Monday, November 09, 2015

The weekend that made it here a year later....

Oh gosh - the first weekend with the time change...

can I say it for the 300th time just in a week - I hate the time change & it getting dark by 6:00pm... sigh... humph...

It just seems to make the weekends go by so fast too when it gets dark early...

I still enjoy them though - don't get me wrong.

Friday was pretty lazy.  I actually stopped at the grocery to get all the ingredients for a black bean/quinoa chili that I saw on Meet at the Barre Friday Favorites & then headed home & waited for the hubs to bring home some pizza.

Friday is our pizza night - routine - a given.

We were pretty much our 80 yr old selves Friday - especially because the hubs had to work on Saturday so an early morning for him.

I wanted to sleep... but again, stupid time change still has the dogs getting up early & once Harvey Dent is up, the whole house needs to be up.

It's for the best.  He needs to have an eye on him.

I usually do a good job of cleaning the house while Ricky is at work but ended up getting caught up in the whole Binge watching thing on Netflix that I missed that chance to tackle the dust.

Instead, I ended up watching more Gilmore Girls while working on my Bible Journal.


I consider that a good trade off.

I was good & at least got a workout in before Ricky got home too so I could check that off the list.

Ricky got home & had a sore back & just laid on the floor... Harvey Dent was one happy boy to see his daddy come down to his level...

Is that pitiful or what!?!?!?!

I ended up working on editing some pictures that I took a few weeks ago & got caught up on my DVR...

not an exciting day...


I could really get used to these lazy Saturdays. I forgot what they were about.  Or how wonderful they can be.

I filled it with yarn work, adult coloring books & more Gilmore Girls...

That pretty much sounds like the day of a 13 yr old.

& of course, I made the chili.

Ricky gets nervous when I make new food.  He went down to Home Depot while it was cooking & I would not be surprised if he snuck in a quick bite so he would have a full belly without the need to eat it anything at home if it turned out bad....

but man, he ended up LOVING it... me too!


Here's the Pin right HERE

Black Bean Quinoa Chili for an easy slow cooker meal! #vegetarian #slowcooker #fallrecipes:

With full bellies, we ended up rolling down the steps & made it a movie night.

It only took a little over a year, but we FINALLY got around to watching Maleficent.

Maleficent - movie poster - Simon Delart:

WHY???? Why did we wait so long?

I absolutely loved it.  Everything about it.  Dang it - it even made me like Angelina Jolie & I still have a grudge with the whole Team Jennifer thing.  Bygones.

Sunday we ended up heading to church & happy to see a few familiar faces again in a big building... & then we just took it easy with a trip to Target, lunch at Outback, stopping at Sam's Club- where blueberries are now marked down to $7.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw Ricky across the store & started pumping my arms like I won the lottery about blueberries.  Its the little things.

We made a trip to Starbucks on the way home & then just took it easy on Sunday evening...

... & I ended my weekend waiting anxiously for The Walking Dead.

... yep, this is STILL me... DANG IT!

Glen is ok... right?  The walking Dead:

All in iall, It was a pretty good weekend ...

I have a wedding next weekend so I really needed the down time.

... & I never did get around to that cleaning the house thing...


but my nails look great & I'm through Season 1 of Gilmore Girls... so there's that.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh I totally get you with the time change!! Sunset here in Montreal is at 4:30pm... It's. Too. Early!!! Oh well, we need to steal the sunshine where we can :)
    Meg x

  2. Relaxing weekends are theee best! And cleaning the house can always wait - my life motto ;)

  3. A lazy weekend is never a bad thing, in my book. ;-) And the housecleaning thing? Well, sometimes housecleaning just needs to wait. ha!

  4. So glad you got some down time - you're busy and you need some YOU time!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I haven't seen Maleficent but we watched a little of Sleeping Beauty last night. :) Landry was in a trance. I honestly don't know if I have watched Sleeping Beauty since I was little because I couldn't remember it. Now I want to watch the whole thing and then watch Maleficent! I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend, and I saw your nails on IG!! AWESOME!

  6. That chili looks divine!

    Okay poor Ricky!! I hope he is feeling better. Back pain is NO fun

  7. Fridays are usually our pizza nights, too. I love them! Although, this past Friday I missed pizza night to have a movie night with a girlfriend. :) I hope Ricky is feeling better!!

  8. I totally pinned that chili on Friday and I am glad to hear it met your approval too! Maybe I will make it for lunches next week! I want to see Maleficent. I haven't gotten around to that yet. A Beauty and the Beast movie is coming out next march, I can't wait for that!!!!

  9. Yes!! The time change - I am 100% with you on that one! And we waited way to long to see Maleficent, too - I thought it was fantastic!

  10. Ahhh you make me want to binge watching Gilmore Girls...again! That quinoa chili looks and sounds amazing!!

  11. So nice you got some time to yourself to relax. The chores can always wait. Awww Harvey looks adorable snuggle with Ricky. I need to watch last nights episode, so thanks for not giving spoilers.

  12. Bhahaha... the day of a 13-year-old!!! :P
    That chili looks and sounds INCREDIBLE! I was telling Pete about it yesterday and we can't wait to try it!!!

  13. Harvey laying with Ricky is SO CUTE!

    I'm glad you had a lazy Saturday - they're too few and far between, aren't they?

  14. yay gilmores! that picture of harvey and ricky is adorable, though that sucks about the sore back. kc is the same when i make new food lol! it's been too long since i've had a lazy weekend day, i need it!

  15. Love Maleficent! Sounds like a great weekend and the exact kind of vacation we are having.

  16. Haha...So glad you found the blueberries! Weekends like this are so needed sometimes! Maybe I should start reading your post from the newest to oldest when I'm catching up!

  17. Haha Harvey Dent laying on Ricky - so funny!! I looove that GG is on Netflix now. I pop an episode on whenever I need background noise around the house. I love those ladies!

  18. I pinned the chili, it looks sooo good! Maybe after I'm all caught up on TWD, I'll have to star on GG. ☺

  19. Love me some Gilmore Girls! That Chili looks so yummy!!


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