Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Snack Ideas

 55 Snacks under 150 Calories

Favorite Mug

Jesus, Sweat & Coffee 16 oz. Mug - Cross Training Couture

Favorite Work out Shirt

Discover Stylish Fitness Apparel & Gear at prices up to 70% Off! Everything you need to feel and look your best while working out! At zulily you'll find something special every day of the week!

Favorite Reminder


Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Rumbelle -- Beauty and the Beast

I cant wait until Once Upon a Time starts back up!

Favorite Funnies

The art of giving ourselves credit for the smallest victories. | 24 Comics That Capture The Frustration Of Anxiety Disorders

Every Dog Ever

what? i do.

 how I felt sleeping in my own bed after a weekend of sleeping in a Tepee at camp
 ... when I think of all the laundry I need to do

... when I see a mean Facebook post that is intentionally directed to my friend

... when I try to help things but only make it worse in the last hour of work

 Happy weekend y'all!!!


  1. Happy Friday!

    I need to check out those 55 snacks under 150 calories for sure! I'm always looking for healthy snacks.

  2. oh my gosh that fire gif.. that lady.. hilarious. and i want that oh my quad tank.

  3. Kale chips are my favorite snack to make that we haven't done in forever! Sleeping in a bed vs. tepee probably never felt so good! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I love your favorite funnies ... where in the world do you find so many good ones?

  5. stop it! I NEED that tank - ha, I love it! And, the mug too :)

  6. Hahaha I will be doing my Hilary happy dance very soon :) Also, the little pup "wunning" away from home just made me giggle at my desk. And I agree with Kathy, how do you find so many good ones?! I love them all.

  7. Love the jokes, that dog wunnin away from home is too cute! Have a great weekend.

  8. ok the lady throwing the water on the guy made me laugh out loud!!!!

  9. I LOVE homemade kale chips!!! That 'oh my quad' shirt is awesome, I want it! I also love the gif of that woman pouring water all over the guy trying to put out the fire!!! Haha!

  10. I laughed out loud at the lady throwing the water too - so funny! It's something I could see my mom doing :) Sorry someone was mean to your friend though...

  11. I really like the "giant in front of you" picture.

  12. There is NO better feeling than sleeping in your own bed!!! :D

  13. Love the workout tee! The dog running away from home is too cute!!

  14. Haha...I've seen that look of guilt WAY too many times. And yes, to the laundry. Maybe you are caught up now but I've still got a huge pile to do. Have you seen that video of the bulldog walking around with a box over it's head? For some reason that little black dog reminded me of it. It's hilarious!


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