Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dizzy pills, tennis, baby pictures & the cutest Frozen song EVER ... all for Thankful Thursday {Link up #68}

when you are grateful abundance appears:

This week I am Thankful for:
(The numbers refer to my journal for the One-Thousand Gifts... in other words, just ignore them)

325 / Vertigo medicine left over.  Whew. I was so dizzy last week that I thought I was going to DIE.  I couldn't get things to stop spinning for ANYTHING. I had to hang onto walls to walk from place to place.  I felt like I was on a ride from Hades.   Luckily, I have some extra pills my doc gave me from my last episode of it & I took one & it helped me make it through that little spell.  I hope this doesn't happen often. I'm going to have to keep these pills near me at all times apparently.


327 / Nothing to do when I'm sick.  I have to say, I dont know how you moms do it.  On days I dont feel good (having that vertigo) I am reminded that I have it easier than you moms that have to take care of kids even when you feel bad.  I get to tell my dogs to hold on, lay down in their bed & toss them a bone & I'm good for a few hours.  While it makes me a heart broken 99% of the time that I never had children of my own, these 1% days where I'm glad I can come home  & crawl in bed with no responsibility, I'm thankful.

328 / Seeing my niece play tennis.  I have said it many times here before - I don't get into watching or caring about most sports. Basketball? Nope. Baseball? Could care less.  Football?  Just give me a half time show for the Super Bowl is all I know... but tennis?  I'm ALL ABOUT!  I love playing it, love watching it... & now, I'm excited my niece is getting into it.  She's not the kind of kid who takes discouragement well so I thought she may give it up if she didn't match up well with others - but she really likes it & is sticking with it... & has a REALLY good back hand too!  I'm excited to see her progress in it!

329 / Ice packs for my knee.  Thank you baby Jesus.

331 / Taxes done for the year!

332 / Ricky's lost phone found. I mentioned this on Monday & told you it would be on the list.  So glad he found it & no one walked off with it in the tax office.

333 / Time to OPEN THE WINDOWS!  I love when I can open my windows & my back porch door & just let all the bugs in the air in.  Sleeping with the windows open? The BEST thing to me.

334 / Ricky got our garage clean. Like CLEAN CLEAN. Like I would have a picnic on the floor in there.  Like, I dont have to fear for my life anything is going to fall over on my car as I drive in!

336 / Got to see some of my aunts.  I could listen to their stories all day long.

338 / Started our new adventure in middle school ministry at our new church.  I think the Middle School Minister there is just fantastic. & I got to meet his wife & their new baby. She is all sorts of adorable too. Can't wait to get to know them & the whole MSM team better.

339 / Familiar youth faces. It made it so much better being in a HUGE room full of middle school kids & look up & see some faces from our last church. It just instantly makes you feel more comfortable to see faces you know & love.

340 / Got to do Grand buddy #2 pictures.  & he was a perfect baby. Seriously. Perfect.

341 / Spending time with Emerson.  Usually when I'm around Emerson, she's surrounded by people she loves & that loves her.  So it was great getting to spend some one on one time with her this past Sunday.
Check her out singing "Do you want to build a snowman"... ALL THE CUTENESS!!!

342 / Good health news for my daddy.  My dad has been having some chest/heart issues & had some tests done the past week... & the results came back in & its nothing serious. Whew!  So thankful for that one.

344 / Watching the Boston Marathon from work. ... & ever since that tragic bombing, I'm always thankful now when the event is pulled off safely.

347 / Sitting outside finishing up reading a book. Just note - any time I get the time & the weather to do this, it'll be on my Thankful list. I love being outside with a book.  I will say, I have a hard time going on my front porch in my rocker & reading since I lost Sydney. She was my partner in that reading spot. Oh mercy - how I miss her.

So what are you THANKFUL for this week?


  1. I'm sorry to hear your vertigo was so bad...that's so tough!! So fun that you watched your niece play tennis - I love watching my nieces and nephew play their sports! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Backhands are tough! I'm glad your niece is enjoying herself! And I'm glad everything is all good with your dad :) That Frozen duet was the cutest!
    We're been at the "I think we're ready for children" point for a while but whenever one of us gets sick I'm just a little bit grateful that there's no one in the house relying on me to stay alive (except the dogs... and the husband, ha!).

  3. That baby picture is so precious! I'm glad to hear your dad's health issue is nothing big, that's great news!

    xo, Kristina

  4. That first quote is spot on! I agree about sleeping with the windows open. Nothing better! Also, that baby picture--LOVE! I'm also grateful my taxes are done. This week I've been grateful the leaves are coming in in the trees and if course the fantastic weather we've been having. Also, I didn't change any of my settings so need to look into why it comes up as no reply. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Can Ricky come clean my house!? In its current state I wouldn't picnic off of a single place in my house right now. :/

    Sleeping with the windows open is the best & so I have been the past two weeks! YAY!

    Things I am thankful for...I had an easy journey home (all things considered) from my trip, after 2+ weeks away I'll finally get to see the BF this weekend & the weather will be nice so we're going to have a campfire!

  6. Vertigo is a nightmare. I used to have it horribly before I had my daughter but only one or two episodes in the 9 years since she was born. Weird.

    We've had our windows open for about a week and it is glorious. Not only is it amazing to have all the fresh air in the house but the lower electric/gas bill isn't too bad, either.

  7. cute, cute cute!!! I love listening to my toddler sing Frozen lol.

  8. I LOVE playing tennis! I'm HORRIBLE, but it's so much fun! Reading in the sun = perfection. We have a little back patio but no furniture for it...might be my next order of business so I can read out there!

  9. Always so much to be thankful for. You and your Daddy's health are definitely some of those things! Glad everything worked out but I am concerned for you about these dizzy spells.
    I am also happy to be sleeping with the windows open. It indicates my favorite time of year, summer!

  10. That is super cute!
    There is a local family near me who have seriously talented kids and they make these frozen videos of them singing the songs and reenacting them. Well they got a deal from Disney from it, and the videos have played on Youtube like hundreds of millions times and well they make a huge income off it now.
    Sorry you wern't asking for that story. But when I saw this one it made me think of them, LOL
    Oh I love tennis too, I'm not good LOL I played it in college and took lessons they apparently didn't do me much good!

  11. The video was GREAT!! So darn cute! I am thankful for so many things, including YOU!! So happy your dad is okay!

  12. Sorry about your vertigo. Glad your better now. Grandbaby #2 is so precious and OMG that video is so cute of Emerson.

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