Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Adulting is hard, feeling stupid, & was my crazy showing? {Confessions}

... when May Designs have a sale on their notebooks, its the biggest struggle not to go buy more. Like I need more notebooks to go with my ever expanding shelf of empty notebooks... but mercy, one more doesn't hurt - right? ... sigh.... I go on their website & design a new one that is just the prettiest one I've made yet & then I have the internal struggle on whether to order or not.  Let's just say, if they have a mega sale one day, I already have like 15 notebooks already designed in my cart ready to go.  #nevercangetenough

... I have been obsessed with the pictures of Will & Kate on their latest outing & travels. Are they just the cutest couple in the world? ... & get those brothers together & I'm swooning.  Did you see Will & Harry with the Star Wars gang? So fun! ... if you didn't know, you can follow photos & videos directly from Kensington Palace that follows Will & Kate as well as Harry with the user name: kensingtonroyal ... if you are a Royal fan, then you gotta follow!   #andtheylivedhappilyeverafter

Tribute to Diana: Kate and William Honor His Mother at Taj Mahal 24 Years After Her Famous Visit| The British Royals, The Royals, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Princess Diana

Princess Kate Goes Katniss in a Traditional Kira – Find Out if She Hit Her Mark!| The British Royals, The Royals, Kate Middleton, Prince William

... I totally zoned out yesterday driving back at lunch to work.  I was on the expressway & all of a sudden I look around & I'm WAYYY past my exit to go back to work. I was on my way home! OOPSIE!  I had to get off the next exit & turn around. I was 10 minutes late getting back. DOUBLE OOPSIE!  ... see how my brain just refuses to accept work some days?  #justwanttogohome

... editing these baby pictures I took on Sunday, I'm dying of the cuteness. I cant wait for his mommy & daddy to see the pictures.  #sweetbaby

... I think everyone that reads my blog was totally taken back by my post on Monday & the food I have an aversion to. I can't be the only one in the world that gets sick about a food item - right?  I just happen to pick the one EVERY ONE ELSE loves.  I'm special like that.  #youallaretheoddones

... I'm having to sit myself down & have some serious talks about this race & how my knee is going to handle it.  I am swinging so back & forth on what I should do.  I'm not good with decisions anyways - but especially when I have to make my own adult smart decisions in life.  #cantadult  #hanginginforamiracle  #comeonknee

... its in the mid 80's & we haven't turned on our AC yet. I'm scared to death it's not going to work.  By the way, we never get did our heater fixed properly.  See why I'm worried about our AC? ... I figure we'll wait till its like 95 degrees & miserable before we find out its not working. That's how to do things, right?  #cantadultagain  #sweatisgoodforyou

... & not to say its been hot in our house, but we have a bowl of Hershey Kisses. I went to open one yesterday. Its was like chocolate mush. #stillyummy #lickyourfingers

... I think the best invention ever is that app that shows you who deletes/unfriends you from Twitter or Instagram.  #byefelicia

... So I took a bunch of pictures for my Etsy shop... but when I did it, the hubs saw me with the camera set up & remote & came by & was like, "What are you doing?"... it instantly made me feel stupid. I felt stupid being in front of the camera anyways.  Needless to say, I ordered a dummy head & a upper body form & going to post pictures that way.  Ricky said he didn't mean anything by it, he truly just didnt know what I was doing changing clothes & scarves/cowls/hats... but nope, I felt dumb by that point.  Game over.  #modelcareerover #beforeitstarted

... I've missed doing confessions. I need to jump back on the Wednesday bandwagon.  #cleartheair

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  1. I definitely did the "zoning out" thing this morning when I completely whizzed by the post office on my way to work. I specifically went that direction too for that very purpose-haha

  2. I have the option of working from home & my boss doesn't really care, so it makes it EXTRA hard to get up in the morning & drive 35 miles to work. And unfortunately I let Morning Dana decide & she's a lazy so and so who just wants to hit snooze 5 more times. #strangerattheoffice

    Yes, the "C" thing is bizarre to me - especially because there are so many different kinds (my favorite has marshmallows!) & you don't have to eat it with milk if you don't want to. I went through a phase of non-dairy where I put cranapple juice on my C. #weirderthanyou

  3. Wed can totally relate to the fear of the air not working. Our unit is so old but we just keep trucking along each summer. Praying it gives us a few more summers! And what is this app your talking about? I had no idea!

  4. Oh man, I do the zoning out thing in the car all the time. And then feel stupid about it and get defensive when Mike says something. I totally meant to go this way on purpose even though it adds 15 minutes on to our trip. Yep. I don't know why this pattern continues.

  5. I'm a contrarian today!

    I have no idea when anyone ever unfollows me or unfriends me. I don't really get the point of it being pointed out to you. Like, okay? So? Who cares? LOL

    I like May Designs but the price is insane for 90 pages in a notebook!

    Finally, on the knee...I would not risk a really bad injury to run the race. I've helped my dad and my MIL through knee surgeries and my uncle through knee replacement. No way would I inch myself towards any of those.

  6. Well, now I have to go check out May Designs...
    And the royal couple is the cutest. I am SO obsessed with their adorableness. And then they go and make stunning children- like, how is that even fair?? I was that loon that woke up at 4am to watch the wedding and (totally unplanned) we have our anniversary really close to theirs! Haha!

  7. I'm totally obsessed with Kate and William too! She has the best style and always looks so classy!

    Happy Hump-Day! xo, Kristina

  8. Your gifs.. every time. Spot on. I hate this about your knee. I don't want for it to get worse either (speaking from stubborn experience).

  9. I have been obsessed with following Will & Kate on their adventure too and loving all of her dresses. I was close to turning on our air yesterday but didn't because then the nights are so cool here. Hope all goes well when you turn yours on.

  10. I have never heard of that notebook site before! I'm always using notebooks and planners too! Oh and because of seeing your bible journal, I decided to get my markers out and add some color to my daily planner at work! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Oh, and I also read this article today in Runner's world that actually said the Running is GOOD for the knees ( I don't buy but it said runners are less likely to develop knee osteoarthritis. Which is interesting cus I would have thought runners would be the first to have that!!!

  11. You gotta do what's best for your knee, don't be too hard on yourself. You are definitely allowed to not like cereal haha. Even when I used to eat meat, I never liked bacon or sausage and people thought I was crazy. Although I'm all about veggie sausage. I have an ac window unit and it's about time to get a friend to help me move it back in.

  12. Kate's top dress is wonderful. I would like 1 please. I don't follow them, but every picture I see of them just oozes classiness.

    And I had to go back & LOL at your can't handle the C-Word post. I won't use the word, but I will confirm it has a smell. I can handle it, but I know what you're talking about. My food is green beans. I can smell them in the produce section or if anyone is cooking them. So I have to get in & out fast. The worst is the smell they have when they get over cooked & are just sitting on the dinner table. UGH.

  13. Oh yes, I've done that zone-out thing too. Auto-pilot doesn't work!! I'm not big into the Royals anymore. Years ago, I was so into Diana and was then crushed by the divorce and then her death. I don't want to get that involved again! Geesh!

  14. I love the royals! I remember getting up early to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana with my mom and then my daughter and I got up early to watch Will and Kate's wedding. It's in my blood. :) And I zone out pretty much every day going to work -- it's how I cope with the knowledge that I'm going to be stuck where I'd rather not be the next 8 hours ...

  15. people always freak out when i tell them i hate things.. i think people freak out more the more you hate things, if that makes sense. like just thinking of pb&j makes me want to puke, yet every time people hear i haven't had one, they are like omg you have to. if i tell them it makes me sick they press even more. it's ridiculous. and i am obsessed with Will & Kate as well, always haha.

  16. So much to comment little time. Kate and Will are just so cute. For some reason I thought she was pregnant, but does NOT look pregnant in that picture...hmmm...I need to keep better track of my royal followings, clearly. We had to turn the AC on yesterday! Going to be a long summer if we're already turning it on Mid April, yikes!

  17. Kate is just so classy!!! I cant believe you haven't turned the air on yet? We have had ours on for weeks now. We dont get it get past 70 in our house though. Usually it is set at 68. You can guess how high our power bill is in the summer. Yikes. Good luck with your knee girl. Have you talked to a doctor about it? I hate to say it, but they might suggest not running a long distance like your race. You gotta do whats best and take care of yourself so you can run more races in the future :) Try not to stress out too much about it. Sending you hugs, I hate make decisions as well.

  18. Kate and Will are just perfection - I've been stalking every move during their India trip! And did you see the 4 generations stamp that just came out?! I die over little George!

  19. There was a picture in today's Sydney paper of the heirs to the throne (the Queen with Charles, Will, and little George), and it was all kinds of lovely.
    Can I give my two cents about your etsy shop? One thing that I LOVE about etsy is it's supporting real people and their own creative outlet. I think you should use yourself as a model in some. As a consumer, I'd find that personal touch even more inviting. :)

  20. Love Will and Kate!!
    I zone out all the time, I think it's normal, or at least that is what I am going with and I'm sticking to it, LOL
    Oh sounds like you have tough decisions about the race. My thoughts would be if your in pain, skip it. There will always be another race, but you only have 2 knees (unless you get a knee replacement then I guess that counts as a 3rd eventually< LOL)
    Whatever you decide, you'll make the right choice let your body lead ya!

  21. happy 90th to the queen!! i was obsessing over the pics yesterday that were released!

  22. I'm always scared that I'm going to pass my exit near work! I'm not on that highway for very long so every few minutes, I'm like "is it now? how about now? OH MY GOD DID I PASS--no, ok." haha And I hate a lot of food that people like (not cereal, but still, many unusual things), so I can relate to people being like, "How do you not eat X?!"

  23. OMG I need the app to see who deleted me lol


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