Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Prime Purchases


Joining with Tanya & all the other Amazon addicts #mypeople

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Cup Holder

I really love this thing.
It took a lot of research to find one that would hold my 40 oz Reduce Tumbler
& this one is perfect. My big mombo-jombo doesnt even budget in my car now - plus, I love it holds things that has handles.

Face Primer

I feel like e.l.f is the Wet N Wild product of my day. I love it though.
& I've found that my face looks so much better when I put this one before my make up - you see FEWER creases... still have 'em but without putting this one? BFFFHHHTTT - EW


I just got some new blinds for the kitchen that you just lift & they magically stay - TADA!! - but these things get dusty fast so wanted to try & get something to help stay on top of it.


We go through the vacuum's in our HOUSE O'HAIR - between me & Hubby who both have long hair & 4 dogs that have long hair.  Some vacuum company needs to use us as test subjects to see how well their products work.


Speaking of all the hair & dander - & being in allergy season - we have been trying out this air purifier.
It worked well & it was small enough that it wasn't an eye sore in the living room
.... but we've already broken it. Cleaned out the filters & now, it doesnt stay on. 


We honestly had the same pot holders for YEARSSSS! 
& finally, one of them burned through - I mean, they were thinning out over the years anyway.  But it was the perfect reason to get some new ones.
I love those little claw hands that come with it too - perfect for my little toaster oven/air fryer. 


I saw this on a YouTube video & wanted to give it a try.
Its different. Its creamy & seems thick - but it does give good coverage!
What feels strange to me is how matte it does end up - which it does its job - I'm just not used to wearing such make up.  Its a creamy, silky feel to it too.
Will I buy it again?... I think I may.

What's something good you've bought on Amazon lately?

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