Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #34}

Thankful Thursday

"Even though we can't have all we want, we ought to be thankful we don't get what we deserve"  ~Unknown

This week I am thankful for:

... VENTI iced coffees on wedding days!!!  Nectar of energy heaven!

... Chasity & her calming self on frantic wedding days.  I laughed when about 2 hours in, I already had to ask her where my shoes were - to which I got the response, "You already lost your shoes?"... what can I say? I'm a country girl at heart. I kick off my shoes whenever I can.  Even at weddings. ... but she knew exactly where my shoes were at.

... a calm bride.  Some brides really get freaked out about little details on their wedding day.  & I always say a bride's attitude sets the tone of a wedding day... & I just can't be thankful enough for a calm bride who just rolled with the flow...

... a wonderful family at the wedding.  Both sides, bride & groom & the whole bridal party was just fantastic.  Kindness wins every time!

... Fun wedding receptions. I love when people just have fun. They don't care about whether they 'look funny' - they are just there to celebrate.  Chasity & I laughed so hard at all the people at our last wedding reception.  & by laugh, I don't mean at them, but with them. These people were just ready to celebrate & I love that so much.  Fun people are the BEST!!!

This is the father of the groom
... who was so quiet the ENTIRE day of the wedding...
making this moment even greater for us!

... GORGEOUS weather for the wedding day this past Saturday.  Couldn't have been better.  Even during the actual wedding, the sky had the lightest cloud cover making the sun not beat down on everyone.  The timing of it all, the humidity disappearing in August, it just couldn't have been ordered up any better.

... I'll take that a step further & be thankful for the weather ALL WEEK LONG!  It's been so amazingly perfect.  Cool days, even cooler nights. I heard its going to be in the 90's again soon & now I'm just bummed.  But I know Fall will be here soon enough.

... After missing my hubby all day on Saturday, I loved getting to spend time with him on Sunday getting coffee, having lunch & then going out to celebrate our friends Sunday evening.  He makes me happy.

... was able to get out at lunch & get in a few extra steps of walking in the gorgeous fresh air.

... my parents.  They have been such a good place of support & advice through everything going on with our church.  I appreciate their thoughts, wisdom & laughter in tough times.

... finally got to try the local coffee shop next to my work.  I pass it every day & found out that its like an award winning coffee place! Who knew?  Inside is VERY much the local vibe of a coffee shop - I may have to spend some of my lunches in there reading out... looking cool #hipster

... back roads. I live where there is one main highway in & out of town.  When an accident happen, or construction, its a nightmare getting home, getting to work, so while I hate the curvy, hilly path, its nice to have ways to weasel around when I have to.

... hair appointment days. I love having someone wash my hair, brush it & straighten it. I never understand how they magically can get my hair that straight.  Plus, I just love my hair dresser anyways.

... the end of the month at work. Doing bookkeeping, most of the bills come in at the first of the month & all the analytical mumbo-jumbo has to be done towards the beginning of the month for the previous month (blah blah blah is probably what a lot of you just heard).... but what that means, the last week of the month is usually slower then any other time & I love it.  A good catch up time for me.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. The weather has been pretty fantastic here all week too!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I hope I'm a calm bride! I'm sure the Xanax will help! lol :)

  3. As an accountant, I loved the last week of the month ... a calm before the storm of month-end activity the first week of the month.

  4. My mom and one of my brothers always wear shoes inside. I don't get it. I take my shoes off the second I get home! I love hair appointments. My hair never looks better than after those...why can't I be good at doing hair?! I also never seem to have anywhere to go that day and I always feel like it's a waste of a good hair day!

  5. I so LOVE the ice coffee face! You go girl!!!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my hair washed by someone else! I can never get it to look as good as it does when I step out of the salon door...

  7. I love your thankful lists! I'm thankful for having a phone that works properly this week! And that my knee isn't causing me a lot of pain so I've been able to go for a long walk twice this week!
    Trish - tales from trish

  8. Love those super big cups with sunglasses from Starbucks! Your hair looks gorgeous!! I have a coffee, pastry place right around the corner but it doesn't open until 7 and I have to be at work by 7 so Starbucks it is. I would love to try it on the weekend though!

  9. that's great that the last week of the month is slow for you, normally it's the other way around! my job isn't affected (good or bad) by EOM, thank goodness. your hair looks fabulous - i love getting mine done as well!


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