Friday, April 08, 2022

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Car Accessory

I am forever looking for tissue in my car - especially during allergy season.
& this is such a pretty way to keep your tissues near by.
I've seen it where people hook it on the slot on the back of the front seats too
.... or use it to hold masks or napkins!

Favorite Containers

There are 10 little canisters that have air tight lids
.. wouldnt this be great for spices - especially if you could go to a place where you can buy in bulk?  
Of course, i'm envisioning little stationary items too - like thumb tacks - push pens, paper clips

Sleek outlet cover

I loathe cords all over a wall... & guess what we have?
Cords all over walls. Its so gross.
I may need to get a few of these to try & clean up the space. 
Looking at how this works, it appears it is simple enough to plus in & then tuck behind appliances or TV's

Favorite Cleaner

Of course they came out with appliances that dont show fingerprints right after we bought our new dishwasher & refrigerator.
The struggle is so real for prints & smears.
Give me all the cleaner to get rid of them!

Favorite Basket

Because there is ALWAYS something that needs to go up or down the steps!

Favorite Shoe Rack

I'm kinda digging this show rack.
It would fit perfectly next to my dresser & I am a person that tends to wear the same 4 or 5 pairs of show per season - so I could switch them out seasonally & keep all my favs right there to grab & go!
Yep... just talked myself into this one!

Favorite Headache Relief?

Question mark because I've not tried it - but the reviews are good!

& I know I used to put peppermint on my temples when I had a migraine or even vertigo - & it would help. I'm going to have to give this a shot.

Favorite Bag Organizer

WHOOOO - what a great idea.
I have my old bags just piled up in the corner of my closet - which makes them look so beat down! 
I saw someone using this for SHEETS to - GENIUS!!!!!

Favorite Funnies

Have a great weekend Y'all!!!!

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