Monday, August 31, 2015

The weekend I spent time in Lowe's before the sun rose....

I know I've said it on most Mondays... but this one holds new truth.

I'm exhausted. 

Like I felt like I needed to put in a coffee IV to get me to my drive into work.

Now that its dark & the sun doesn't join in on my drive to work, doesn't help.

I was on overload this weekend.  But, what's new.

Friday - I got home & was on a mission to get ahead of the game on wedding pictures.  It was like a time warp or something happened because I started working on pictures at 5:30 & stopped when the hubs brought home some Chuy's for dinner & then I was right back on the computer... before I knew it, it was almost midnight.  I made great progress though - edited over 120 pictures. Whew!  Go me.

But I will say, I had fun company editing because I watched "The Wedding Singer" (Can never tire of that movie) & "Housesitter" with Steve Martin & Goldie Hawn.  I forgot how funny that movie was.  Ricky & I actually saw that movie in the theaters... when I was dating someone else!!   Ricky was our friend & hung out with us.  Ricky & I laughed the entire movie through & the jerk-face I was dating thought it was dumb.  Red flag right there.  ... it all turned into a happily ever after anyways... but it was funny to watch the movie again & laugh through it.

all the high waist-ed 90's jeans in this movie is great!

All the editing had me up late & then on Saturday, the stupid alarm rings at 6am... thanks honey once again for making that groomer's appointment so early.

When you get to the store that early, you have to be buzzed in.  Because even stores know better then to open that early...

We dropped the dogs off & Ricky was excited because the only store open that early... Lowe's.... Lord, give me strength.

This was basically what I did for half of the Lowe's trip...


I found a rocking chair - even tucked under the shelves - sat in it & almost fell asleep.

With no make up on, my hair looking a hot mess, I know the Lowe's employees almost though I was a homeless person straggling in. 

I decided that I could take advantage of the early morning & no crowds & start on my FitBit step count so I got up & did basically a tired zombie walk around the aisles.

The bad thing about being in Lowe's to me - I want to change my whole house.  I went over to the kitchen area & just daydreamed... I want my kitchen to look beautiful like these... See, Ricky shouldn't bring me to these places

Kitchen dreams
Kitchen dreaming before the sun rises

& then, leave it to me to actually find something in Lowe's I need...

A car key.  Stupid car key.  I have had my car for 3 years & this whole time, I've only had 1 key.  It's a scary thing when you can't find your keys & know that's it - you have no other.  So I saw at Lowe's they actually program car keys - because you know, they just don't make "regular" car keys now.  They have to have chips programed & coded & blah blah blah.... this key cost me $90.00

Isn't she a beauty?
I wanted to cry.  Ricky kept telling me I needed it.

Later in the weekend, he was talking about looking for me a new car & trading mine in.  I said, "NO WAY - I just spent $90 on a new car key!"

After spending over an hour at Lowe's - I was ready to eat, get some iced coffee - get some pep in my step.  So we headed over to Panera.  We ate & then hung out for a bit... but then walked outside & mercy, the morning was just beautiful.  The outside seating was so nice & cool & we only had about a half hour left to wait, so Ricky said we could just hang out there... so out broke the knitting & it was the best part of the morning...


... & then the next best part of the morning came when our fur babies were done.

Harvey hates leaving his home... like the worst anxiety dog when traveling - so he was so happy to be home. I was so happy he doesn't have hair falling off of him in clumps. I told someone that my house had tumbling tumbleweeds of Harvey's hair lately.  No more.


Bruno came out looking handsome & smelling yummy.  Tangerine shampoo was the flavor of the day.

I had just enough time to edit a few more pictures before it was time to get ready & head back out the door.

Greenville had put on a concert to raise canned goods for local pantries & our friends were performing in it so Ricky & I went down to support them.  Always love hearing my friends sing!


It was even more exciting because we walk in & its pitch dark. I couldn't know it was my hand if I saw it in front of me - it was that dark... & I see someone looking at me & saying, 'Rebecca!'... & I see one of my favorite faces.  One of my girls from years past in the youth.  & look next to her & another one of the faces of one of the funniest guys I know.  I always call him my super hero partner because for some reason, I would have dreams that he & I were like a Dynamic Duo & we would save the world from terror & chaos.  Who knows.  But I just love these 2 so much.. & haven't seen them in YEARSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!   


Jordan popped in for the picture & I love it... These kids were a great part of a LOT of my years in youth ministry.  It's so crazy to me to know they are in their 20's now... one is married... the other 2 about ready to graduate college.... & me the exact same age, not changing one bit (cough cough)

After the concert we headed down with our friends to Wick's Pizza & just got to enjoy hanging out with each other...

Why I always love Carly
This picture is only one end of the table... there were equally as many pizzas going down the opposite side of the table... Pizza everywhere!

We ended up getting home late & by the time I got a shower, I was in bed past midnight.

I'm too old for this kinda of behavior.

Because we were back up early on Sunday to go to church.  We tried out a new church & met our friends so we could sit together. It was great.  Such a good message.  Loved being there with our friends.  Wonderful to see a lot of familiar faces.  We really do love Southeast Christian.  I'm not the biggest fan of a 35 minute drive to church when it used to take us literally 2 minutes.  But we are open to go wherever God leads us.

We ended up separating after church to run some errands.  We were going to meet back up for lunch but we got side tracked running into some friends at the store & talking & didn't catch up with them for lunch... but Ricky & I ended up spending a little bit of time together before I needed to head up to Henryville for some family photos.

Let me just say, I love this family.  This lady has been kicking cancer's butt for over 10 years... & for so long she's been wanting family pictures.  When you have a lot of people in a family, its a lot of schedules to get in order, but they made it work & we were able to get some beautiful pictures of this amazing family.

See that lady right there in the center front row?  You've never known someone like her - I guarantee it. She's the sweetest lady... I've never heard one unkind word come from her lips.  She had the most precious heart of anyone I know... & how she loves her family... I put on Instagram words that I feel like describes her so much to me - "she has a face of strength, courage & beauty"... that's exactly who she is to me. 

So glad to capture her beautiful family for her.

So you know what that means... the rest of Sunday was me editing pictures. 

My computer loves all the attention...
I love my computer for helping me make people happy...

& before I know it - its 10:30pm & I'm ready to fall into bed.


Exactly where we started at the beginning of this post.

How was your weekend?
Did you get some rest?
Do you have a love or hate relationship with Lowe's?


  1. my cousin designs kitchens for lowes, and she always makes me want to buy a house and redo everything. you need a weekend to recover from your weekend!

  2. Wow, that was a busy weekend! I'm, tired just reading about all your adventures :) I had no idea you could get additional car keys programmed. That's great information since I probably should do that but $90!?!

  3. i stay away from those kitchen areas (esp in ikea!) because it always makes me loathe my kitchen when i come home LOL.

  4. Ugh the kitchen setups in stores like that... That's like the equivalent of the unrealistic expectations placed on women because of all the airbrushing and photoshop on magazine covers and stuff! Haha! Unrealistic expectations for kitchens everywhere! Such a busy weekend! At least you were productive!

  5. Haha I didn't know lowes was open that early! But good job doing some fitbit work. Your dogs are so cute!

  6. Bahahaha! I'm dying over you almost falling asleep in Lowe's!
    $90 for a key?! YOWZA! Make sure you don't lose THAT one! lol

  7. I try my best to stay away from Lowe's, especially the kitchen area. I want a new kitchen anyway and can dream up a fabulous one on my own ... but when I'm at Lowe's? Yikes! Seeing all that pizza has made me hungry for pizza! I'm trying hard to resist because I have 7 pounds to lose before we go on vacation (in 10 days ... I know, keep dreaming) ... seriously, I'd like to keep it at 7 lbs. because there will be plenty more to lose when we get back. :-o

  8. Hah you poor thing up that early!!! No way I would have made it through shopping haha!! Those pups of your are the cutest!!

  9. Two awesome movies!!!! Hooray on the key. The pups look great. I swear Skye will have a heart attack one day in the car. She is impossible shaking and panting. The pizza looks amazing and yummy. I didn't do much this weekend but I did make a zucchini lasagna.

  10. The pups look so great! I hear you on the hair tumbleweeds - I have some of those in my house, too ;) I'm too nervous to take Brady to get groomed even though I'm sure he needs it!!

  11. aw i love that you guys saw the movie when you were dating someone else. i love that movie! clearly that guy was a jerk and without a sense of humour if he didn't love it!

  12. I love that story about your and Ricky and the movie. Hilarious!
    I hate going to Lowes (insert massive groan here). I can't stand it. Even now that I own my own home I still don't want to go there. LOL. they do have cute little workshops for kids. that's the only plus.

    Trish - tales from trish

  13. I love SEC! If I wasn't married and had to go where I'm going, Southeast is where I would be.
    $90 for a key?? I've never heard of that before!! Are you sure they weren't ripping you off? ;)

  14. What a busy and fun weekend. What is NOT fun? A $90 key! UGH sorry friend that is the worst

  15. Oh my gosh I haven't seen house sitter in years - such a good movie!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  16. Wowee, that is EARLY to be at Lowe's! So funny you almost fell asleep in the rocking chair! At least you found a comfy place to sit!

  17. I am most excited to hear more about the trip to Lowe's. Haha! I love Lowe's. I can't believe they do car keys though I thought a dealer had to do that otherwise someone could just steal your car.


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