Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Prime Purchases


Joining with Tanya

I come out of the woodworks for Prime Purchase Day.
Click over to Tanya's & see everyone's links. I honestly add so much to my cart every month... like I NEED to buy more.. .but yeah, I do.

But here's some of my latest buys

Paper Shredder

I appreciate this one because it chops up paper clips, staples & even credit cards.
The hubby is obsessive about shredding every things that comes in the mail - all those stupid credit card advertisements... blah.

Make up Brush Set

I actually got turned onto these by Brianna & I had to snag them up.
I mean - for the price - how do you go wrong?
I was super surprised how soft they were & the quality is decent.
I actually like the container more than anything. Keep them all dust free.
To me, this is better than cleaning your brushes.... mainly because I'm lazy.

Chew Ring

This actually isn't' for my babies.
I bought this & a few other toys for our local Animal Shelter.
I didnt know Amazon could do that... but you can find wish lists that the shelter is asking for - buy it & it ships right to them.
What a genius idea! I love to send little toys or needs each month.


To say I'm obsessed with JavaSok would be an understatement.
With warmer weather coming up, I really needed a new one because all that ice coffee be melting & dripping!  I just love the way they look & feel & keeps my car, my desk, my table all dry.

Cutting Boards

Can we take a minute to stop & appreciate that I need multiple cutting boards?
....moment of silence of appreciation...

& we're back

YES - look at me!  With Hello Fresh, I am always chopping or dicing veggies every night & I was getting tired of washing my one cutting board each night.
Did I mention earlier I was lazy?
So now, I can use one & toss it in the dishwasher & have an extra one handy for the next night  Rotate them out.

Dog Bed

Because we go through dog beds like other people go through diapers... or whatever you go through fast with kids. 
Plus, my babies are spoiled & want fresh, fluffy beds.
Ernie has taken this one over.

It freaked me out when we got it because it was vacuum sealed...
but open it & watch it come to life. Exciting stuff!

Knee Massager

& in the category of "YOU'RE GETTING OLD AS DIRT"

We got this knee massager for both of us.
Its really intriguing because its a light massage & it warms up the knee with infrared heat... on some days, I'm needing this thing badly on my bad knee.
We have even tried it to put on your shoulder - which it doesnt recommend that - but hey, its a bendable joint & it fits!

Electric Kettle

I've been wanting an Electric Kettle for so long!
Isnt this one beautiful!

I love the color of it - the matte look - watching the temperature on it & how fast it warms up.
What I dont like about it is that the handle doenst bend. It's not easy to fill up with water out of the fridge.  I have to get some in a container & pour in there.
But... if that's the worst of it - so be it - I still love it.
I just know what to look for in the future when I need to get another one.

Tell me something you've got from Amazon lately you love!!!

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