Thursday, April 14, 2022

Thankful Thursday #352 (with lots of pics this week!)


I've been on a kick lately buying stickers for my planner from Etsy shops to support small businesses.  & have gotten the cutest things. I feel like a kid when my packages come in the mail.

(NOTE - I am supporting the Etsy Strike right now where sellers are closing their shop for the week since Etsy is once again raising prices... when they came out as a winner during the pandemic - & now, charging creators more.  These greedy greedy corporations man!)

No Burns
Over the weekend, Hubby went to make some coffee in our Nespresso - put in the pod & went on his merry way... totally forgetting to put the cup under the drip. OOOPPS.  I happened to look when it started & screamed - THERES NO CUP! Hubby got up & ran in & instead of putting the cup under it - he put his hands under it to grab the coffee. WHAT??? It makes me laugh now because knowing he's OK - but that says so much about his thinking. Reactive.  Not necessary thinking clearly.  I grabbed the cup & got it over his hand & he had to run to the sink with hot coffee in his hands. Poor guy.  It hurt his hands for a bit, & he had a few little blisters, but it wasn't painful & healed right up. I think he'll remember that cup from now on.

New Rug
I just happened to pick up this rug to go under my sink over the weekend - it fits perfectly in the area & I love the print.

We had huge balls of SLEET on Friday night & then woke up to SNOW on Saturday! UGHHH.... but when I knew the temps were dropping, I cut my daffodils & brought them in. They have made me so happy all week!

I know a lot of you dont like masks (I mean, who really does?) but I know most people are with the attitude that the "vid is over... ohhhh, if only.  I'm taking advantage of sales of mask right now because I know when the cold air comes in the fall & winter, we'll be back in them.  & yes, we still wear them in stores that are crowded.  I dont fault anyone who doesnt wear them now - its not required - but for me, I just feel better, safer, in them - feeling like I'm at least trying to stay healthier.  I've always said well before March 2020, that I wanted to wear masks during cold/flu season - so now, its not so bizarre to see someone in a mask - yahoo! But I'm going to keep taking advantage of sales to get some cute KN95 masks!  I think there's a code still going online for Maskc for 50% off if you're interested.

Cozy Reading
On Saturday, it was so darn cold!!!! Forget reading outside... so I was once again thankful for my reading nook in my coffee room.  The dogs are all about it too.  Harvey Dent will lay next to me there snuggled ALL DAY LONG.  You can see Ozzie on the ground too next to me. Ernie was actually in there too - but was too far out of camera range. My Boys.

Holy Week
I have always said Easter is my favorite Holiday.  It just gives me chills to think about the week Jesus had - what he went through - for US.  Today is Maundy Thursday... the night Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as they shared their final meal.  

Did anyone watch The Passion that Tyler Perry did on TV a few years ago?  This scene where Judas betrayed Jesus... I watch it all the time. So smart with the music.

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