Monday, April 18, 2016

The weekend that the devil tried to push me away with the C-word....

If you know me, that title makes a little more sense...

If it makes totally NO sense to you, hang in there. We'll get there....

I won't even waste any more time... here's some highlights of the weekend.


... I had read an article about healthier drinks you can get from Starbucks.  I will say, I was happy my iced coffee & my iced green tea lemonades (minus the sweeteners) were on there - but there was one I hadn't tried. A Skinny Iced Cafe Mocha... & a venti is only 140 calories. I'll give it a try. When they handed it to me, I was a little shocked at how BROWN it was... & then really couldnt believe how RICH the chocolate tasted to be under 150 calories.  I wasn't sure what I thought about it, but rest assure - there wasn't a sip left by the end of the evening.  Chocolate always wins.


... Taxes - DONE!  Bam!  We had an appointment to get it done & sitting there going through the process - when the electricity goes out. NOOOOOO!!!!  We were scared to death that all the info we had told the lady was gone. Luckily, when the power came back on & the computers back up, everything was still there. I would have crawled in a fetal position & wept if we had to start over again.

... Poor Ricky - he lost his cell phone & noticed it just in time to get home & have to drive all the way back down to the tax office to look for it.  I'm just glad it was still there.  (That will be noted on Thankful Thursday - for sure)

... I ended my Friday catching up & watching the rest of the People Vs. OJ Simpson series.  I still am amazed that he got off.  & watching it all over again, still just makes me feel so angry at how off track the whole court case got.


... I woke up to Ricky cleaning out the garage so it made me feel like I needed to get to a jump start on something, so I started to tackle my library.  I made a pretty good dent picking some books to get rid of.  & please dont think my library looks empty - it doesn't look like but a few of books are missing off the shelves. I really need to go through again & pull some more.  (That only leaves room to buy more, right?) ... I have to say, as my eyes have aged, the small print of some books, I can't handle reading them.  Its why I love my Kindle so much.  Being able to adjust font sizes is a huge bonus for me.

... Bible Journaling time.  I was excited to try out stencils for the first time.

... got in a workout that left my knee still making me nervous about the upcoming half marathon.

... went over to my mom's to see a few of my aunts that had come over to have lunch with my parents.

4 out of the 10 siblings

... got to talk with our newer neighbors & trying to get their dog to like us.  Ricky & I can't handle having dogs near us that dont like it so its become a mission to get this fur baby to be our friend.

... Ricky & I are trying hard to get caught up on Arrow. I think we're only 1 episode away now from being there.


... OK... so here's where the title comes in.  So we went to check out the middle school ministry at our new church Sunday.  & if you know me, the C-Word stands for the one food that I have the biggest aversion to more than anything.  Cereal.  I literally just burped typing it. It makes me barf - truly - just thinking about it. I may have to go throw up just typing this out.  So we're sitting there watching how things are ran & I had noticed across the room there were cups everywhere.  I just assumed there were drinks in them.  But a few minutes later, I grabbed Ricky's arm & said, "Do you smell that?".... yes, I know the smell - its why I avoid that aisle in the grocery store (seriously people) ... & then I noticed people weren't drinking out of those cups... they were full of the C-WORD & these kids were all around me eating away. ..... I'm gagging....

AND... then the service started & I thought, OK, the nightmare is going to end... & then they have a few of the leaders up on stage & start talking about some 'get to know you' questions... & all the leaders start talking about their Favorite C-word!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I just looked at Ricky & said, "Is this a sign I shouldn't be here?" ... it was funny because when we talked with the youth pastor later, I told him about it & he was just amazed that I've worked so long in middle school ministry & can't handle this topic. It's like Middle School 101... but nope.  Not this girl.


& then I thought that the stupid devil is the one trying to sway me away from something I love with these tactics. He'll do stuff like that.  So I am keeping fingers crossed this isn't an every week occurrence, or I'll have to go in wearing nose plugs or something... I aint giving up on my where God wants me to help...

... I got to spend most of Sunday taking some baby pictures of Grandbuddy #2 - who was a DREAM baby. He is just the most laid back baby.  We waited for big sister to wake up for some pictures... who was having NONE OF IT.  Bless her little heart. She is the baby that hated having her baby pictures taken too. I told my friends I think the clicking sound is just like her cue as anger is the cue to The Hulk.  It just ain't her thang.  But we still got some cute pictures. It only takes a second to grab a moment.

... The rest of Sunday was filled up with loading all the baby pictures & excited to start editing away...

So how was your weekend?

Have a food that you just can't handle?


  1. Oh my gosh I had no idea of your aversion to Cereal...very interesting!! Yay for being done with taxes!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oh my! haha. I have never heard of the hate for cereal. You are cracking me up.

    I love the picture of your aunts. That is awesome. And the opposite.. I hate how your knee is hurting. Ugh. I wish it were better

  3. I love electronic books for being able to adjust the font too! And the fact that it makes it so easy to carry so many books with me now :)

  4. Fun photos!! I did not know about your problem with that word which I won't mention here! I'm not a big fan either, but am glad I don't have the same aversion you do. Oh my goodness!

  5. I'll be sure to never mention the "C" word on my blog-haha but good for you in overcoming satan's antics. :)

  6. I've never had one of those iced mochas! The color would definitely freak me out haha

  7. LOL! Cereal? Really? Like, all cereal? Even the ones that are pretty much junk food and taste like dessert? What about oatmeal? I'm just fascinated!

  8. I've never met anyone with a c aversion, too funny. Sorry you had to endure it! I'm usually a big fan of it, although not for the last several weeks (food aversions). I clean out my books all the time because the used bookstore I go to gives me an incentive to do it. They give me store credit for them so I replace them with other books x).

  9. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone having a blanket aversion to cereal. INTERESTING! I say keep where you are and ignore it as best as you can!

  10. I won't even mention the actual word, but what is it about "C" that you can't stand?
    I'd like to see that list of healthy Starbucks drinks. I only get frappes so I wonder how bad they are? I banned Starbucks there for a while a few years back because I found out they used a certain kind of bug in their red dye. But in the end, a strawberry shortcake frappe never tasted so good!

  11. Cereal?! Really? Ha, sorry to laugh but I've never heard of anyone who feels that strongly about cereal! Mine has to be mayo! I know it sounds awful, but mayo reminds me of watching those plastic surgery shows and seeing the fat in the tubes during liposuction! I know that's disgusting, but that's why I can't eat or cook with mayo!

  12. I don't really have an aversion to any particular food. I don't like some (coconut anything, irish-cream or hazelnut-flavored coffee or creamers are about it) but I guess that's it. Hopefully it was just a one week thing -- maybe it's a calling for you to introduce other non-C-word snacks! :)

    I'm excited about going to a Bible Journaling class in a couple weeks. I'm already getting a bag together of what I might need to take and hopefully they'll provide some great ideas/tips for a newbie like me.

    I remember exactly where I was when the OJ verdict came out. The whole thing was unbelieveable ... I haven't watched the People vs. OJ though. I might need to though.

    And yay for lighter-calorie Starbucks drinks! I figure I can swap one of those in for every 3rd or 4th high fat/high calorie/extra whip cream drink from them and it's good, right!!?? :)

  13. Haha totally different "c word" than what I thought! :O I also spent all day Sunday sorting through books, I went through 10 boxes full of books and donated 8 full boxes. Eeeeeekkkkkk it hurt my heart a little!!

  14. Skinny Iced Cafe Mocha?? Yes, I need to try that! I spent the first half of this post debating what the c-word would be haha. I cannot stand soggy cereal but I do like eating it dry.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  15. Taxes! Such a load off to get those taken care of. I love cereal but I hate olives. HATE. Ugh. Jordan eats them out of the jar and I just can't even...

  16. Weirdly I LOVE chocolate, but I don't love mochas, and I don't really like white chocolate, but I LOVE white chocolate mochas. I don't think that the drinks taste like the kind you eat much at all! I am SO PROUD because I totally knew what you mean by the 'c-word' in your title. :) And you would be really determined to get our dogs to like you because they are afraid of everyone and will relentlessly bark at people!

  17. I seldom if ever go to Starbucks but you drinks sound yummy. I think I might have to try that Skinny Iced Cafe Mocha. I agree, OJ should never have been found innocent!!! Wow, that is something about your hate for the C-word. That must have been a crazy situation for you to be in. Must have been a fun time being with Grandbuddy #2. Not sure of a food that I react to like that but I know there are probably a few if I ever came in contact with them. Mark was going to watch Diner, Drive-in and Dives the other day and I often watch with him. One segment was going to be on turtle soup and no way would I watch that. I love turtles and have had them at pets.

  18. You ahave the craziest titles haha.

    Congratulations on finishing the taxes! Sometimes I feel like I'm going through the tasks of hercules with thoes questions.

    I absolutely love your bible! I know you've mentioned it before, but this is specifically for coloring and recognizing passages?

    Cereal??? Oh my gosh I was thinking sooo much worse! But I totally get not wanting to smell it, I feel that way over red onions, I'm just ewww gross ick, get it away.

    liz @ j for joiner

  19. I am laughing so hard at your cereal issue. That might be the most random aversion I have ever heard!!! But we all have our thing, I suppose. Your Starbucks drink was super brown, but it sounds delicious!!! Hope you have a great week!

  20. hahah so I totally thought the c-word was going to be can't, as in the devil tricking you into thinking you couldn't do something. I'm glad you were able to catch up with a couple of your aunts- how cool for your mom to be a part of such a big family!

  21. I remember a while back you mentioned you hated the C word, and I am sorry it made me laugh. Of all the things.. But hey if it makes you sick, it makes you sick. Makes my dislike for chocolate not look so bad, LOL LOL
    Actually Oreo's do to me what cereal does to you, I can't even be in a room with an open package, seriously yuck!
    The picture of that family looks great, what a cute looking family to work with!

  22. I guess you are the first person I have ever known of with such an aversion to cereal, maybe a certain type, but not cereal as a whole. I can't think of anything that makes me sick just by the smell or look. Now, taste, that's a different story. :o)) Enjoyable post!

  23. I think I've told you before, but C is one of my favorite foods! That and ice cream is what I miss the most being on Medifast! I do hope they don't do that every week!
    I sure wish I had cable, I'd love to watch OJ. Hoping it comes to Netflix or something!

  24. Your cereal story had me laughing out loud! Can't say I relate though - I eat about two bowls of the stuff a day ;) So funny!


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