Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites

 Favorite Halloween Decoration

Sorry - Halloween is my favorite holiday
& I love all things Fall & pumpkins so I'll probably start posting favorites for the season.  Believe me - I'll hold off on Christmas stuff. Lord, have mercy.

Halloween DIY Painted Mason Jars Tutorial  -
I'd keep that center lid off though & put candy in them
... or flower sticking out....
 Favorite Craft Idea

DIY Polka Dot Shoes by the Idea Room

Link right HERE
I love polka dots & this is a good way to make these shoes yourself using a pencil eraser. 
It'd be fun to mix the colors - like yellow polka dots on the grey shoes!

Favorite Video

I so applaud Kathie Lee for taking such a heart breaking moment & putting Jesus & the hope of the gospel out there. 
What a tribute!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Haha Beauty and the Beast

Yep... Ricky says this on a weekly basis

Favorite Wish List Item

Stay Positive Women Tee

Yep... I need.

Favorite Reminder that we need to laugh more

laugh more

 ... & also favorite reminder of why I love kids!

 Favorite Animal Love

This Is A Brilliant Idea

Favorite Funnies

I really might do this!!

... how I feel about runners who are really fast & leave me in the dust
... when the hubs can't find his keys & I find them in the place they should be
...when someone tells me why its better to eat meat
... every start of the work week

... when the clock hits 4pm today!!

hell yeah

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!



  1. I LOVE Halloween and Fall. Those mason jars are so dang cute. I also love, love, love that stay positive shirt!!

  2. I need to laugh like I'm a kid again - life was so easy back then!! Yes to Friday's and that last gif! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I wonder if I'm the only one who, when reading the funny about the sore throat, immediately swallowed to check to see if my throat was sore. ha!

  4. I think I laugh 300 times a day, too. I'm ridiculous. lol

  5. i don't talk about it online, but the family i work for are directors of WWF, so the preservation animal species are very important and a frequent topic of discussion. there are some great things going on in that field, and this is a wonderful example.

  6. I LOVED that Kathie Lee segment this week - I wanted to share it as one of my favorites but couldn't figure out how to upload the video, haha. Such a great message. Happy Friday!

  7. I wish I was crafty because those jars are freaking adorable.

  8. Thsoe mason jars!! LOVE! Totally a DIY I could manage!

  9. YES to the voicemail greeting - I always feel silly when I leave voicemails for work, I know no one will ever listen to it haha! I am sooo excited for fall decor and Halloween :)

  10. Loved that Kathie Lee video. Awesome testimony!

    My daughter used to have that greeting on her cell phone. It would make me so mad when I'd call! haha

  11. I'm not quite ready for fall yet (still loving this summer weather!) but those Halloween jars are so cute...fall is definitely the best time for some DIY projects!

  12. I loooove Halloween. I love Christmas too. It's hard for me to choose between them! I have some polka dotted tennies and I love them, that DIY is an awesome idea!

  13. Such cute shoes! I'm heading over to check out the link.
    Yes the Kathy Lee video is so beautiful.

  14. i hate when people tell me to eat meat lol. i mean, i do sometimes, but like.. do your research before you tell me what is 'better' lol.
    and clearly we adults need to laugh more!

  15. I am so happy you posted about Halloween :) Halloween is always so fun!!! And so festive . Those pumpkins are way too cute! Happy Friday to you!

  16. I loved Kathy Lee's tribute. She has always been annoying to me, but watching that made me like her a little bit more. Those Eraser shoes are awesome. I'm so doing that!

  17. Wow! Love the polka dot shoes. I can do that lol! I need to do that VM thing because I hate when people leave me messages lol!
    Trish - tales from trish

  18. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I am already planning my costume. I think everyone could benefit from laughing a little more.

  19. I bawled like a baby when I watched that video the other day. How did she make it through with such poise???


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