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Best place ever, new family member & becoming a manicurist {Thankful Thursday #153}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

809 / Wonderful first day!!!
It really couldnt have gone better starting my new job.  Great people, smooth day, beautiful weather...even a window with a view. I'm so excited.

814 / Taking Bruno out.
The night before I started my first day, Bruno needed out & I got up at 2am to take him out & Ricky got up & told me to get back in bed before I really woke up - because he knows once I'm AWAKE, it takes about an hour for me to get back to sleep.  I so appreciated that more than any day of my life.

815 / BENEFITS!!!!
I have health insurance... & dental insurance... & vision insurance... & even more insurances that I didnt even know existed.  I am so grateful for my new employer!!!!

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May be exactly how I looked when I got my benefits packages

816 / Venturing out.
My first week came with great weather so I could venture downtown to see what was around me for lunch options. It's fun to walk around downtown & see all the action.

817 / All the support!
I cant say it enough how grateful I am for all the kind words of encouragement & support on this job change. It really did give me a push of motivation & a sense of peace.

820 / New work buddy.
So it was funny because I met a guy that did my computer training ... he had to come to my desk to take a picture.  We got to talking & ended up on the topic of being a Christian & serving & our love for Jesus... it was the BEST conversation... & come to find out - he knows one of the ladies in my JOYSTER group really well. Such a small world.  & I'm so glad to have a new Jesus loving friend in my work.

822 / Lunch with my love.
I am so excited that Ricky & I can still do our lunches. I did it the first Wednesday & I can walk from my building to our 'spot' in 7 minutes flat.  It may be a little bummer in rain or bitter cold, but Ricky can pick me up & drop me off. 

824 / HOURS CHANGED!!!!!!
So the 8-5 was miserable. MISERABLE!!!!! I was getting home over an hour after I got off because of traffic & with the dark early, I just felt miserable.  It was so long to get INTO work too.  So they changed my hours back a half hour to try & help me out (HOW AWESOME IS THAT???)... & let me tell you - its like night & day. It is heaven driving into work now & the drive home still takes a bit of time, but I just thought of another way to go tomorrow & hoping it makes it even faster. I'm at least getting home while I can see daylight. That's progress!!!

825 / Ernie Junior Vincent
I cant believe we have a new puppy... & one of the cutest puppies in the world!!!

827 / Casual Day.
I still get casual days on Friday. Talk about being one happy girl. Actually everyone in my office gets to wear jeans all week long, but I go up to the floors with professional members so I have to dress business casual through the week - so basically, its just what I wore at my last job ... with jeans on Friday. Happy girl I am!

830 / Great weather for bonding.
I am so grateful Saturday was nice & warm. These two dogs stayed outside ALL DAY LONG & played & learned to really get along.  I know its made a world of difference for Harvey Dent to get along with Ernie.

835 / Serving Day.
So I had planned a day to do nails at a nursing home with my Joy Sisters... but a lot of them ended up not being able to make it.  We were on the calender though & didnt want to not show up, even if it was just 2 or 3 of us... but then I had the idea to reach out to my MSM Girls...  & they totally stepped up.  & LOVED every second of it. They want to make it a monthly thing. I told them we can totally do it often.  I love these girls have such a heart to serve. They were PRECIOUS with these ladies as we painted their nails for the holidays. One of the ladies was 105 years old & my MSM girl totally made a new friend in her.

What are you Thankful For this week?


  1. OMG, painting nails at the nursing home is SO awesome and 105 years old, wow!

    So are your new hours 7:30 to 4:30?

  2. That's awesome that your new employers are so accommodating and INSURANCE!! Certainly can't forget about that! Ernie is the cutest thing ever!

  3. That's so great that the new job was flexible about the timing to make the commute better :) And yay for the dogs having bonding time and getting along better.

  4. That is so awesome that you still get to have lunch with Ricky and wear jeans on Friday! I changed my hours to 730-430 when I came back from maternity leave because I would never make it to daycare on time if I didn't. It really does make all the difference!

  5. Wow 105 years old; that is such a privilege to be able to talk to someone that has lived for that long; and I'm so glad you went and did manicures.

    It's amazing that you met a fellow Jesus loving friend there at work; what a gift that is from God!

    And Ernie is adorable; it's wonderful that Harvey and Ernie get along so well together.

  6. Such an awesome week you've had. I love that they changed your hours and that it's made it easier for you. My schedule has been pretty loose at work as long as I got my hours in. Now they've decided they want me to stick to a stricter schedule most of the time. So I'm having to get up earlier to make it in, but it's really working out well. Because I love the getting off and getting home earlier. Now I actually make it home in time most days that I can take the dog for a walk. When I was going in later, I was usually away and I just wasted the time. So really, it's a win for me.

    Unfortunately, I don't get a casual day, but it's all okay. At least, I don't have to wear a uniform anymore. My work clothes are much more comfortable.

    I just love Harvey Dent and Ernie. They are so adorable together.

    God is just so wonderful, isn't He? We are so scared of change, but He just works things out so well. He definitely knows what He's doing.

  7. It sounds like you found a real winner with your new job. Love how accommodating they are! And it's crazy how 30 minutes can make a huge difference in your commute. Your MSM girls are the best but their following great leadership! Every time I see little Ernie it just makes me smile. He's such a handsome dude. So glad he and Harvey Dent are getting along!

  8. Such a great recap and I love how excited you are about INSURANCE! Wahoo

    How cute is your pups? Just love that picture of you two <3

  9. I am so glad everything is working out at your new job. It sounds like it was made just for you.
    I sure you and your girls really brightened the day for all those ladies and how awesome that the girls want to go back!
    Ernie...what a cute little teddy bear. I could just snuggle and cuddle him all day!

  10. As always, I loved reading your thankful post! Sorry to be late linking up (again) but here I am! I'm so happy about your new job and that too-cute new puppy!!

  11. I love all the good news and happy coincidences at the new job! All the more proof that you were led in the right direction ;)
    Ernie really is the cutest puppy <3 <3 <3
    So sweet of your MSM girls to help out! What a fun way to volunteer!!

  12. So many things have been going your way lately! It's probably such a relief to have that insurance nonsense all worked out now.

    And that puppy. I showed Scott and that was a mistake because now he wants another one. I love the name you picked.

  13. I am so, so glad you've got so many great perks at your new job. Isn't God good?!


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