Thursday, September 10, 2020

That's so HOT, rolling up & THEY'RE OFF! {Thankful Thursday #282}

 Knit By God's Hand: Lots of surviving.... packing, ER visits, & old bones {Thankful  Thursday #216}

This week I am Thankful For:

Day off 
Always love a day where I dont have to sit in front of a computer... & get to sit behind a book instead.

Hand Fan
Yep... I have STURGGggggGGGling with hot flashes lately. (Hello getting older) & when they hit me, I am stifling. So I ordered a hand held fan & this thing is my new best friend.  I keep it next to me in the bed & carry it with me where ever I go.  My HF lasts about 5 minutes & the first 2-3 feel like I'm in the middle of an over at 425 degree.  I crank this baby on high & I get through it.  Praise the Lord.

PDF discoveries
Working from home, I print so much & copy so much.  I ended up playing around with our PDF program we use & have learned to combine files & print things to PDF to combine it all & I am saving SO MUCH PAPER & INK!!! A coworker showed me how to even connect my scanner at home to this, also saving time of saving things to my home computer & then sending to my work computer.  I'm telling you - the little tips & tricks I've found out are such game changers. Especially when I get a 205 page document. I hear my trees whisper in the breeze.... THAAANKKKK YOUUUUU

I have had to go to the doctor  lately for some issues... more tests ahead which I'm dreading... but I really am loving my doctor.  She's a DO & I've talked about that before - but she's just the most patient & understanding pereson. & the cutest little thing. When a doctor rubs me the wrong way, I'm checked out (I'm looking at you OBGYN doc) but I'm glad to have a general physician that I really trust.

Weather Break
We got about 2 days of cooler air. We're back to remembering that it actually STILL is summer, but those little glimpses, I love & enjoy them!

Library curbside
I'm so excited to do the curbside service now at our Library. I went online & ordered the books I wanted & love you just pull right up, call the number & BAM - books in my car. They  even ask if you want them put in your back seat, trunk or through the window. All the precautions - which I fully appreciate.  & even when you drop off books, they have bags so you can wrap up the books so they  can clean the covers. I love my library. Always have - love it even more now.

Kentucky Derby
A little late - & no spectators, but glad it still happened & that everyone was safe. I always worry about the horses.  Glad it was a good, safe, clean race this year.

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