Friday, April 22, 2022

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Lipstick

I love these colors for Spring & Summer.
But these are supposed to be matte & stay for hours - even through eating.

Favorite Container

So cute to hold pods or K-Cups
Or even put stir sticks in it - or little packs of sugar or creamer if that's your thing

Favorite Who Knows Why

So this is a continuous water mister
... the first reason I wanted it is because when I want to put my little hair thinging in that curls my hair, I dont want or need to wash my hair every night - my hair is too dry for too much washing. But slightly damp hair works best for the curl - this is perfect to give me what I need.
... but then I see people use this for other things - like making their own air freshener - or using it for hair spray or insect repellant.  Even people use it for art things (says the person who is not artistic)
so - why not?  A item I dont know if I need or not but want.

Favorite Face Cleansing Product

OK - this is a new product I've been using for about a month now & am LOVINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
... look at me using real face cleaning products- I'm telling you - I'm in it now to get my skin looking better #betterlatethannever
It is almost like a scrub but you use it every night to get your make up off & honestly - when I put it on my face & see my skin get all glowed up - & then see the wash cloth (OMG!!!) I am amazed every night how much makeup comes off.  My face is so clean afterwards.  
I just saw that it works on mascara too - I didnt even know that - so guess that I'm trying tonight!!!!

Favorite Summer Shoes

Favorite Hair Wrap

I love hair towels - they are so much easier on my neck & head than a regular towel. Plus, they absorb better. Mine are getting older & wearing out from all the wash... time to find some new ones

Favorite Tablet Stand

I need to get hubby one of these.
He lives on his tablet. I laugh because he wants these big ole 75 inch TV's - but yet, he watches videos on his tablet more than anything.
At least this will free up his hands

Favorite Funny

Happy weekend Y'all!!!

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