Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link up #45}

This week I am Thankful For:

... my Jamberry nails!  Weddings wreck havoc on my nails every time. Like, they ALL get snagged & break during the day.  I had on Jamberry's for the first time this wedding & my nails lasted the entire day! I actually bent back a nail & could feel it where it would have easily broken back but the Jamberry's held it together where I just had to file it back!  NICE!

... I had so much travel time this wedding between the chapel & reception. I'm actually thankful for it because it was the most I've ever gotten off of my feet during a wedding. Gave me time to drink a bottle of water & eat a protein bar.  That worked out well.

... I'm SOOO thankful the wedding was LAST weekend & not THIS weekend. Last weekend was beautiful - This weekend, its going to be in the 40's with rain & snow flurries. oh my word - it would have been a mess to have bridesmaids in short dresses in that!

... my editing is in full force & I'm making great progress so far.

... a sweet husband who remembers that I am out of honey & grabs me some while he is out.

... Chasity & all her help during weddings.  She keeps my mind straight, she helps the bride & bridesmaids & all the family - she's just priceless to have next to me.

... getting new pictures of our grandsons in the mail.  Gotta get new frames now for these pictures.

... Paying my bills. I say that because I paid my bills this week & get so frustrated after I'm done because its like, "where is all my money?"... but I need to rethink that & be thankful that I am able to pay all my bills every month.

... friends to text with during Dancing with the Stars.

... new shoes!  I love my Sketcher Go Walks & have been wanting the grey ones. I got them on sale at Kohl's & then had Kohl's cash & they had a $10 coupon & then an extra 30% off.... I ended up getting them for like $25.00 ... BAM!

What are you Thankful for this week?

Thankful Thursday


  1. Wow, I love those gray Skechers ... I have a pair in black, but when they wear out (as they surely will because I wear them every day!), I want them in gray!

  2. Cute shoes, beautiful bride and I love those nails. I have got to try those one of these days.

  3. I love the design you picked for your nails - like really like it!! I think the same way about bills lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I'm the same way with bills. I get so bummed when my money disappears, but, then I try to remind myself that I'm lucky to have the money for them to begin with.

  5. That South Park/paying the bills meme is spot-on! I feel like an adult when I pay the mortgage (and grateful to have a home), but I hate that my paycheck pretty much has a set destination before I get it. UGH!

  6. My mom has 4 pairs of those shoes! :) I think I am going to get some for our Disney trip in May. Do you think they'd be comfy enough for all that walking with no socks??

  7. glad you got a little break during the wedding pics. how exhausting!! i can only imagine. it takes me a bit to take pics of makeup--and they usually (minus lipstick) don't move, lol.

  8. Love this! Aren't hubbies the best when they notice the little things? Thanks so much for sharing at Attitude of Gratitude! Hope you'll join us next week too!

  9. I've heard those Go Walks are sooo comfy! I totally want a pair!! I looove your nails! And it's true, being able to pay the bills is something to be thankful for, even though it's hard to remember that sometimes!

  10. Oooh I love the Jamberry design you chose! That photo of the bride is BEAUTIFUL, too!

  11. Kohls is the best for basically everything!!! And I love your nails...and the picture of the bride :)

  12. I'm not into the nail thing these days, but I do love how Jamberry looks. As far as the money deal goes, I hear you on that!
    Love those Sketchers shoes, they look so comfy.

  13. I've heard those shoes are crazy comfortable. Yes?

  14. Great job editing! And its great you have someone to help out! Those shoes look comfy! And I love your jam berry nails!


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