Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Adult Fun


Adult Coloring is the new rage.
Which is weird because they don't call kids coloring, "Child coloring"
... & I've been coloring my whole life - I don't get it.
Anyways - here's a page with great ADULT coloring pages for Fall.
Perfect to do during Thanksgiving while you're waiting to chow down.
Link Right HERE

Favorite Workout Link

30-Minute Workout Videos

This page shows 10 separate 30-minute workouts all on one page
I love PopSugar & their free workouts.
They ain't no joke.
Link HERE  

Favorite Workout Shirt

Women's In Jesus' Name I Play Performance Shirt:

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

"It's Her Favorite Part Because...You'll See" Original Paper Art by Effie Snow of Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.:

Favorite Hack

Downy Unstopables in wax burner

OK... I was originally going to put these Laundry Beads as a favorite because I love how clean they make our clothes. But then I see that this is a thing to try - to put in your burners & let the scent of clean laundry fill your house.
They say that when they melt, its liquid & it will harden right back up when cooled down.
I also read if the scent fades, just to activate it with a little water.
I'm going to have to try this.

Favorite Hack #2

Linen Storage Solutions for smelly old drawers. I already am in love with these lil balls for my laundry so when I put them into bags and into my closets... yup... it smelled even better!!! ♥ Nads!:

Since we're already using these little laundry things, I like this idea too!
I have a lot of these little bags that I get earrings in - put some of the beads in & put in your drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh!  LOVE IT!

Favorite Reminder

Mindfulness. Stay present!:

Favorite Funnies

I seriously laughed entirely too hard at this!!!:

The ombre hair trend. | 33 Things Your Parents Will Literally Never Understand:

It's true.:

The right man... oh wait, that's my dog. :):

.... when the hubs tries to load the dishwasher

.... on Saturday morning when I pull up my Instagram & see everyone doing races

...when my manager tells me I can't take a Friday off because she's going to take it off
... & then she comes in work anyways

...when Starbucks tells me they are out of pumpkin for the year for my pumpkin chai latte

.... when I see parents of the a bride or groom getting on the dance floor at a reception

.... when my wedding day gets way off schedule....

.... but when I end up catching up by the time the wedding starts!!! at 4:00 knowing I'm off work for a week!!!!!!

Happy Friday Y'all!!!!


  1. I just bought an adult coloring book while on vacation. I've only done one page so far, but it was fun. I used markers. Now I have pencils to try next. I think the markers were a little messy. I'll see how the pencils go.

    Enjoy your week off.

  2. when a friend told me that she's having a get together from 4-8pm, that made me so happy because those are my prime party hours! anything later than 8pm is too close to old lady bedtime and i never go!

  3. Haha, great memes/gifs today! "Adult" coloring books do seem to have taken over! I saw a Harry Potter one that i'm going to get a girlfriend for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving Rebecca Jo!

  4. I just discovered adult coloring books earlier this year and am loving them :) I've been feeling sick this week's and Mike picked up a coloring book for me that he saw on sale at the book store to perk me up.

  5. Hope this day flies by for you!!! (And have a great vacation!)

  6. :( :( :( to no more pumpkin. That makes me so sad! And I have never tried the adult coloring book thing but I need to get on it!

  7. Wedding days that don't follow a schedule - oye...I feel ya girl!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, BIana -BlovedBoston

  8. PopSugar always has some great workouts. I'll have to try that one. I too can't hang like I used to.

  9. I always love your Friday Funnies! And the first one is just SO me! I liked your Favorite Reminder, too ... I need to be reminded of that regularly. Enjoy your week off!

  10. I am loving my adult coloring book!!! I need to check out pop sugar too! I have never heard of that (I don't think)

  11. I've seen those adult coloring books at Michaels, I believe. I didn't get the chance to check em out, but I was interested in seeing it. I just didn't have time to do so. However, I'll do that on my next trip there. I also enjoy the hacks you placed up. I think I'll give that a try myself! Have a great weekend.

  12. I think Adult coloring books are awesome! I was browsing at Target recently and they had the COOLEST options haha!

  13. I'm totally doing the scent booster things in little bags. Thanks!

  14. Hahahahaha, all your gifs and pictures are so freakin' entertaining! Just the afternoon pick-me-up I needed! That one about when a girls starts her sentence with "I just think it's funny..." is SO accurate! (And I colored my way through college so I don't necessary need the "adult" adjective, but I'll take it. Ha!)

  15. Your gifs always crack me up! I would've been so ANNOYED with my boss if they did that to me! People are so inconsiderate! Lol @ the pumpkin outrage face! Trish - tales from trish

  16. I did not know that about the laundry beads! I'll try that. I did use them in my laundry, thinking they would make my clothes smell good but they didn't. :(
    Have a wonderful vacay!!

  17. PopSugar and SkinnyMom are my favorite free work outs! Yay for YouTube! I am going to have to do those scent booster bags. Such a good idea! Love your gifs! Have a great weekend!

  18. The adult coloring thing is weird. It's like, I didn't realize I couldn't just buy any coloring book and color... Haha! Uhhh the guy getting the mug shot who had to have his head held up cracked me up! Yikes!

  19. Let me know about the softener beads... NOTHING is better than the smell of fresh laundry - especially if you don't have to do laundry to smell it! lolol

  20. I have a few coloring books but haven't started using them yet.

  21. the beads hack really works--i've tried it in a pinch once and now use it regularly! and yay for short work weeks!! yahoo!

  22. I've never tried those beads, but I love all the hacks you can do with them! Thanks for the Thanksgiving coloring link, I'm going to be printing those bad boys out!!


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