Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Confessions... Team Gwen, health insurance & pants falling down


....I'm on the hunt again for health insurance. Another year of not being sick & not having any medicine means my cost goes up $160 a month for next year. Really? #ThanksObama 

.... I have random apps disappear off of my phone & I can't for the life of me remember what was there.  Just an empty space on my phone mocking me.  #loosingmymind  #mustnoteveruseitanyways  #probablyanappforreminders

... I like the whole Blake & Gwen thing.  I think they are both cute as can be.  I'm not a huge country music fan so I'm not a Miranda fan anyways. #DontTwitterFeudmeOverMiranda  #LastWeekConfessionReference  

... The hubs & I looked up Blake & Gwen's age. I was SHOCKED that Gwen is 46 years old!!! Can you believe that?  Girlfriend looks AMAZING for 46.  Staying pale her whole life is paying off for her now.  #Beautifulskin #TanningAgesyou 

.... I don't own a belt. I never really needed one until recently & now, I've seen how desperate I am for one.  Since loosing weight, my pants are all really big on me & I can pull them down without even unbuttoning them.  I have lost 31 lbs so far & I don't want to go buy new pants just yet because I still have another 27 lbs left to loose - so I'm on the hunt for a belt this weekend.  I literally had to walk with my hands in my pocket all day at work Monday. I'm seeing some pants aren't going to last through that other 27 lbs.  #CallMeTheFlash  

...Speaking of pants falling, my poor Father of the Groom this past weekend - they messed up on his measurements & he had to walk around the whole wedding with his hands in his pants holding them up. I thought he was joking & he looked at me & said, "seriously - if I take my hands out, I'm going to be standing here in my underwear"... that was a new one for me.  #WheresSafetyPinsWhenYouNeedThem  

... my favorite pair of glasses are missing. I literally have no idea where they went. I had them on my head all day long Sunday, used them to mark on my calendar with a phone call I was on, & then turned around & they are gone. Checked the back yard to see if Mr. Harvey Dent grabbed them - didn't find them.  Looked everywhere.  They literally just vanished. #Ofcoursemyfavorites  #only13pairsleft  #readingglassesaddict 

... the new little gadget on everyone's blog that has all the social media buttons that shows up on the left side of a blog?... that thing drives me crazy y'all!!!!  There's one type that I can find the little arrow to close it, but there's another one that doesn't shut - & it blocks your blog people. You can't read it unless you keep an inch open at the bottom to read the full sentence.  I am not a fan of this thing.  #moveittotheotherside  #gottabeabetterway  #cantseeyourpost

... I cant handle Facebook right now. I mentioned before that the picture of dead deer bother me but this weekend, OH MY GOSH - every stinkin' scroll down has a picture of someone so proud & smiling holding a dead deer's head up. I don't get it. I really don't.  I don't get the pride of taking a beautiful creature's life.  I'm not even joking when I say I'm probably steering clear of Facebook till it's all over.  #excepttoplaySongPop #judingyouhunters #whenishuntingseasonover?  

...I've never heard the word "Friendsgiving" until this year & I think I have heard it a dozen times every day this week. #VocabWordof2015 

... the whole refugee thing?  So sad & scary all in one. I hate the idea of innocent people suffering but I also feel like we need to be very leery & careful for our own safety. Aren't crazy people not above using women &  children as weapons?  I think when we get lax is when attacks happen again.  There are warnings threatening Washington DC ... those need to be taken seriously.  Sadly, I don't think there is any perfect answer. #weliveinacrazyworld #JesusComeToday final confession

What's on your chest you need to confess?

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  1. What gadget are you talking about? Did you see it on my blog? And Yay for pants being too big! You are doing such a great job. I completely agree with the refugee situation. It breaks my heart thinking about kids not having anywhere to turn.

  2. i hate shit that clutters up people's blogs...i tend to just click the big X and move on without reading because who has time to waste searching for the X? i also can't stand those pop-ups that tell me to subscribe to the, no. if i wanted to, i would have so don't interrupt my reading. whenever that happens, i just close the tab and move to the next blog to read.

  3. I hope I don't have this blog gadget!! Please tell me if I do, haha! And I agree about the refuge situation - there seems to be no best solution. I hate that they're keeping innocent people out, but I also understand why they're doing it. So hard.

  4. I totally have the blog gadget :( but I think the way my margins are set up that it shouldn't interfere with my post...right? Let me know if it does. The threats in DC did freak me out, including the fact that there was a shooter situation that closed off 12 blocks of DC and caused me to work from home on Monday. I found out yesterday that the person had barricaded themselves inside the same block of buildings that I work in....lovely! As much as you can/should take them seriously, DC is always a high target area and unless you can work from home all the time, there's not much you can do.

  5. I'm not really following any of the gwen / blake / miranda stuff, but I agree, she looks great!! #lifegoals I definitely have WAY too many pairs of reading glasses too! I love them. I have been feeling extra helpless about the world lately. I think we all have. I posted a few days ago what I do in times like these, and it helps me feel a little better, because what else can we do?! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. I am not a huge fan of Blake & Gwen together. Separately, I like them both - together is just weird for me (I've been a huge Blake fan for a long time so maybe that's why?). Not that I am saying they SHOULDN'T be together - it's just weird for me at the moment. :)

  7. I am with you on Facebook! Those poor deers. I feel like we should get a warning like "i'm posting a dead animal in the comments section" :D

  8. Love Gwen :) And she sure does look good for her age! And I am with you on the whole crap popping up on people's blogs. I cant read your content with all that going on sometimes!!!!

    I 100% think that we need to be cautious with whom we are taking in from other countries. It isn't being racist or hate it is called being smart and trying to protect our own people first!

  9. Girl I think 31 lbs means you deserve some new pants!!! Haha otherwise I guess the belt will do, but seriously, that's awesome! I'm with you on the side bar social media apps to, just why?

  10. I've been hearing more & more about "Friendsgivings" lately. I might have to have one, it sounds like a whole lotta fun.

    As for Gwen & Blake, I love them both, they are both amazing but I totally think this whole thing is a rebound thing for both of them. I mean, the ink isn't even dry on Gwen's divorce papers! Eeek! But if I were either of them, I'd want to hook up with the other too! Ha, ha!

  11. That Flanders gif made me laugh out loud.

    I called my mom today and she's all for Blake and Gwen. Quote from my mother: "Can you believe Gavin tweeted on Gwen?! What a dog!" My mother cracks me up!

    Congrats on the weight loss. I can see from your ig pics that you are working hard, girl!

  12. LOLOLOL... I was going to suggest Harvey Dent when you said your glasses went missing - I love that that's where your mind went, too!!! lololol

  13. Oh my gosh I looked up Blake and Gwen's ages too because I wanted to see the age difference and I could not believe she's 46!!! She looks like maybe 30. Geez.

  14. Ok yes - your confessions are my favorite!! Seriously! I don't always read every word on every blog {there's my confession of the week} but I can't skim yours! It's too great!! :) I don't get too caught up in celebrity romance, but I do think Gwen looks AMAZING for her age, and I love the voice!! And I'm 100% with you on blog popups! I don't have any on mine and don't plan on adding them! :)

    1. you are so sweet :)
      Good for you not adding them - you make this blog reader a happy gal :)

  15. 31 LBS!!! WOOT!!!!! I CELEBRTE YOU!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking at pics of you going, "this girl be losing weight." YAY!!!!!

    I love your confessions =) You, my darling, are the real deal.

    I loveth you ~~ dawn

  16. Have you looked into Medishare? that's what we moved to.

    I love Gwen! but she and blake just seem like an odd mix to me.

    I was just thinking when I saw your last instagram, she looks so good!! You go girl, that's impressive! Now, can you somehow mentally send your discipline over to me? :)

  17. I am so not a fan of pop-ups in general they are annoying and a web design no-no. I like Gwen and Blake together, they seem happy so why not. Congrats on needing new pants that isn't a bad problem to have.

  18. i love gwen and blake together. i don't listen to country music, so i only know him from the voice. i'm glad she is having fun. she deserves happiness after all she's been through lately--like i know her or something lol.

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