Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday {Link up #67}

Today I am Thankful for:
(The numbers refer to my journal for the One-Thousand Gifts... in other words, just ignore them)

302 / Shower speakers. Who doesn't love singing in the shower anyways? But I love my new Bluetooth speaker the hubs got me for my birthday in December. It has the best sound & makes shower time so much better.

303 / 30% off these beauties. I've been keeping my eye on them for awhile & when I saw they were both on sale, I just HAD to get them. I mean, hello? Our bible study group is called JOY - what a perfect bag to carry my Bible study stuff in.  It was destined to be mine.

304 / Leftover chili.  Isn't it always better the next day?

306 / New running podcasts. I found a blog post by someone that had all sorts of runners podcasts. I've been taking them all in the past week.  Trying to soak up their amazing-ness.

307 / Colton Dixon & Carrie Underwood bringing some JESUS to American Idol finale!  YES! ... & Amen.

308 / Stopping raining just on my lunch hour when I needed to get chores done. & when I walked back into the office, it literally started storming again.  It couldnt have been better timed.

310 / Getting some miles back under me on the treadmill for the first time in over a week.

311 / Meeting a new incredible young lady that is on her journey to beginning a relationship with Jesus. I'm so excited for the decisions she's making.

312 / Some great discussions at JOY on Saturday. I just love when we take real life & combine it with Jesus & try to figure things out.

313 / Glad to able to do a favor for our friend Steve by writing a little something about my dear, sweet, precious friends, Vic & Steph.

314 / A friendly, welcoming face.  There is a lady at my previous church that just EXUDES warmth & I was so happy to see her again on Sunday.  From the moment Ricky & I walked in the door & she ran to hug us, to the last person we saw as we left the building & she gave me the kindest words of appreciation for reading my letter - I just love Jan so much. This kind of person is what makes a church.

317 / Disney night on Dancing with the Stars. I honestly can't tell you how excited I was all day Monday waiting for this show.  Especially when I saw earlier in the week that Ginger Zee was going to be Belle.

... cute little SIDE NOTE:  Ricky came in the room to watch this dance & said, "She really looks like Belle" ... & then turned quick to me & said, "Its only because she looks like you"... I just had to laugh. Dude knows when to cover his words.

320 / By the time I get to work now, its DAY LIGHT!  PRAISE THE LORD!  HALLELUJAH!  ... Now, if it's daylight when I leave for work, I'll probably do a run down the aisle dance praising the Lord then!


323 / Got my oil changed in my car. I always hate having to take the time to do it - but am so thankful that its completed when I drive away.

So tell me something you're Thankful for this week!
I love some good news!


  1. I dont watch American Idol anymore, but I totally Youtubed Carrie's performance just now. She is always so classy :) Show speakers sound awesome!!!!

  2. Ooh... I'd love to hear about the new running podcasts you've found and which ones you like. Also, I tried your banana, oat, chocolate chip cookies yesterday and they were so good! It's crazy how something so simple could be so delicious.

    1. I'm glad you liked them. I made another batch & they were gone in 2 days :) But I'm already eyeing my bananas starting to get spotted :)

  3. Ha I love the shower head as a mic! A speaker in the shower sounds pretty amazing, I would be in there way too long!

    xo, Kristina

  4. Hehehe, I like that save by Ricky. Kyle said something similar about Carrie Underwood... He said, "She looks good! ...I mean her hair... because it's like yours." Sure, sure, buddy. Nice save. Haha!

  5. More sunshine and daylight has been making me so happy! I love that mug and bag, I wish shipping to Canada wasn't so outrageous!

  6. It's half-daylight when I go to work now and I am so thankful. I hate going to work in the dark and cold. I haven't seen Dancing with the Stars but I was unaware they had a Disney night! So fun.

  7. I usually don't watch anything on DWTS except Disney night, and this one did not disappoint! Also, I cannot wait until our house is done so I can listen to music and sing in the shower. I've learned in an apartment, that's the place where sound travels the most (thanks annoying downstairs neighbors and your rap obsession) haha!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  8. Shower speakers, oh no I shouldn't of heard that. Now I want, LOL LOL Oh I'd have a blast with that (and no I can't sing well, LOL) heck my sisters would have so much fun belting out to shower songs too, I think you just gave me an idea for birthday gifts this year:) Oh their husbands and kids are either going to laugh or want to smack me LOL Love it!
    I know a lot of people hate daylight savings, but this is one of the reasons I love it, because just like you said, now we can go out early morning and have sun even later into the evenings, it's fabuous:)

  9. That mug and bag are SO CUTE. Can you BYO mug to bible study as well?! The daylight recently has been just amazing, such a mood lifter. I'm hoping for light mornings for you asap!

  10. Hahaha I love Ricky's back-tracking on the Belle thing. So funny. He is so well-trained. ;) I LOVE that it's light out when I leave for work (I probably just leave later than you!) and well after I get home too! So so nice!

  11. wow, carrie looks amazing. not gonna lie, i used to be a big fan of hers but i'm not so much anymore :( i want a shower speaker! and yay for daylight! if it is daylight when i get home tonight, i *might* go for a run. maybe.

  12. Oh that shower head sounds divine! I didn't even know they made such a thing! I like to listen to music in the shower too but usually just plug in the speaker to my

    So cool that you found those "joy" items!

  13. i don't have a shower speaker--i have one in my bathroom, but not in the shower. i don't sing in the shower, i perform!!! hehe. usually my dog just walks out, like here she goes again!

  14. I always enjoy your thankful posts!! You make me thankful for things I don't normally give two thoughts to. Thankful for YOU!!


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