Thursday, April 28, 2016

Barking dogs, proof I am Belle, & babies EVERYWHERE... all for Thankful Thursday {Link up #69}

This week I am Thankful For:
(The numbers are for my One Thousand Gifts Journal... in other words, just ignore them)

350 / Quiet office days. I love those days when I come in & get in my corner (I really do work in a corner) & its just quiet. No phone calls. No one asking for anything. No one needing anything. Just a day to be in my space & go home.  My favorite kind of days.

353 / Bruno barking at night waking me up. OK. This one sounds like something I shouldnt be thankful for & in all honesty, when its 2 am & I hear the barking, 'gratitude' isn't the first thing that pops in my head.  But my poor little old man has a hard time getting in & out, so when he barks to wake us up, I'm going to be thankful he knows not to potty in the floor but to yell for yelp.

354 / My sweet friends Joe & Erica had a SON last Thursday.  I'm so excited for them adding to their family.  I hate their so far away. I need to kiss that little face of his.  Welcome to the world Harrison.

355 / Tax Refund bought our groceries. It felt like I was on that game show where you run through the grocery store buying anything you want. YES - give me the $6.00 jar of salsa!! haha ... (we really did get a $6.00 jar of salsa)

358 / Got my race outfit together.  It's funny the people you meet through this inter-wide-web thing.  But a few years ago, through a neuropathy board, I met someone else who was running with pin-jabbing-stinging feet & we hit it off & stayed connected through the years.  Bless her. She made the decals & sent me this sparkle skirt & let me know I should run the race as Belle ... because DUH! (The back of my shirt actually has a Belle silhouette on it too) ... I'm so thankful for the kindess of people & that my outfit looks on FLEEK! :) (Did I use that right? I'm old)

Race outfit:

360 / KT Tape. It really is making a difference in my knee.

Who would think this would make such a difference - but it does

361 / Facebook yard sale pages. We sold something easily & in a day on there Saturday. Makes me want to list tons of stuff. Though Ricky told me no one wants my 150 VHS exercise tapes, so we took them down to Goodwill. No joke. I had about 150 VHS workout tapes that I have gathered through the years & used all the way back in the 90's. If there was a Buns of anything - I had it.

362 / Our 1st actual day in small groups in youth ministry at our new church. I loved hearing what young girls have on their mind. The stresses are NOT what they used to be.

363 / Doing life with my JOY group.  I just love this group of ladies. We are doing a Bible Study but most of the time, we end up talking about how to handle life as Christian women, more than studying the Greek of a word in the Bible. That's just how I like it. Hearing others opinions & knowing you have support in other women.  It's been such a blessing.

364 / 30% off Old Navy. I stopped to get a new pair of pants for the race Saturday & found out their workout stuff was 30% off. If I'd paid attention while shopping instead of knowing at the check out, I probably would have bought more.

365 / Credit Card company catching fraud.  Stupid thieves.  Stupid stupid thieves. Glad the credit card company is on top of their game.

366 / My Choosing Joy mug is being replaced. So I got my beautiful mug in the mail & found out the handle was cracked. I was kinda bummed because these ain't cheap. Like $17.50 for a mug with shipping & I'm cheap - so I was sad. But I contacted the place I purchased & they didn't even question anything - just sent me a confirmation they were sending out another one.  Isn't that great?

367 / ANOTHER baby born this week.  One of our JOY ladies just had her daughter on Monday. Which means another one of our JOY ladies had a grand daughter & another JOY lady has a new niece.  (Got all that?)  I can't wait to add another baby on our floor for our Life/God time together.  Welcome to the world Sophia!

368 / Harvey snuggles.  I love a snuggly dog. I especially love a BIG snuggly dog.

369 / Reading outside in the evening. Told you, I'll have this on a lot. I love this cool weather where its not BLAZING hot or humid yet. Just the perfect way to watch the sun go down & breath in some good crisp air.


370 / Got Ricky a dentist appt quickly.  Its hard to find a dentist that is open after work hours but we got Ricky in with his broken tooth at ImmediaDent at 6:30pm & it worked out perfectly for him. AND... get this... I'm still fuming ... they want to do 3 crowns & a bridge - ALL FOR LESS than what my 2 crowns cost me at my dentist in January. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  ... if I ever thought I was not ever going back to that dentist before?  That totally confirmed it.  I was robbed.

So what are you Thankful For this week?


  1. KT tape IS THE BOMB. i was never a believer until i tried it and wow, what a difference. hope you have a great race and your knee holds up!!! if anything, listen to your body and if you have to walk, WALK and own it!!

  2. Aww so glad that you did get that Belle shirt! The skirt looks great and I think that outfit will give you the pixie dust to get through the race this weekend!

    After yesterday's post, I decided that I want to get that book "ME before You". I have heard of it several times but I don't know what it is about. I actually make a rule to not read the back cover because I'm usually pretty good at predicting what will happen. But I do have to ask, Is it a self help book? Or is is more like an Emily Giffin book?

  3. So, while I'm not 100% on my useage of the word 'fleek' I think you would eliminate the word looks, so "My outfit is on fleek". I've only ever heard people use the term in relationship to how their eyebrows (IDK why) so take this with a grain of salt.

    Love that mug (love mugs in general)
    Love reading outside in this weather.

    I'm thankful for crock pots. Because I made THE BEST pulled pork in mine yesterday.

    And I'm thankful for financial security. While I'm still cheap & hate to spend $ on things that don't bring me joy, it's nice to know they won't be the difference between keeping the lights on or buying groceries.

  4. Puppy snuggles are always something to be thankful for :) And yay for lots of healthy, happy babies - love both of their names!

  5. i'm thankful the week is almost over. it's been a busy one and i will be even more thankful when everything gets done! crossing my fingers!!

  6. Great list of things this week! I'm thankful for family, memories of those no longer here or no longer the same (dementia stinks), the green leaves after the rain washed the pollen dust away, a good pen to write with, a good cup of coffee ... and so many other things. Enjoy your day!

  7. I love these posts! I was just talking to a friend last night about how wonderful it is to get a positive reminder, a happy thought when it is so easy to focus on all the negative! I have to ask....was the $6 jar of salsa SO much better...or just salsa? ;)I totally understand the splurge!!

  8. I love love love all those baby names! So classic! I wish I had a JOY Bible study group nearby- it sounds like a wonderful little group! Your running outfit is SO adorable!!

  9. Seething over the inequity in the dental costs. GAAAAAAH

    I am known to splurge at the grocery store.

  10. What kindle do you have? I usually just use my ipad but the glare has me wanting to get a kindle just for reading. Hooray for a tax return and for putting it to good use, how awesome to just buy whatever groceries you want! LOVE your race outfit!

  11. I love your race outfit!!!! And I totally will randomly grab pricier things or treats at the grocery store from time to time because YOLO. Haha! Dental costs are the worst! I would be angry too.

  12. I am thankful for our friendship here! I loved reading your list. It's all about JOY!! :)

  13. I love when companies will send you a replacement when your item is damaged in shipping! That happened with a BBW candle, which are pricy (I only buy them on sale, but still!) and they sent me a replacement! I can't believe that dentist cost!!! At least you know never to go back to that one again!

  14. I need to look into that tape. I ordered a brace like your for my knee to try out to see if it will help.

  15. Enjoyed the list, love to hear about new babies. Glad you have found a new church home, the Joy group sounds amazing....


  16. Yes to quiet office days! I get so much more done when I don't have people barging in my office non-stop wanting to not do work. Love this list!

  17. Yes having those quiet days at work is like having a vacation at work!

    Yes having that tax refund was sooooo nice!!! Definitely a bonus in our pockets.

    Sorry about the credit card fraud, can't they find something better to do???

    liz @ j for joiner

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