Monday, September 14, 2020

The weekend that Verizon & Target tried to suck away my joy....

Well look at me... doing a weekend post.

I've just had the hardest time blogging lately.  Call it mood.  Call it busy.  Call it priorities.  Call it 2020.  But here I am - yahoo!  & I actually had things going on in my life this weekend.  Now THAT's exciting stuff.

Friday wasn't anything amazing.  But I did get to see my niece.  

I had to head to the bank for work & then ran & picked up a little goodie bag to take over & see one of the twins.  She just had surgery this past week on her shoulder & I've  never had shoulder surgery - but I've  never heard anything fun or good about it. I've  only heard PAIN & MISERY with it. & even this tough little 15 year old, I think could agree fully with that. God love her.

She was still laying in bed trying to get some sleep so I didnt bother her too much or too long...

The Hubs had picked up dinner on the way home so I came home & had dinner on the table. Look at them apples.  Since well...March.... I'm home when the Hubs gets home.  This was different.

& I'm not sure why... but I was in bed & sound asleep by 9:30.

This is how I roll now.  I know... the WILD & CRAZY life.

Even worse? I didnt wake up till 8am on Saturday.  Geez. Think I needed some rest?

I got up & did some things around the house & then got caught up in a bunch of 9/11 documentaries that National Geographic was playing.  I still get chills. I still get nauseated at it all. I still will cry real heart ache tears over it.  If you lived through it & remember it all, I'm sure you feel the same way.

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The documentary showed things I'd never seen before - played clips of the terrorists recordings on the plane - showed more footage from inside & around the towers before they collapsed.  I can feel the weight of that day all over again.  That's such a surreal feeling - the power to bring back memories & the emotions of it like it's just happened.  

I wanted to head out & go to Hobby Lobby & after feeling like an emotional tornado has hit me - retail therapy was JUST the answer.

I've been doing a little - what I like to call - a "poor man make over" in my bedroom.  Changing curtains, bedspread, lamps, pictures in my bedroom.  I'm pretty excited about it actually.  Hobby Lobby was having their 50% off their pictures so off we went.  The Hubs even went with me to help pick out the pics.  ... & by "help pick out the pics" - he was monitoring every thing I chose to see how heavy it was & if it was going to entail a lot of work hanging these things.

This is going over my bed...
The pics are 2 .. & I'm putting the wreath in between

We left there & The Hubs asked me where I wanted to go & I said I cant handle it anymore. I gotta go get a new cell phone.  For the past, ohhhhh.... 4 months... my phone just randomly dies, reboots & comes on... dies, reboots & comes on.... rinse & repeat.  I have to take the battery out to make it stop.  It's a mess.  I've been on some important calls & NOPE... the series starts & I cant get back in touch with someone. VERY frustrating.  

But who wants to spend that kind of money on a phone? UGH.  Especially when I'm doing a "poor man make over"... but we live in a world where cell phones are like clothes.  Cant leave home with out 'em.  Our lives are so much on these little hand held contraptions.  

We ran over to Best Buy - & let me tell you.... THEY WERE AMAZING.  We've always gone to the cell phone stores our whole lives to get new phones. & its like buying a car. Stressful & pushy & makes me want to come home & bury my face in a pillow crying.  We walked into Best Buy - I told them what I wanted, they rang me up, TRANSFERRED MOST OF MY STUFF OVER (who knew that was even possible????) & BAM, an hour later, I have a new phone.

Now.... I say "new" - but everyone told me "oh, that's old". Well its new to me. I got a Samsung Galaxy S10.  Blah blah blah - I know the S10+  & the Galaxy Note 5000 or whatever it is - & yes, the new Samsung Galaxy 20 is out - DONT CAREEEEEEEEEEE.......

Echo Sushi. Do It. - Happy or Hungry

We are always behind on the times on phones.  I really dont care about a lot of the latest & greatest gadgets. I'm like - give me a good camera & Instagram & I'm happy.  

But honestly - I went to Verizon the next day to get a protector put on & they were like, "That's so old - we dont carry any protectors" ... bite me Verizon.  & not 10 minutes later, I went into Target to find a case & the guy told me, "Oh, THAT's your new phone? We only carry the latest phone cases"... BITE ME TARGET.   All these evil cell phone snobs taking away my joy of a new cell phone. I mean, I havent gotten a new cell phone in over 6 years.  Seriously. Ricky still has a Samsung Galaxy 6.  So can SOMEONE please be excited for me about my phone? GAH.....

We left Best Buy & was starvinggggg so we ran over to Culvers & actually ate outside there.  Y'all ... this is a big step for us.  Now - granted - no one was sitting outside with us & if someone came up, I'd probably have gotten my food & eaten in the car.  

Can I say - I LOVE Fall at Culvers because they have the BESTTTT Pretzel bites. THE BEST!!! The pretzels are that kind of hard on the outside & soft & chewy on the inside. & the cheese? .... OK - I want some more now.

But we both scarfed down the food quick & headed to Home Depot for The Hubs to enjoy the day too. I mean, Hobby Lobby & me a new phone - he didnt think the day was all that great.

My first picture with my new phone!!!! WHOOO HOOOOO

I got home & searched all the YouTube videos on my new phone to learn the new tricks & tips.  & again, all I cared about is the photo options.  & getting my Beauty & the Beast ring tone back.  #priorities

The one thing I will say I'm bummed about... my One Second a Day stuff didnt transfer over because its on my SD Card on my old phone.  I've  been doing it so long, it feels a little funny not doing it - but honestly, life has been pretty boring & it may just be a relief to let it go for awhile.  Farewell One Second a Day... maybe we'll pick it up again in 2021.

Goodbye sad bye GIF on GIFER - by Starray

It was no shock that after nearly 12 hours of sleep, I coudnt go to bed Saturday night... 

Sunday, I got up & did my Bible study & then made a big breakfast.... & then an AWESOME church service online.  

Who knew a message on sticks.. yes, sticks... could be so awesome.  Check it out right HERE if interested.

Then I ended up hanging my new curtains.  Well - I TRIED to hang my new curtains.  I honestly tried. I want to do this all on my own but I was struggling with the drill.  The Hubs saw me struggling & ended up hanging them for me .. & I AM ALREADY IN LOVEEEEEEE.... Even better, I got to take the blinds down that were in there. I've  over blinds. Gross.  

& these are room darkening curtains... which the Hubs loves. Me? I love all the light, but something about the darkness in the room gives me the snuggly feeling.

But I did the little trick of hanging them high to make the ceiling look taller or whatever mojo HGTV dishes out.  I  cant wait to hang my pictures & make the rest of the changes.

I'm still trying to decide what accent color I want to go with the gray I'm using... light blue?  dark lilac purple?  Sage green?.... I'm going on Pinterest to check out some ideas because I still am going to paint my lamps & get new shades. 

This is when I got all the cell phone abuse from Verizon & Target.... BLAH.  But I ended up soothing my feeling by buying some more pens & planner organization stuff at Target.  

Headed home & The Hubs & I went over to take care of the horses & see mom.  She wanted me to do her nails for her putting on some Color Street Nails I had ordered for her.  I drove Ricky back home & dropped him off & went back to mom's to get her nails all taken care of.

Arent these fun? Of course they're blue.  & I took over a few of my left overs to do a little accent nail on hers & even did a fancy french manicure on one of her nails.  I love these things.

Time to get home & feed the dogs & get the kitchen all cleaned up (Anyone else feel like they cant go to bed unless their kitchen is cleaned up?) ... & still have a list of 100 things I need to do for the weekend... but what can you do. It'll all still be there waiting.  The mode of 2020.  

So how was your weekend?

Have you done any fun changes in your home during quarantine/COVID days?

What's the kind of phone you use?

Do you remember all the details of 9/11?

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