Thursday, April 07, 2022

Thankful Thursday #352


This week I am Thankful for:

My Doctor
I have to say - I've seen more of my doctor the past few months than I have seen any doctor in the past numerous years.  I am so thankful that I can check in with her every 2 weeks with telehealth calls & I am even more grateful that she's still working with me to try & get the best care.  We're trying to figure out why these headaches are so severe & she's been trying me out on different meds... which, something to know about me - I dont tolerate meds AT ALL. I have felt the past 2 weeks with a new pill she has me on that I'm trudging through batches of mud... feeling exhausted - sleeping till 9am on the weekends. Its been tough. But I'm glad I'll have another call with her on Wednesday to tell her I dont like this pill - what else is next.

Kale Salad
I had been craving this salad for awhile. Its HUGE - always is a 2 day dish for me. & I love it has vegan chicken in it - YUM!  

Hubby has taken out all the shelves in my pantry & cleaned them up, sanding down bad spots on them & repainting them & when we took everything out, I was able to get rid of so much stuff in there.  Food that had gone bad from being pushed to the back - appliances I dont ever use anymore (hope someone snags up that juice maker at Goodwill!) & now its all clean & fresh & organized! I'm looking for some good organization bins to put in there to keep it in tip top shape. I'm putting on my calendar now that on every Sunday, I'm going to go through it & toss anything that is outdated & get rid of open things - like crackers or chips that are nearly empty.  I love a clean & organized space!

Work from Home possibilities
My work has taken on a new policy for working from home that involves some hybrid schedules.  The way its looking now, I may be working from home on Wednesday & Friday's - which actually sounds fantastic to me.  That middle of the week break & who doesn't want to be at home on a Friday?  I can sleep an hour later on those days & with the cost of gas - saving 2 days of driving is going to really make a difference. I'm super excited about it.  Waiting for some equipment to come in & we're going to give it a go.  I know 4 furry creatures that will be SUPER excited about it!

More Walks
I love the season where we can get back outside for more walks. I took a beautiful one over the weekend & just seeing everything spring back to life in Spring - makes my heart happy.

Tell me something good about your week!

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