Thursday, April 21, 2022

Thankful Thursday #354


Today I am Thankful for:

New Coffee Shop
We have been watching a little bank being transformed into a new local Coffee Shop & it FINALLY opened.  Its right on the little highway we take in & out of town so its perfect to stop on my drive in.  Which I have already done multiple times - watch out wallet!  At least they have a rewards card.  I like that they open at 5am so Hubby can stop on his way in as well - which he has done multiple times.   I just like supporting local coffee shops anyways. 

Starbucks Run
....OK... I just talked about supporting local coffee shops - but I do still love me some Starbucks iced coffee. They're my favorite for iced coffee.  & we're getting in the weather now where I can walk over in the morning & snag one at work. Plus, the one closest to me finally started doing mobile ordering so its even better. I will always be a Starbucks fan.

The view from Starbucks - right to my building

Medicine Samples
Latest telehealth check has me trying a new migraine meds.  The good thing is my doctor was like, come & stop by & pick up some samples. Something nice about it too, the pill is only taken every other day.  (That could be easy to forget) But its a new pill & I have yet to start trying this becauseeeeee I looked up this new pill.. that has no generic alternative. COUGH COUGH COUGH...  this pill will cost me nearly $800 a month's supply - so 15 pills. OHHH MYYY GOSH.   But I am thankful for the samples - & I know my doctor had suggested if this works, she may know some programs that help pay for it.  I need to give it a try ... but Ooooofff - this one hurts.

Safe from storms
WOW - our area got a taste of the heavens opening up last week with storms roaring through.  Dropping some funnels clouds & a tornado too.  Scary stuff!  One of the touchdowns was near my aunt & cousin & I was texting her checking on them & they were in the bathroom with no power.  They came out with some minimal damage but so glad they were all OK. Like we said to each other - material things can be replaced - we just want our loved ones to be protected.  

You can see the skies - this was right before the storms rolled iin

Easter Service

I have not been inside of a church in over 2 years.  I've been doing it all online - which has been super cool for me because I like grabbing my coffee & staying in comfy clothes with messy hair & watching multiple & various messages from all over the country.  But I really wanted to go to church in person for Easter.  We headed off to go to a Saturday service thinking it was going to be a little more spacious & not the big rush of crowds for Easter Sunday. Pulled in & a BIG NOPE. The parking lot was overflowing.  We left. Not comfortable with that. We did some shopping & ended up being around the church for their later Saturday service - & it was PERFECT. Like Goldilocks finding that perfect comfy bed.  It was still crowded, but we were able to go in & get to the top of the section & there was no one around us close enough to be anxious about (for me anyways) & we got to worship & see an actual Pastor moving & talking. Had a great message to lift the soul for the Holiday & then we were right by a side door that we got to escape the crowd leaving too. A Easter miracle!  ... we did really enjoy it though where we're talking about going back to see how crowded their Saturday services are on a typical weekend. You all know you cant judge a church by Easter services. 

After Easter Service
It was such a nice evening on Saturday where me & the Hubby had dinner & after the service, ran over to the Pie Kitchen & treated ourselves to what we called, our grown up Easter basket.  I got a Cake Ball that was AMAZING.  I didnt realize it was chocolate cake & I'm usually not a chocolate cake fan but OH MY GOSH - this was incredible. So moist & just perfection in a little round ball of yum.

Tell me something good about your week!

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