Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thankful Thursday #355 - a first I know you'll be shocked by


This week I'm Thankful For:

Easy Crown
Look at it not being me with crowns popping off teeth. It was the Hubby's turn this go around.  What possessed him to get caramel & eat it, I'll never know.  Everyone that has a mouth full of crowns knows better... he had a temporary lapse of judgement.  The dentist got him in quick the next morning & luckily, it was a easy clean & glue back on - wham bam, dont eat caramel man issue.

Sweet email
I got the sweetest message from a friend that brought tears to my eyes this week.  She just reminded me that we should tell people what we can this side of heaven - how small ripples can go into big steams of water, making all the changes. When you see those effects in your life, let someone know what they did. I know for me - it touched my heart so much. I felt like the Grinch because I'm pretty sure my heart grew 5 sizes that day reading it.

One night, I just couldnt sleep with the pain in my arm (thank you bicep tendonitis for rearing your ugly head) & something - SOMETHING - in me, made me get up, & set the alarm on my phone.  Do you KNOW... something happened with all of our Alexa's in the house & the next morning, guess what woke me up? My phone - Alexa never went off. How crazy is that??? Those gut feelings? Listen to them. Big or small.

I was able to work from home on Friday last week because of Thunder over Louisville causing choas on our bridges in town.  It gave me a glimpse of what WFH on Friday's would be like - & let me tell you - me likey!!!!! It just made my weekend seem longer.  Just not driving - getting to stay in sweats & no make up.  I'm excited for it to become a permanent thing.

Church Sneak In
We went back to the church we visited on Easter this week. We just happened to be out running errands when I said, wanna go & Hubby said, SURE! Could have knocked me over. Granted, I had ZERO make up on & a shirt that probably wasn't the best church wearing shirt. It said, "LOVES ANIMALS - TOLERATES PEOPLE" - that doesnt really scream Jesus too much, does it? Kinda how I feel lately - Lord, forgive me..... but we have found a way to go in, basically up a back stair case & sit where no one else sits. We were able to sneak out too that way - avoiding ALLLL the crowds. We're like the mole people of church - I'm here for it!

OK - can  you believe I've NEVER EVER been to Aldi's??? I hear so much about it & never get to one that is near by.  When we left church, I asked Hubby if he minded going in & checking it out... I was SUPER excited about it. I found all sorts of yummies for vegetarian lifestyles.  I've been looking at actually more vegan cooking so I loaded up on more things too for that.  I will totally be going back. I found a Protein yogurt that I'm excited about - & lest we talk about the apple pie we got. OMGGGGG - it was like homemade. It wasn't sweet - but tasted so yummy with the best applies.  Hubby even wanted to go back the next day for another one of those!

Tell me something good about your week!

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