Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #45}

This week I am Thankful For:

... beautiful Fall evening skies.  My goodness - takes your breath away.


... getting caught up at work after vacation.

... Sundays with my husband.  He was going to take a new job which would have him work on Sundays.  I didn't tell him because I didnt want to sway what he needed to do, but I was so sad thinking about missing him on Sundays.  Sunday just seems to be our day together.  So I'm so thankful even more for our 'together day'

I'd be lost without our #StarbucksSunday
... & see... #IcedCoffeeDrinkersLoveJesus
... haha - had to use that hashtag again

... hair day!  & so glad my hair is getting some length back to it.  This is even after a trim & it still is looking longer.

... our heat working in our house.  For the past 3 years, every time we've turned it on, it hasn't worked right & we've needed a repair man to come fix it.  So far this year, we're good.  Thank you Lord!

... candle tarts in a Scentsy burner at work.  It STANKS up here & I am so thankful I can make it smell more 'homey'.

... I always talk about how much I love the Natural Bliss coffee creamer. I'm thankful they came out with the Pumpkin Flavor.  It is delicious.  I'm anxious to see if they come out with any Christmas flavors since this brand seems to be getting popular.  I even found the Vanilla in a BIG bottle now.

Saturday morning:

... Also thankful for that new Lady & The Tramp mug.  I want all of the mugs in this Disney series now.

... warm fuzzy robes.  My parents got me the best robe last year for Christmas & now that its cold, its back out.  You'll probably hear me adding it to this list every week - especially as it gets colder.

... my new PJ's that the hubs got me.  When I saw them, I gasped.  Truly GASPED.  I just want to wear these all day long.... with my fuzzy bathrobe as the topper.


So what are you Thankful for this week?

Thankful Thursday


  1. I love that opening quote! It's nice you and your hubby have Sundays (and coffees) together. Love the new PJs too! Trish - tales from trish

  2. Your hair is soooooo long, love it! And cheers to a day together with the husband, that is so nice :)!

  3. i've got to find that creamer!!! i hope they do christmas ones too!

  4. Such cute PJ's. I really like them a lot and they looks so comfy too. I saw your Lady and the Tramp mug in a picture the other day and so totally love it. Unfortunately, I don't need any new mugs and I'd have no place to put it, so you'll just have to post a picture every so often so I can enjoy seeing it. lol

    I love the scarf you are wearing in your hair picture. So cute. Did you make it?

    Have a great day and thank you for hosting Thankful Thursday every week.

  5. Your hair is super long - it looks great! I am still torn about what to do with my hair. Being short it's super easy in the 5 minutes or less easy. But, I miss it long sometimes.

    Also, ADORE those PJs!

  6. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! And I love love love love that mug and those PJs! I just want to wear Disney all the time and drink all my beverages from Disney glassware. That's normal, right? I'm so glad you get to spend Sunday with your boo. My husband works for himself and never takes a day off, but he says someday he'll make Sundays (at least) his day to relax and hang out with me and go to church. Such a busy guy. Ugh! Lol

  7. How fun are those pj's?! Love them! Thank you for joining us at Attitude of Gratitude! Hope you have a fabulous day!

  8. Love the pjs! :) And your hair is SO long! Love it!

  9. awesome thankful list, love your hair.

  10. Love your lady and the tramp mug!!! I love the Sweet Cream flavor from them, it is my absolute favorite and I find myself still grabbing it now even with all the fun ones that are out!

  11. I'm glad you won't lose your Sundays with your husband!

    MFD likes that creamer too.

  12. Aww, so great you can spend your Sundays together. Starbucks looks like a great spot :).

  13. That quote is so important for everyone to remember. sunday is our day too, hence the name of the blog hah. That's great your heat is working, you do not want that going out in winter time! Your hair looks gorgeous, the red is beautiful, at least it looks red.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  14. I didn't know your hair was so long! I'm jealous. Starbucks just opened in our Kroger, 5 minutes from my house. This is gonna be dangerous!

  15. I am cracking up about the scentsy at work....totally can relate on that one! Hope you are a having a great week. Thanks for linking with Attitude of Gratitude


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