Monday, August 03, 2015

The weekend that I learned I dont need everything... sigh...

Its August....

How does that happen?

All I can see are visions of Christmas coming nearer....

But there's quite a few weekends between that & now... & I'm sure they'll all be just as busy.

Friday, I got home & just thought, I'm doing nothing.  All I wanted to do was watch Disney's "The Descendants"... seriously - I was so excited about this show, I felt like I was a tween-ager myself.  A fun movie about the children of the Disney villians?!?!? ... & Belle & the Beast's son?????... this had my name written all over it....

I even wore a Disney shirt Friday night for the occasion!

As it was finishing up, I didn't realize we were going to have a little slumber party at my house.

Ricky got home from work & just collapsed.  I figured he was out for the night... & about 9:30pm I was sitting on the couch crocheting my blanket  & finishing watching the movie & here he comes... & he's wide awake.  We ended up staying up till 2 am just watching TV (thanks Big Brother After Dark), laughing & talking.  I told him we hadn't done that since we started dating.  It was a fun change.

... & then I just slept on Saturday...

I'm too old for 2am slumber parties.

I ended up getting up at 9am - which is earlier then I thought I would - & Ricky had to get out & take care of some errands. 

My morning blurred by while I worked on my Bible Journal for the day.
I love Saturday mornings with my Bible Journal....

But it didn't last long because I packed up my baby stuff & headed to my friends house to take pictures of their new baby...

Oh my goodness.  Emery just wanted to curl up in a little ball & lay on your chest.  Yep... I could have stayed there all day holding her.


I don't have any of the edited pictures uploaded yet,(the above pic is just with my phone)  but I love that they wanted to incorporate a guitar in their pictures... I may have my new favorite baby picture ever...

I got home just in time to unload my gear & grab my paper work & headed up to the local coffee shop to meet with my new bride & her momma.  I just love this family.  I love this momma... she tells it like it is.  & she wants nothing more then her daughter to have the best day for her wedding. I'm in total agreement with her.

But Chasity met up with us for the meeting & brought Emerson with her... so after the meeting we headed over & grabbed some dinner. 

The exciting news about Miss Emerson - she's a full time walker now... & now, apparently she doesn't think she's a baby anymore.  She just wants to go go go... and GO.  Who has time to sit & eat?

I got home & the evening was just wonderful.  It was warm, but no humidity & I still hadn't had time to get in my run for the day so I changed & then Ricky said he was going to come along with Harvey.  It was nice to have the company.  Not so nice having Harvey side line me a few times & nearly take my legs out from underneath me.  The dude does NOT know how to walk straight... its a constant zig zag. 

I got my shower in just in time to hit the sack with a wet head... another day done.

Sunday had us back at church with those awesome kiddos...

Blow darts with q-tips
Posted by Refuge Youth on Sunday, August 2, 2015

We had a quick meeting after church & then Ricky & I headed out to grab some lunch & pick up some things we needed. 

I am starting a buying freeze for August... trying to stop the unnecessary spending.  So tell me why I went to Target?  Talk about torture.  I mean, they have a canvas print of Belle that I had in my cart the whole time I was walking around... because... well... its BELLE!!! ... sigh. I put it back.

& then they had THIS! 

A silver Polaroid camera bank!  I NEED!! ... I NEED!!!

sigh... I put that back too.

This not spending thing is hard.

We stopped & got Starbucks - because that IS a necessary buy!!! - & Ricky had to end up throwing his away. Boo! :(  That was $4.00 wasted.  I on the other hand tried the cold-brewed coffee for the first time. YUM!  Money well spent.

Got home & started editing pictures & then ended up helping Ricky with the yard.  I just need him to start the lawn mower & then I'm good.  It felt so nice outside that I actually enjoyed the 'walk'

& then before you know it - the sun is down & its time to get ready for another week.

So got lots done... have a load I didn't do... & my to-do list is incredibly long.
My life... always busy
How was your weekend?


  1. You can do the no spending thing - i have faith in you!! Side note - chatting away like you did when you were dating is so sweet! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Ooh... I forgot that the Descendants show was this week. How was it?

    1. I was totally fangirling over it all - loved it :)

  3. oh my gosh i want to watch The Descendants!!!! tell me more! is it a movie or a tv show?
    tell me more about this canvas print of Belle as well!
    you can totally do the no spending thing. if i can, anyone can. just don't go to target, that's asking for trouble!

  4. I watched a few minutes of Descendants. Tracy left the room so I was turning channels and ran across it. I couldn't get into it. I guess I need to watch it from the beginning sometime.

    I love to see pictures of your Bible Journaling. I look at everyone's stuff, but so far haven't really tried it myself.

  5. we have been taking Lily for walks every night here...and she is the same as Harvey! the other night I had her out by myself, she was on my left but smelled something irresistible on my right and totally took me out trying to get to it!! And if we see another dog...well, I better be holding her tight!

  6. That camera bank is so cool!!! I love your Friday night - so sweet :) I definitely want to see The Descendants, too :)

  7. I tape BB After Dark every night and watch in the morning while I'm on my computer. Sounds like you had a great weekend. It is hard to shop and not buy but I am trying really hard to say no!

  8. I'm already starting to freak out about Christmas presents! I mean, this year is flying by, and before you know it it'll be my wedding and then it'll have two months left to buy presents...which will fly by! We stayed up until 1 on Friday...I can't believe I was able to make it that late! 2 is impressive!

  9. I should do an August spending freeze, too... especially after the Nordstrom sale got me! Sounds like a great weekend - always fun to stay up late talking and laughing :)

  10. i just finished a freeze in june and so glad it's over. best of luck! you did find some cute things though!

  11. You know I think we've stayed up and talked since we were dating either! I may have to push it one night and try :)

  12. Sadly I missed my “The Descendants” show this time as I had to go for a wedding of my friend at best Hollywood venues. Though the wedding was amazing but I still regret missing the show.


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