Monday, April 25, 2016

The weekend that my emotions were compromised....& I may have had to pull out my Superman strength....

Hello Monday... my old friend...

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. For once, around here, it was perfectly beautiful & all-Spring-like.    It's about time.  Now let's see if THIS is the one that finally sticks.

Around here, all the talk was about Thunder Over Louisville - just the biggest firework show in North America. True story.  But because of that - the HUGENESS of it all - we stay far away from it. I dont dig big crowds like that.  Especially in the Downtown area.  I'm not all about that.  & honestly, once you see fireworks for about 5 minutes, the other 25 minutes just seems like repeat to me. I'll just stay home, comfy in my house - thankyouverymuch.

But my weekend was still full of excitement, even without fireworks... here's a little gander.


... Stopped at the grocery... & had a total freak out break down moment. No, not over the food in the store, though I do get disturbed walking by the meat section every time (How much meat is in ONE store - think how many stores there are - SO MUCH MEAT- NOOOO!!) ... I digress... but my knee was hurting so bad, I literally started crying while Ricky was reading ingredients to me over a lemonade he wanted to try.  It was hitting me that I may not actually make it to the start line Saturday for this half marathon.  (I'll talk more about this tomorrow) ... You know its bad when you just start crying walking through the grocery.

... Tried a new Starbucks drink. The Mango Black Tea Lemonade. OH MY WORD - delicious.  It really is going to give my Green Tea Lemonade a run for its money & y'all should know how much I love that stuff.

... Sat on the couch the rest of the night having a pity party about my knee catching up on The Vampire Diaries.  If I'm going to be sad, I'll be sad with the Salvatore brothers.

... Finished up my latest Etsy store cowl... if I could ever have time to sit & open UP my Etsy store, that'd be great #OfficeSpaceReference


... ahhhh - a cool breeze coming through. I honestly love sleeping with the windows open & a cool breeze... especially when I dont have an alarm clock to wake me up. Saturday sleep is the best.  Even if Saturday sleep has me up at 7:30am

... usual Saturday morning Bible Journaling time

... Ricky is still on his cleaning spree & he's starting in the basement now for my work out area.  We went through all of our board games. We love our games.  We've picked about 25 board games to go to Goodwill... & still have about 25 board games left.

... put together my race shirt for Saturday. Holding out hope that I'll be using it in real life on race day.

... Soooo... I pushed myself.  I wrapped up my knees with my KT Tape & set out to do 5 miles. I had to see if my knee was going to hold up to even try to do the race on Saturday.  I told Ricky I wouldn't push myself more then I can handle... to which he laughed at me & reminded me I stood in the grocery store crying about my knee pain. Even attempting to get out & even try 5 miles was already pushing it.  To which I responded, "Ahhh - what do you know?"

... I DID IT!  I got in a little over 5 miles. & while not the best feeling my knee has been, I did it! & felt like I could have done more. Was it the tape?  Was my knee getting better? Who cares - I did it. It gives me hope for Saturday.

Anyone notice the 444's :)

... ran down to take a load to Goodwill. We are their best clients right now with all this cleaning. Dropping off great things that have never even been open - brand new items.  Sell it well Goodwill.  Just glad to get room in our house.

... Took more pictures for my Etsy store of some hats.  Because everyone wants a good warm wool hat in Spring & Summer!


... I forgot what a long day it is when you go to 1st service at church & then serve in 2nd service in youth.  But man, I've missed it. It was our first day actually being in small groups again & it was wonderful.  Ricky & I have so enjoyed meeting the other leaders. Everyone is just so welcoming & NICE!  It's something we both comment on every time we leave that church - how friendly everyone is.

... Doing a human pyramid with 7th grade girls where I'm on the bottom, with my knee, on concrete floor.  Yeah - not smart.

... I left straight from church to go over to Chasity's house for our next JOY Bible Study group.  I just love this time with these ladies.  .. & these babies.... it's been an extra blessing to not only spend time with amazing women, but to see their babies grow up too.  & Caden being our latest baby in the group, gets to enjoy being the only boy.  That little stud.

... Got a phone call in the middle of Bible Study from Ricky - which I knew something had to be off for him to call.  Found out our Mr. Harvey Dent had been up to no good again. He got my glasses, our TV remote, a folder full of paper work & a few odds& ends ... & destroyed it all while we were at church.  Someone wasn't too happy with us leaving him.  That dog. Good thing he's cute.

... Made a stop to Old Navy to pick up a new pair of capri's for the race Saturday. (Still hanging onto hope)

... Picked up some pizza for dinner.  Who wants to cook on a Sunday evening?

... Came home to find Ricky under the lawn mower - in the world's most unsafe position ever.  I stood next to him with my phone ready to dial 911 .... or wait for my Superman skills to kick in if I needed to lift the lawn mower off of him.

... Got to spend some time chatting with our neighbors.  They just put up the cutest little fence for their dog so we talk over their fence now. I need to give it a name - something that refers to Home Improvement. What was that guy's name?  Wilson?  ... I'll need to say we were "Wilsoning" with our neighbors.  Makes sense, right?

... Wrapping up my night to get a phone call from my credit card company to find out someone had been using my number for a dating site. WHAT?  Oh mercy... nothing is safe anymore is it?  I just dont get people that feel like its ok to just STEAL from other people. I can't wrap my mind around it. Luckily, the credit card company was all over it.  Whew!

... & that's a wrap. A hectic, emotional weekend...
leading up to what I'm sure will be a hectic, emotional week.

RACE WEEK!  Here we go!

How was your weekend?

Ever been to Thunder over Louisville?

Ever have someone steal your credit card number?


  1. Oh boy, I can't believe your race week is here. SO glad your run went well after the pain on Friday!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  2. Oh, Harvey Dent. He just wanted to go to Church too!

    I think spring weather is finally here to stay!

  3. Wow! I'm so glad your credit card company is watching out for ya! I hope you have a great fantastic week with your knee!! I'll be thinking about you!!
    (We have a tornado-dog, too. God made them cute to balance out that destructive nature. haha!)

  4. Thunder is so big I've had friends try to convince me I should drive to Louisville for the show. Nice try friends. I don't even like crowds in my own city when I know where I'm going. Haha

    I love the Home Improvement reference.

    And I really hope your knee keeps feeling better. I feel like the 5 miles is a great sign. And new capris? You can do it!

  5. Haha I used to love watching Home Improvement. So sorry your knee has been giving you such problems but glad you made some strides this weekend. Praying it will continue to feel better for you! :)

  6. I'm glad your knee was mostly ok during the 5 mile run! I hear from people that KT Tape is really helpful. The dog and baby photos are really cute!

  7. I just started Vampire Diaries on Netlfix, I'm only two episodes in but so far I like it! Glad you're knew allowed you to run, hope it feels better soon!

    xo, Kristina

  8. So much hope! So glad you felt good during your run. So awesome.

    Girl, biggest firework show? How have I never heard of this? I LOVE fireworks :)

  9. Phew I'm glad your knee survived, fingers crossed it continues to do so!

  10. Oh - I'm still praying that your knee will cooperate for you this weekend. It seems odd to pray for a knee but it's obvious that (a) you really want to do this race and (b) you've motivated so many people (me included) with your training regimen. It's good that you made it through the 5 miles! Now, just double that and add a 5k and you're gold! ;) But don't push it. Press on - yes, but pushing it isn't a good thing if you want that knee to last another 50-some years.

    We avoid Thunder. I don't see the thrill of sitting outside for 12 hours to watch planes and fireworks. I'd rather read a book with an endless supply of iced coffee and no loud noises to distract me.

  11. KT tape is magical. i use it for my wrists every time i train.

    PS - acupuncture for your knee. i swear it will help/cure it!!!

  12. Pizza on sunday - yes!!! So sorry to hear about your CC but yay for them being all over it!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. I love fireworks so I'd be all over the Thunder over Loisville, but I suppose you are right, after the first 5 minutes it's all the
    I had someone steal my cc # and they used it to pay their phone bill. Funny thing was that it was their HOME phone, so it was very easy for the police to track it down. I don't know whatever happened after that as the police never told me who it was or anything. I guess even criminals get their privacy!

  14. I hope hope hope you get to run Saturday!! I have another friend who is in your same position, but her problem is her back. She's hoping she still gets to run it too. I just need all my friends to be well! :)
    I avoid Thunder at all costs. That is just way too many people for me. I feel the same way about fireworks too.

  15. oh i'm sorry about your knee, but yay on the 5 miles! that's more than i ran this past weekend. shall we just walk the half marathon together? lol

  16. Good luck on Saturday!! Tape that knee good! You sure did have a busy weekend.

  17. So sorry to hear about your knee!!! Ummmmmm mango black tea lemonade?!?!?! Mango is my favorite flavor of tees. I have to find this! We have a lot of board games that never get played and it makes me sad. I wish I could get Chris to want to play them with me! I cant seem to let them go!

  18. A 5-mile run with your knee not screaming sounds great! Fingers crossed that you'll be able to run pain-free in your race. The picture of Ricky under the lawnmower and your expression is hilarious!

  19. so sorry your knee is bothering you, I have my fingers crossed for you that you will be able to do your run without a lot of pain! Tape it up good!
    My husband is so not into board games! I rather like to play them though

  20. oh no about your knee!! that breaks my heart!!!
    lol you know you were all into that dating site! hehe jk. seriously though, that's crazy!! i'm glad it got sorted, whew!!

  21. Mango black tea lemonade.. Yumm. My cat starts shredding everything in sight when she is hungry. Glad you were able to get the five miles!

  22. You are so right, who cares what happened with your knee you had a great 5 miles and it's all going to come together on race day!
    I'm so glad to read you've found your spot in what sounds like a great loving church! It means so much! Speaking of church, well kind of close I got to see Needtobreathe! OMG they were so good! It was just awesome! It got almost to the end and they had not played Washed in the water. They left then came back on stage to make that their final song. Whooosh!

  23. I love your bible! I so need to do that!


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