Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Three Things


Snagging up from Steph
Who is so darn good at coming up with these!

Three things that make a lot of sense to me
1. Vegetarianism / Veganism - for your own health & animal cruelty
2. Sleeping in whenever possible
3. Learning to say "No" to things with no guilt

Three things that do not make sense to me
1. How I can clean my kitchen (counter top, mop floors) & walk out & walk back in & it looks trashed again 15 minutes later.
2. That the weekends move at warp speed.
3. How drastically changed the Republican party is.

(Side note - I could do a post of probably 100 things on this topic)

Three things I’d like to explore 
1. Vegan cooking YouTube videos
2. Libraries / Bookstores
3. Coffee shops

Three things I have no interest in 
1. Influencers
2. Tik-Tok
3. All things sports - games / drafts / players - (except Tennis)

Three things I have more than enough of but always want to buy
1. Stickers
2. Pens
3. Books

Three things I am always in search of
1. Tee shirts that are long enough but not boxy
2. Comfortable underwear / bras
3.  Anti-frizz products that work for my hair

Things I've recently checked off of my To Do list
1. Got Zoe all groomed up
2. Sent in a 25lb box of cloths to ThredUp
3.  Got a tea organizer for my coffee bar

Things I have had on my To Do list forever
1. Clean my enclosed porch
2. Clean my closet
3. Learn Lightroom

Three things I'm loving right now
1. Spring weather
2. My new phone charger at work where I just have to lay it down to charge
3. Aldi's apple pies

Three things I'm hating right now
1. Ticks
2. Insurance deductible starting over again
3. People still dying of COVID - & people still not caring

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