Tuesday, May 03, 2022

One Sentence a Day - April 2022


1 - Fri / I am always a sucker for April Fool's pranks! #emailsgetmeeverytime

2 - Sat / Started a new pill for migraines that knocked me on my butt! #wakeup9am

3 - Sun / Sat outside most of the day finishing my BOTM from the previous month. #MEHtothebook #YEAHtoreadingoutside

4 - Mon / WHooooOOOOoooOOOoooOOOOooOAAAaaaa #thisnewpill #dontlike #dazedandconfused

5 - Tues / I was on a cleaning frenzy in my kitchen & went to bed with it sparkling #lovewakinguptoacleankitchen

6 - Wed / Why is it feeling like January instead of April? #BRRRRRR

7 - Thurs / Hair Day!!! #byeGray

8 - Fri / Excited to see Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed for Supreme Court. #historic

9 - Sat / Why did we wake up with snow on the ground? #STOPIT

10 - Sun / Finally a break from rain!#sitoutsidealldaylong

11 - Mon / We have a new Coffee shop that is on my way into work!! #thiscouldbedangerous

12 - Tues / Why is my tooth that has had 2 root canals & 2 crowns put on it hurting again? #iwanttocry

13 - Wed / Tornados hitting around the area had me anxious for my cousins & aunt whose home was around the touchdown site #theyareOK

14 - Thurs / Finally finished the longest book I've read in the longest time. #658pages

15 - Fri / Got my work out in at lunch while at work by taking a walk for 30 minutes downtown #markitoffthelist

16 - Sat / We got our Easter service in at a late service to avoid the crowds #lovedit

17 - Sun / HAPPY EASTER!!!!! #lazyday

18 - Mon / Looked up the price of a new medicine my doctor wants me to try & 15 pills will cost me close to $800!!!! #thatswithinsurance #BIGNOPE

19 - Tues / Found out my niece has COVID ... again... on the same day one, unqualified judge makes the call to stop the mask mandate on public transportation. #letsseehowlongbeforenumbersrise

20 - Wed / Happy Birthday to Julie!!!!!! 

21 - Thurs /  Everything is looking so GREEN!!! #welcomeback

22 - Fri / I got a Work from Home day & I forgot how much I love it #sleepanextrahour

23 - Sat / We went back to the church we went to on Easter & I loved it was even more spacious #givemespacepeople

24 - Sun / If I didnt know it was going to cool off the next day, I would have turned on our AC #SOHOT #near90s

25 - Mon / I'm sorry but Elon musk freaks me out #ew

26 - Tues / Found out my cardiologists that I have been going to since I was a teenager is retiring #allmydocsareleaving 

27 - Wed / A beautiful day to watch my niece play tennis #AceItGirl

28 - Thurs / My bicep tendon is in so much pain, I have been in tears #wwwaaahhhh

29 - Fri / Finally got a PTO day in to just relax #mentalhealthday

30 - Sat / Watched the KY Derby Mini marathon & started a new planner to document the next year to see if I can make it to the start line next year #dreambig

How was your April?
Can you believe its May?

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