Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thankful Thursday #284

 This week I'm Thankful For:

Fall Weather
Oh my goodness... I am just feeling all the happiness in my soul with the cool weather.  Sleeping with windows open.  Cool breezes. Cool mornings & cool evenings. CARDIGAN WEATHER! The best!

My Brother
I'll say it again becuase last week was a fast blurb of Thankful Thursday - but I'm so glad he was over here quick & sat outside & waited for me while I was getting my ankle x-rayed.  It saved so much time because I wasn't able to drive & if Ricky had to leave work & come home & take me, it would have been over an hour.

The Hubs
He really steps up when I need him.  On his way home the day I hurt my ankle, he stopped & bought everything in the First Aid aisle. Bandages, Neosporin, Peroxide, & even better - he brought home some dinner - LOL!  He's been so good at taking care of me & making me stay with my foot propped up, while he takes care of the dogs & bringing me water in the bed.  I have a good partner.

2 Seasons
Y'all.... I started working at home right before Spring. Like 2 weeks before it was Spring. It's now Fall. I have worked from home for 2 full seasons now. That's amazing to me. Never even thought it was something that could be an option - but its just been something I'm grateful for every single day.  Especially when I have a wonky ankle & burned up knee.  I cant imagine walking from the parking garage to the office.  & with COVID still moving along, even if people want to ignore it & act like its not around anymore (..... sigh......) I'm so glad to be safe & healthy in my home.

Fall Shirts
I cant help it - I started on being thankful for Fall & I'll end with it. I found some cute Fall Tees online & why? Because I go to so many places... like my living room, kitchen & back porch.... but I bought a few of them.  I live in a beautiful place surrounded by trees - so even if I just sit on my porch, I want to celebrate fall with a cute tee  #IamBasic LOL

Its Thursday.... I work in Louisville, just live miles from it... I am from Louisville.
I have so many thoughts on what's going on right now in our city.... 
But I'll just leave it with the request to pray for Louisville.

Pray for our country more importantly.  
I dont know where we're going to go with the tensions & hatred that just keep boiling hotter & hotter..  I dont feel like anyone really wants to listen anymore - they only want to SHOUT.   I dont see where there is light ahead.  That's not a good way to end on Thankful Thursday at all, is it?
 ... just pray.

PLEASE - tell me something good about your week

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