Thursday, May 26, 2022

More prayers than gratitude today..... (Thankful Thursday #359)

It has been no secret that I've just not been in the blogging mode this past year.  All the tragedy of covid & the fighting of political sides & just the craziness of the world.

& then we get in the past 2 weeks of 3 mass shootings....

Anyone else feel like they're drowning?  Smothering? Choking?
All the torture things?

Just me?

I dont know if I envy those that sort of push things aside & live in a world that is rainbows & butterflies... because this world is a hot, flaming mess... & it only seems to be getting worse.  I dont think we CAN push things aside much longer.  The longer we do, the more people get hurt & die.


I AM thankful today that my family is all safe in this moment... because we know in a blink, it can all change.

Today though, I'm not looking more of a gratitude view... I'm looking at a prayerful heart....

Praying for every single family member that has lost a loved one in these latest rounds of shootings - from Brooklyn to Laguna Woods to Uvalde... People that have lost loved ones that when they kissed or hugged them in the morning & expected to see them at the end of the day, & then things take a turn & they end their day with a piece of their soul missing.

Praying for the children that witnessed the school shooting in Uvalde. How can that not effect them as they grow up?  To think that the kids from Sandy Hook are going into High School now.... I'm sure just hearing the news of this latest shooting is enough to bring back the trauma.

Praying for change.  No one is saying you have to throw your guns in a pile & let's burn them - leave that to everyone who wants to do that to books  - but change HAS to happen. How are we supposed to continue just accepting these stories & then go on... waiting for the next event to happen?

Today... I'm just praying for our country.  All you can do when things feel hopeless.

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