Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Vase

Its Spring time! All the fresh flowers!
& this vase is GORG! All the colors in it - & I bet it gives off a rainbow spectrum if its near a window!

Favorite Feet Smoother

Sandal season!!
I'm just curious to see how these work too
the pictures look DISGUSTING of the peeling... but I'm so intrigued by it too!

Favorite Chair

I'm needing a replacement for my purple couch I have in my Beauty & the Beast room.  This yellow would be perfect! 
& it pulls out to a lounger & even lays flat to like a twin size bed.
Two of these in there would be perfect!!!

Favorite Bag Cleaner

What in the world???
You put this in your purse or bag & apparently its sticky - so crumbs & little things that settle in the corners of your bag, like paper shreds, they stick to this!!!
& you just rinse it off & toss back in.

Kinda a genius idea!

Favorite Shoes

I've been on a boat shoe kinda kick lately - making me think back to my days in the 80's & the peg leg jeans...
But these are Sketchers!!! I love a Sketcher shoe - so comfy!
These come in brown & red too! 

Favorite Face Soother

An ice roller for your face & eyes...
& since you fill it up yourself, you can add things to it - 
lemon or oils... 
This is perfect for the hotter days coming up too!

Favorite Bottle Opener

Yep...this would be perfect for Hubby!
His Marvel loving heart would geek out - plus, he drinks bottled Root beer every night so it would actually get good use.
Maybe a Father's day gift from the dogs

Favorite Funnies

Happy weekend Y'all!!!

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