dance

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!


  1. My favorite this week "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon." Love it!

  2. that penny date sounds like a lot of fun!

    Happy Friday!

  3. That journal - YES!

    Holy smokes - never heard of Camel, but this might be my new best friend! No, but seriously! xoxo

  4. I loved Kristen's post about Camel, I had never heard of it either!! Now off to check out the coffee post because yum. Happy weekend!

  5. I agree, let's skip working and just get to the Princess stuff only I want to be the Queen! The penny date idea sounds like fun.

  6. I love that idea about the penny date! So fun :) I've never heard of Camel. I'm going to have to go read up on it.

  7. I was so happy for Kristen's post about CamelCamelCamel! So cool! I already set some things to alert me. :) That penny date idea sounds like so much fun! And that ham on her face funny cracked me up!

  8. That journal is beautiful! I would love that!

  9. that beauty and the best journal is very gorgeous. so interested in this saving money at Amazon, I shop at there like there's no tomorrow. I love the shirt idea, I think I'm going to do that soon. Funniest thing is I think it would fit perfectly for Sophie in either highschool or college/

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  10. A beauty and the beast journal!?!??! Yes please!!!

  11. That office stretch ... I don't think I was ever that limber or agile, even when I was 16. :-o

  12. that is totally my weekend dance! ha! and i do the same thing when someone says disney!

  13. how fun my visits always are! Love the penny idea, may have to try.
    Have you read the Rosie Project? Light kinda funny read :-)


  14. I didn't know about the camel thing, either! So glad I'm not the only one! lol

  15. OMGosh love the T-shirt idea. What an awesome way to watch the kids growth!!


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