Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Confessions...back from vacation, a dinosaur & TV spoilers


... sometimes I wonder if its worth taking a vacation.  I do the books/accounting for 3 separate companies.  When I'm gone - no one fills in for me.  So you can imagine the pile of mail & paper work I have when I come back... x's 3.  The frustrating thing? When others are on vacation, I keep them up to date by doing my work & theirs.  Life would be nicer if it was paid back.  #wheresthelove #mailfordays

... I take that back. I'd probably panic if someone touched my stuff & did it all wrong anyways. #doublethework #stayawayafterall

... I can't begin to tell you how much I hate the time change.  Dark by 5:30?  Just the worst.  When the cold weather comes in, someone just hand me some Xanax & a cover to hide under until Spring.  #Iambasicallyabear #hibernateaway #SolarPerson

...Its only 46 days until the sun starts rising 1 minute earlier & setting 1 minute later.  But whose counting?  #methatswho dogs can't get used to the time change either. They eat every night around 7 & KNOW when its time to eat.  Now, I'm getting nudged in the leg by wet noses at 6.  Heck, my own stomach is growling an hour earlier for lunch too.  #belliesknowtime

... you couldn't PAY me to go see the new Disney movie with that cute little dinosaur.  I just know its going to be sad. I can't handle movies or books - any story - that involves animals & knowing there's going to be something sad about it.  How do I know its going to be sad?  Mainly because the dinosaurs really ALL DIED.  If the ending is something that it was all a dream...oh, I'd be so mad.  Disney - I'm skipping this one.  #didntwatchBrotherBeareither #StillcantwatchLionKingagain #letsnottalkaboutBambi  #nope

...  when I walk down the steps, both my knees now pop loudly. It used to be one.  Now - both.  I pretty much am a walking musical down every flight of steps I take. #snapcracklepop

... I am still holding out hope for Glen on The Walking Dead.  He just can't be dead.  I really keep trying to think there is some way he has made it out of the pile of thousands of walkers. It's possible - right? If they show Glen as a zombie, I need to get ear plugs ready for Ricky because my scream will be seriously intense.  #nevergiveup #cantbetrue

... & if you didn't read the one above - please tell me how you make it in life without seeing the spoilers?  You can't escape them.  Heck, I was watching Dancing with the Stars on delay where I recorded it on my DVR so I could skip commercials & happened to pull up Instagram & saw who was eliminated by accident before I even got to the end.  We live in a world where nothing is kept silent anymore.  #rememberSixthSense #thosewerethedaysofnospoilers

... Speaking of spoilers, I will say, I'm happy to be just starting Gilmore Girls & have no idea what's going to happen.  Rory isn't going to be killed or eaten by a zombie - right?  #donttellme

... I love my new purse but its killing my bicep tendon & shoulder carrying it.  I load these babies down when I have big bags.  I've learned I need a shoulder strap purse - preferably a cross body bag.  I honestly looked at every purse there was in this town over vacation & still couldn't find one I liked.  On the bonus side - I did end up getting 2 new wallets. #justgivemeafannypack  #betterthenweightlifting

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  1. that's my opinion too of the Good Dinosaur. my husband was talking about how cute it looked and we have to go and watch it but i said NO! it's going to be sad and i bet the dinosaur is going to get eaten or something!

  2. what?! brother bear is AWESOME! sure, i cry, but i love it. such a good movie. i didn't even know there was a new disney movie coming out, but i watch all the disney movies, so i'll let you know if it is sad or not ;)

  3. 46 days - we can do this!!! I hate how dark it is, too - it feels like the day is over before dinner even happens!

  4. Oooh, 2 new wallets! If I have a larger purse everything ends up in there and then I'm like why is this so heavy? Not one thing just a BUNCH of little things I've tossed in. I hadn't heard of that new Disney movie. I'm not big on animated films period, but the cover is cute!

  5. My cats are the same way about daylight savings time. They've been whining outside the bedroom door in the mornings and waking me up too early. And I had heard that the premise of the good dinosaur is "what if the asteroid had never hit Earth" so maybe the dinosaurs don't have to die. I'm sure there will be sad parts because it's a Disney movie but hopefully it will have a happy ending.

  6. It gets dark here before 5:00. :-o That is just so wrong on so many levels. I don't hate DST, in fact, I wish we'd keep it year 'round ... then no frustrating time changes.

    I miss having a large purse but I load them up so much that even the ones with shoulder straps or cross-body straps are just way, way too uncomfortable.

    Maybe the Good Dinosaur will be like the Land Before Time dinosaur movies ... cute with no foreshadowing of what is to eventually come. Just a thought.

  7. Cohen really wants to go watch The Good Dinosaur. :) I hope it isn't too sad. Also, I load my purses up like you wouldn't believe. I bet it weighs a good 15 pounds right now!

  8. I think I would want to watch The Good Dinosaur ♥♥

  9. It's like you need a vacation from your vacation, right???? It's so hard coming back to a pile of work which is why I usually end up taking work with me. Which makes it not really a vacation..

  10. I keep saying I'm going to start Gilmore Girls too but I haven't gotten around to it. So no spoilers on that front ok!? I mean that is, if, I ever start watching. The whole darkness thing might help that happen though because all I want to do when it's so dark so early is cuddle up and watch tv!

  11. Missed you, my friend. Just been having a tough time getting back into the swing of blogging now that Abby is home. Yes, hate the time change, as well. My dogs have been totally thrown off schedule, too. Maddie's ready for dinner at 3 PM. Not a fan.

  12. I've never watched The Walking Dead but I feel like I should start on Netflix. Don't worry, I don't even watch it and I'VE seen the spoilers, so you didn't ruin anything for me. If Rory got eaten by a zombie on GG...I don't know what I would do with myself! Maybe that's the planned ending with the comeback. Haha!

  13. I do the exact same thing with purses. I bought a really nice, big one but now I'm back to my crossbody bag because it weighs less... Also, how about The Fox and The Hound. Like, what the HECK, Disney?!

  14. I don't mind the time change at all... it's light when I leave and light when I come home! It definitely is messing with my body though!!!!

  15. Isn't every Disney movie kind of sad? There are so many that make me cry. I'll watch it for you and let you know if it's super sad. I cry when I watch Brave, but I think it's at the end, because they're so happy and I love it. Spoilleeerrs, Gilmore Girls ends in a zombie apocalypse. I just rewatched the whole series last year, and I love it so much, I could watch it again.

  16. It is the same when i go away on vacation. The time change is screwing with my pup too. Glen is toast but I am upset about it. I guess they all have to go eventually but that one stung.

  17. Oh my goodness, that picture of Glen in the dumpster is hilarious. I'm so pissed that we STILL don't know if he's alive or not. Why are they doing that to us???


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