Monday, April 11, 2016

The weekend that was sponsored by a topknot & Starbucks....

Is it Monday.... of some sort of weird time pattern?  Because I think we've been through every season in the midst of 3 days. Not even joking.  We had snow flurries, sleet, rain, sun, thunder storms, freezing, warm days.... all from Friday to now.

This is just getting confusing. I now have in my closet shorts, right next to thick wool sweaters. You never know.

Time to look back at the highlights of the weekend


... Stop at the grocery & walk out with only a few bags & a short receipt... & still spend $75.00. Ridiculous.

... 1st Starbucks of the weekend - Green Tea Lemonade

... Harvey was begging me to come out & play but it was FREEZZZINNNGGGG so I had to give him a bone to distract him from his frisbee.

... Salads for dinner.  This has become a habit lately.

A salad is ALWAYS the best with edamame on it

... Tried to do taxes & I ran into some snags.  I hate taxes. Especially when the due date is looming.

... Got my vampire fix in watching The Vampire Diaries & The Originals.  & I totally teared up in a family moment on The Originals.  I'm such a sap.


... Ricky had to work & I usually end up waking up when he leaves & this was no exception, except this time? I stayed in bed until I absolutely knew there was no chance of going back to sleep. 7:30am had me up & around.

... Avacado on egg & toast to kick off my morning. This is my new favorite.


... Knew I needed to try out my knee since the half marathon is 3 weeks away & I got no miles under me all week long. OUUUCCHHHH!! I only got in a little over 3 miles & my knee was crying the whole time. This has me really concerned now how the HM is going to look.

... Headed to our JOY Bible Study group. We usually meet up on Sundays but an Easter celebration threw us off so we scooted it to a Saturday. It messed me up.  & it messed up a lot of people too because we had quite a few people that couldn't make it, but I really felt with every cancellation that God was putting together just the group that needed to be together for the day.... & that was so confirmed when I found out a new young lady, a friend of 2 of the ladies already coming & had been praying for, was going to stop in.  I was so glad it was a smaller group for her to to & feel at ease.  She is just everything precious & I'm thrilled she came & shared a little of her heart with us.

... Stopped for Starbucks #2 of weekend.... Vanilla Iced Coffee

... Had to stop at Target & take advantage of the dog food sale again before it ended.... ANNNNDDDD... ended up buying more make up than dog food.  #girlsgottadowhatagirlsgottado

... Picked up some Chuy's for dinner to take home for Ricky.  He ordered me my dish, stressed how it all needs to be vegetarian... ALL OF IT.  They even wrote on the box, "VEGGIE" ... & I open it up & they doused it in a sauce that had hunks of meat on it.  Are you kidding me????  We tried to take my veggie enchiladas & scrap off the sauce, but with every scrap of meat, I was gagging so bad, I just had to toss the whole thing.  Good job Chuy's. Good job.

I'm looking at you Chuy's

... I had been working on my Bible Journal all day long & finally finished it around 8pm.  This is one of the firsts that took me all day long to complete. & its one of my favorites.

... Ended my night with Enchanted.  I never ever tire of it.  Amy Adams was made to be a Disney Princess.


... We went to church to hear our friend finish up his message that was on his heart about "Stories".  He had challenged me to write a story about my sweet friends Stephanie & Vicki.  It was so hard to come up with something small when I have so many memories & so many stories... much less about both of them... but I tried my hardest to just give a glimpse of what these two women meant to me.  Aint gonna lie, it felt so funny being back on that stage in the church, but I was happy to share something that has meant so much to me in my own life & to be able to help out our sweet friend Steve.

... The whole right side of my face feels awful.  This tooth stuff is just beyond old to me now.  After all this work done & all the money spent, I'm coming to terms that I may just have to have a tooth yanked. (I'm feeling faint at the thought)... the pain is just pushing my limits lately.

This is basically what my face feels is happening ALLLLL DAYYYYY LONNNGGGG

... Another Target stop... AND another Starbucks stop - Chai Tea Latte this time.  Yes, that's 3 stops at Starbucks.  It's no wonder that I reach my free drink reward quicker then most people.

A weekend of Starbucks
... got my Erin Condren planner ready for the week.

... Finally got to sit down & watch Scandal for the week. WHHHAATTTT??? Olivia is straight up loosing it!

... Wrapped up the weekend starting a new knitted hat & Fear the Walking Dead.  Sunday just ain't a Sunday with zombies.

So how was your weekend?

Do you really have Spring at your home?

Get caught up on any good shows?


  1. I've been steering clear of Starbucks lately! I only get the frozen frappes and I usually only get them when I'm real warm after a long run, so yea, it's been a
    You know I so admire your Bible Journal. I tried to do more "artsy" stuff on my planner at work. Every time I get my markers out I think of you.

  2. I totally second you on the whole weather thing- it's ridiculous. It was snowing saturday and today it's supposed to be sunny and 75. Hope your knee starts feeling better soon!

  3. I never check the weather but I've been opening the app 4 times a day lately! The Midwest is crazy!
    Taxes stress me out, too. And do you guys have an Aldi near by? I save SO MUCH MONEY by buying a majority of groceries from there!
    Total bummer about the not-so-vegetarian meal :(

  4. Oh no, I hope your knee feels better soon! And I'm with you on taxes. We got it done early and were all proud of ourselves and then just realized last week we forgot something :( So now we have to submit an amended return. Boo.

  5. i'm taking care of little ones until midnight tonight, so i could use some starbucks right about now!!

  6. Love your new breakfast favorite!! It looks so tasty! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! I caught up on Scandal too...whoaaa...I was NOT expecting that! I can't wait for the next one!

    Have a great Monday!

    Xo, Kristina

  8. So my Dad is a CPA. Thank goodness. But I seriously dread the day when I have to figure that all out myself.

    Also, I'm woefully behind on scandal, it was getting a little weird and repetitive where I left off so I just sort of stopped watching.

  9. Olivia is losing it!!!! Girl, how do you sleep with all that Starbucks pumping through your system? lol! Sounds like Chuy's needs to get it together. That sucks!!!! I love ours so much. You would think someone would have a brain back there in the kitchen and realize that you dont want meat on anything, including sauce!!!

  10. We always do our taxes the day before they're due, and this year is no exception, so you're ahead of me! We keep saying we'll do them sooner every year, but it never happens. That's on my list for the week!

  11. I hope your knee feels better soon - and not just for the HM! What do you think is going on with it? all that starbucks is giving me a caffeine boost just reading about it. and this weather is ridiculous! i can't take it.

  12. We've started shopping at Aldi and every time I have to go anywhere else, I'm blown away by prices. I feel like I don't get anything for my money! I'm also pretty thankful the closest Target is 45 minutes away. I feel like it saves me a lot of money! And yes to all the Chai Lattes...I had one myself on Sunday. I'm so behind on Scandal this season. It just doesn't seem to catch my attention anymore.

  13. Oh my -- I love eggs and avocado on toast in the mornings! My favorite breakfast and I do hope it's healthy-ish. We haven't finished our taxes either -- this being the first year in awhile that we have to pay, I'm waiting until the last possible day to file too. I'm really feeling for you on the knee issue. I hope it doesn't prevent you from doing the half, since you've been doing so much training for it ... BUT no one wants to see you try running 13.1 miles if it'll put you out of commission (cue Karate Kid reference). Hang in there ... I think Spring is coming back our way this week. Not sure if it'll stick around or what though. ;)

  14. I would love actual spring weather.

    I am going to Aldi more and more...I swear I bought 12 things at ShopRite last week and spent $65. No thank you.

  15. Your always so busy. We watched golf all weekend which was fun. The Green Tea Lemonade sounds tasty and your salad looks amazing. Your avocado and egg toast looks yummy too. I've been into sauteed spinach with a scrambled egg. We have had cool weather, clouds and rain.

  16. Salad looks yummy! I need to find a good salad place, 'cause I never have all the ingredients I like on hand. Ugh I still am paranoid restaurants are going to sneak meat into my dishes. Once I went to a pizza place that offered vegan versions of most of their pizzas. Well, I asked the girl if she could make one vegan and she said yes. It came out and it had vegan cheese on it and what looked like mushrooms. I got 1/4 way through it and the mushrooms tasted funny; I realized they were chicken pieces. Blech! Was so sick thinking about it, we left right after. I just can't figure out why she thought vegan meant just the cheese?? Now, I am extra watchful!

  17. I went to Starbucks on Friday and wanted to get a PGTL so bad, but felt like I couldn't because it was snowing haha. This weather has been so depressing!

  18. Yes, I'd definitely say it was a big Starbucks week, LOL
    I love the Enchanted movie too, in fact a couple of the songs are even on my running playlist, LOL
    I really wanted to like Fear the Walking Dead, but first episode totally bored me. If they don't pick it up next week, I think I may pass on watching it. It just needs more action throughout. Maybe being on a boat is a bad idea, LOL

  19. Wow what a busy week! We don't have Starbucks on Guam which is probably a good thing for me because I'd be there every single day!

  20. Saying some prayers for that knee. Please take care of YOU!


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