Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites

 Favorite Drink Recipe

Clean Eating Pumpkin Spice Latte. You'll never need Starbucks again!

Clean Eating Pumpkin Latte
Link Right HERE

Favorite Yarn Craft

DIY Crochet Slipper Patterns {7 Free Designs}
I am so in love with these slippers - especially the grey Boat Shoes & those orange slippers with the 'strap' across them.  I may have to give these a try.
Link for patterns are right HERE

Favorite Recipe
Quinoa & White Bean Burgers


Doesn't that looks amazing?!?!?
I'd do it without the corn (yuck) but I'd probably add mushrooms!
Link right HERE

Favorite Reminder


Favorite Beauty & The Beast

21 Invaluable Life Lessons We Learned From Disney Movies

Favorite LaughVideo

 I still can't believe there IS such a thing as a website for married people to have affairs.... what is wrong with people anymore??? ...
but this video is a good little laugh about it for all the husbands that were good boys!

Favorite Funnies

Lml Megan!


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 55 Pics

oh my

... when my husband tells me I should be happy about my job even when I remind him I haven't had a raise in 8 years
... when the hubs cleans his dishes after dinner
... every night as soon as I get into bed for the night
... when I heard that WICKED was coming back to town in November & I asked the hubs if he wants to go

... me at 4:00... STAY OUT OF THE WAY!


Happy Friday Y'All!!!


  1. that last pic was me running out of jury duty the other day!! i need a hubs to do the dishes for me sometimes. so far, charlie my dog is not pulling his weight around the house! ;)

  2. I always love the funnies you include ... and that last one really made me laugh out loud. Oh I definitely remember those days. ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh how did the dog even get into the fence like that!! OMG I'm dying laughing at the baby - so stinking cute!! happy Friday!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Oh, I'd love to see Wicked some day. I still haven't had the chance to see that one. I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. omg that poor kid who got run over HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. i legit sat here and stared at that gif for a good 5 minutes lol!

  6. Oh my gosh - that dog in the fence!!!! And those eyebrows. hahahaha.

    And yes...stay out of my way after work!!!

  7. Crocheted slippers sound wonderful for the colder months! And LOL on the eyebrows, horse (took me a while!) and dog caught in the fence. Happy Friday!

  8. buahaha at your gifs today. I love them! you gave me a good laugh. Happy Friday!

    Trish - tales from trish

  9. HAHAH that eyebrow pic.. TOOO funny!

  10. Those are some eyebrows. Yikes.

    I don't normally like gifs but I love the last one. It made me laugh.

  11. oh my gosh, that last gif. is that for real?!!!
    that burger looks amazing. totally making that!

  12. The word!! Hahah! But those crochet socks are the cutest!!!!

  13. That dog stuck in the fence cracks me up! The veggie burger sounds delicious, and I love that quote! The Ashley Madison thing is ridiculous. There are only THREE zip codes in the entire country with no users...which made me realize my tiny hometown has at least one user...crazy. And all those even tinier towns with populations of like 100!

  14. Those "I need to pee" moments are worse in the winter, if you have cold hardwood floors...

  15. Pumpkin is starting to make it's appearance in blogland :) That latte looks delish! Happy weekend!

  16. hahahahahah all of these gifs are sooo funny!! They're basically all me to a T. The eyebrows one is hilarious, I wouldn't trust Megan, either. ;) Literally every time I get in bed for the night I HAVE to get up to be before I can fall asleep. EVERY time.
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  17. That Latte sounds yummy. Love those slippers too. Heading over to check out all the links!

  18. Those quinoa and white bean burgers look delicious!

  19. That Quinoa Bean Burger looks fantastic! Thanks for posting it!


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