Tuesday, September 01, 2020

One Sentence a Day {August 2020}

Knit By God's Hand: One Sentence a Day - September 2019

Can you believe we're coming to the end of summer?
I mean, its September 1st... which in my home means I can pull out ALL the fall decorations & I am super excited about it.  I love fall decorations.
But we had one more month of basically the same ole stuff since March.
I can't believe I'm going into my 6th month at working from home.
2020 just keeps getting crazier - doesn't it?

So here's my August... one sentence a day...

1 - Sat /  I was totally laughing when not 1,  but 2 baby deer, was just roaming right around me at the cemetery. #HiDad

2 - Sun /   Got to see our family up from West Virginia & excited to see how much the twins are growing up & how cute their own individual personalities are #opposites

3 - Mon /  I really need to find some new dinners to make. #tiredofsamestuff

4 - Tues /  What a gorgeous break in the heat with some nice, cool, NO HUMIDITY weather. #readingoutsidetilldark

5 - Wed /  Big Brother started back!!! #waytooexcitedaboutthis

6 - Thurs /  FINALLLLLY got  through a book that seemed  to take me forever to get through #notinthemood

7 - Fri /  I know my dad was looking down from Heaven laughing at me trying to round up Baby to come back into the barn  for the night #shethinksitsagame

8 - Sat /  Went to Target to just pick up some coffee creamer & walked out spending $85.00 #everytime

9 - Sun /  My goal for the day was to do absolutely nothing & stay in my PJ's all day long #goalaccomplished

10 - Mon /  ....AND the humidity is back with a vengeance. #cantbreathoutside

11 - Tues /  Selling a knit hat from my Etsy store is inspiring me to pick up my needles & work on some new ones #missedmakingthem

image 0

12 - Wed /  A stormy day made me nervous that our electricity would go out #workingfromhomeproblems

13 - Thurs /  I spent an hour working in the barn & was a sweaty gross mess #ew #horsepoopalloverme

14 - Fri /  I love having pizza on Friday for dinner #cuetheweekend

15 - Sat / Finally got a good book in after the last few of them being duds #thanksNetgalley

16 - Sun /  Kept trying to read outside but was getting covered in sweat bees every time I'd sit down #imustbesweet

17 - Mon /  My face is in actual pain and also totally numb with my sinuses, which I'm not sure how both can occur at once #ittotallycan

18 - Tues / Lightning honestly struck our back porch light while we were sitting in our enclosed porch during a storm #scaredmetodeath #andthedogs #andthehubs

19 - Wed /  Took mom to get an MRI on her back & foot & since I couldnt go in while waiting, a perfect excuse to go to the Bookstore #hadnotbeeninoneforalongtime

20 - Thurs / Spent the ENTIRE day outside reading & finishing a book #beautifulday

21 - Fri /  I spent my day off with a TREAT YO SELF day going to TJMaxx & Michaels & Sam's Club #alsotooktheHubssomelunch

22 - Sat /  Lucifer season 5 is on!!!! #bingethatbaby #hellodetective

23 - Sun /  Finished knitting my first hat for the cooler days ahead #lovefinishingaproject

24 - Mon / I had the most stress filled Monday when our wi-fi went down, with the whole area & found out it would be nearly the whole day it would be up, which left me having to drive down to the office to do my work. #welcomeback

Downtown looks so strange with everything boarded up

25 - Tues / HAIR DAY!!!! #byegray

26 - Wed / Really enjoying our 6am Zoom Bible study at my church & seeing all the ladies that are up bright & early to spend time with Jesus #lovemychurch

27 - Thurs / Watching the news to see what Hurricane Laura is doing because that's what 2020 needs is another devastation. #GAHthisyear

28- Fri /  I was totally shocked when I got a card in the mail with the nicest encouragement #goodstarttotheweekend

29 - Sat / I was honestly just heart broken to hear about the death of Chadwick Boseman #RIPBlackPanther

Wakanda Forever': Netizens mourn death of Black Panther star Chadwick  Boseman - Latest Chika

30 - Sun /  I havent read a mystery in such a long time & I remember why now #cantputitdown #WHODUNIT #GOTTAKNOW!!!!

31 - Mon /  I won my 2nd planner in the past 3 days!!! #luckystreak #gogetalotteryticket

Here we go... into the Fall Months!!!!

Tell me something good that happened in your August!

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