Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I'm trying out ALL the planners lately {Keep it Together}


I've missed the last few months of posting with the with the beautiful  Alexandra Lauren

And so much has been going on in my planning world.

I ended up winning a few planners & I've been looking around Instagram at planning accounts posts & my head is spinning at all the possibilities for 2021.

Let me show you what I've been playing around in lately.

This is called the Passion Planner Daily Planner....

Every day has a timeline marked out - with some areas to put your personal & work check list. It also has an open space where I end up putting a food diary.  A lot of people put thoughts or gratitude there or scripture of the day. Possibilites are endless.

The other side is a totally blank page so you can do ANYTHING with.
I've used it for journaling before or documenting the day or drawing - ANYTHING. 
It's fun to put stickers & washi on it to make it pretty.

I've been using it since August & really enjoy looking back & seeing such detail of my day. 

Talk about a good memory journal.

This holds about 4 months of pages so you can get 3 of these to cover  your year. 
The cover is so nice too & it lays flat.

What I love about it too is it's a small size - but not too small to not write it.

But it fits well in your purse. I've taken it in my bag when I went to the doctor & used it to journal  while I was sitting in the waiting room.  & have taken  it to a meeting & used some back pages for notes.  I really like this!

I also won the Weekly planner from Passion Planner on Instagram....

It's similar to the one above except its a weekly lay out.
& this one is a size of about a standard note book.

What I like about this is there's a LOT of space on the bottom....
& the time line is still on it too.

In the back, there are a lot of blank pages for you to add in what you want.

This planner is about goal planning so at the end of each month, it offers questions to have you review what went good for the month - & what you can improve or work on next month.  

The pages on this - I LOVE - you can honestly write with nearly anything & it doesnt bleed through either. I was impressed.  

You can also get a planner that starts on a Sunday - or a Monday.
The one I was given was an undated planner so I can put in the dates myself & start it any time of the year - but they also make ones with dates on it.

I WANT YOU TO NOTE!!!!!.... you can go to Passion Planner & download samples of all their planners - so you can check it out & try it before you buy too!!!! I did this with the Daily Planner to see how it feels & if its something you'll use.  You can even print the samples of the different size planners so you can tell if one is too small to write in.  

I think its pretty awesome they offer these free downloads.  I've used most of them.

Finally.... I won this one from the company - Amplify Planner.

I'm going to start using this in October so I'll come back next month with some pics on how its working for me.

The thing that makes this one different is it holds a Monthly - Weekly AND Daily planner in one.
The ONLY weird thing is ... its a quarterly planner.

So you would need a small monthly planner to keep all 12 months if you need to look that far ahead.

They sell a small pocket yearly calendar you can put in the pocket in each quarterly planner.

I like on the monthly spread, it also had a habit tracker at the top
& I really like the boxes on the side - you can use for notes in different areas of your life - or dedicate a box for people in your family.

This paper is again SUPER NICE - thick. Holds the bleeding to a minimum.

The space & layout is different than the Passion Planner Daily... but you can make it your own with the boxes on the side.

The Daily pages

& I've seen people use the Weekly section for different things. 

Write down plans or to do lists.
Even better - they draw vertical lines & make like 3 columns on it - one for home, work & Misc & put different check lists under each one.

Or you can use the weekly page for a journal - or a gratitude area.
I was even thinking of using it as a faith planner section.

Again - all the possibilities!!!!

That's the thing with all these planners.  So many options... & its just finding the ones that fits you.

I'm excited to use my Amplify for the last quarter to get the feel of it.
& of course, I'm still in my Plum Paper planner.... it still makes me happy too.

& just to note- all my stickers still work in these & make the pages still look nice.

You can always check out #Pashfam #Passionplanner #Amplifyplanner to get some ideas on how people use these on Instagram

We'll see what combo I end up using in 2021.

Do any of these stand out to you?

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